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Rice is a cereal, a staple in a lot of cultures and many other parts of the world the only food that lie at the mouth, is a carbohydrate slow assimilation and that means satisfies us more than any carb. Although only contains proteins and say it is the staple food for many many people around the world. VARIETIES

In Spain, became known about the eighth century with the arrival of the Arabs, who in turn brought him east. It started farming in the Albufera Valencia gradually creating a gap between the popular gstronomía English, the cookbook is great and the varieties of rice too, but I know are:
  1. pump Rice: The most expensive on the market, first because it is small and second because it resists a lot of cooking and is very good. (Although I use "brilliant" and the truth is that I get just as good)
  2. Brown rice: It is neither more nor less than to leave the husks to cereal, we, like which is made with wheat. Well since this scale is the most nutrient containing, vitamins, minerals, protein and fiber. The downside of this is that it takes longer to perform and it also does not absorb the flavors of the stew. I do not like much, really.
  3. Basmati Rice: Indian l E par excellence and the finest and over all. It is used mostly for linings, also resists much cooking and is riquíiiisimo. .
  4. parboiled rice: It is neither more nor less than to keep soaking in hot water as you leave enterito grain threshing, to gently fry after low pressure, and since then is when it peels and balanquea. This is rice "Brilliant" it is true that not happening, well, this is not forgotten, also called Parboiled, but it's the same only in English, is that of Brilalnte are very international.
  5. Wild rice: rice really is not, nor is anything, it is a cereal called Zizania and is native to North America. He says rice because it grows in water and is alargadito, the grain is dark brown but I have not ever tried to say it tastes like walnut and hazelnut. In short, we must try.
  • amounts of water or broth to boil rice:
all depends on how high is the fire and the type of rice we use for a longer cooking time as more water is lost, and you have to have consider whether the dish has lots of vegetables with high water content such as eggplant, onion, cauliflower ... then you have to put less water. But in general these quantities could be:
- Dry Rice ------------- Two parts water to one part rice
- Rice mellow -------- - Two and a half measures of water to one part rice
- Rice soupy ------- - Three measures d water to one part rice
  • amounts of rice per person: Each
us of our father and our mother and everyone likes to eat more or eat less, but I recommend a plain little thing, indigestion looking to bring nothing good:
- --------------- Dry Rice 100g per person (2 handful rather large, which spills over rice)
- Rice mellow ------- ------- 80g per person (2 normal handful)
- -------------- soupy Rice 70g per person (2 small handful)


As I told you before but now there are not many recipes gradually iré subiendolas todas.




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