Friday, February 18, 2011

Yeast Infection Or Implantation Bleeding

Blue Fish

oily fish a priori be distinguished from white in the shape of its tail, V But there is another fundamental difference is that the blue and contain far more fat, it is clear that polyunsaturated fat called omega-3 and is very beneficial as we all know the ads on TV, but it is be fat and therefore we can gain if we abuse. I love the blue fish but with 2 times per week we have enough.
In all this blue fishes these are the ones I know:

1. Tuna: A huge fish meat is red, very fat and very rich, especially the belly. That is why it is also said to distinguish it from bluefin Tuna, which, as they call whitey is albacore, but in reality is not tuna but nice. Oh, how wrong I mean.
Well, fishing is usually near the Strait of Gibraltar, when it reaches the poor from the Atlantic to lay their eggs in the Mediterranean, then, wham, the fishermen come and trap it with the technique of the trap, which I do not know very well what I think are some networks where they get stuck.
I inherited my grandmother's taste for this little fish, or pescadazo!, At any time of day in any dish, pie, lasagna, tortilla, in sandwich, seasoned ... MMMMMMMMM I love it anyway.

2. Bonito : Although it seems not the same as the tuna, it is caught along the coast of Biscay and the Mediterranean and is not the same as albacore or albacore.
have an average size, smaller than tuna, and fishing was poor this spring and summer when the coast is about chasing the sardines, anchovies and mackerel. Aaaaay friend, tit for tat!
3. Albacore : This is the albacore is the swarzeneger of tuna because it is solid the guy, caught in the Cantabrian it is one of their migratory routes, their flesh is more clarita and larger cut , plus I think it is also more expensive.

4. BoquerĂ³n : A tiny fish and I know only eat fried or pickled, I know more ways but will investigate.
One interesting thing I do not know if you will know: the anchovies are just brine-cured anchovies and their own blood, then you take it! I stayed dead when I found out.

5. Mackerel: The poor relation of the tuna, when the economy trembles, there is the horse throughout the year and cheaply. Large pieces of mackerel are rich grilled and prepared in smaller pickles, marinated or fried.
6. Palometa or pomfret : My mother did a lot when I was little and now most do not usually watch the market. It is eaten cooked with tomato, fried, marinated ...

7. mackerel or Chicarro : Another humble species. My grandfather loved, still remember him shredding his ability jurelitos with cat, kept a small piece of meat or live. As always, the bigger they grilled and younger eat fried, baked or pickled.

8. Bass: This is the fish that are halfway enttre white and blue, because they are white until it's mating season and start to accumulate more fat in your body thus becoming blue. The bass is often anything other than its baked, stewed or grilled, it is also the most expensive.

9. Mullet: Characteristic the pink color of the skin orange, along with the tuna is one of the ones I like. The are delicious little fried pieces bigger the better in the oven is very juicy and intense flavor that reminds me of bream but better. Nor is it very cheap to say.

10. Sardina : Famous as her own, and fairly inexpensive. His natural season runs from June to October, although we found throughout the year to fish farms. Here in Andalusia are famous sardines and grilled sardines, (ok, same thing), but at home we usually eat fried or pickled.

11. swordfish or emperor : The bicharraco is huge but is in ricooo, many recetilla and go gradually putting.


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