Wednesday, February 16, 2011

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Index by way of cooking

often do not know if we eat meat, fish, vegetables ... of fact gives us to eat as it is, because the only thing clear is that we want it a certain way ... to the plate if we are to diet, most gourmet oven, boiled for sensitive stomachs in microwave for more easygoing ... , Etc.
Many monent in my life when I've needed a book where the recipes come ordered me precisely how to cook, and I had to check tooooooodas the pages of books to find what I needed, and the final I'm done with crazy head acacabo recipes and I do what at first had in mind.
Well, as this is my guide and I'm in charge here, now let's sort recetillas this way, so as we need, no need to look at the blog up and down looking at each entry how each dish is cooked. You okay? Well here we go!

Oven Roasted
battered Fried Grilled

Raw Food Food Food
sautéed, boiled or cooked

Steamed: Cook food in containers drilled for steam penetrates holes. In general, steam has the advantage of keeping the nutrients better, has fewer calories and food does not smell.

In double boiler, is to put into another container with boiling water. It can be done in the fire or the oven. Is used to make preserves, pudding, melting chocolate and defrosting.

Escaldes: A food is climbing when it gets to boil water and fed the food for a couple of minutes. In the case of vegetables, is used so that they can be frozen without losing their properties.

Grilling: Basically the typical barbecue. The Food cooked in a wood or charcoal grill. Cooking is where intense heat, allowing a scab forms in foods and juices do not come out. You can also cook vegetables and leave sooo rich


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