Friday, February 11, 2011

Scope To Marlin Model 80

poisoned! Last January there were 108 complaints of domestic violence

95% was done by women, and the remaining 5% for men. 93.52% is the psychological violence and 82.41% in physics.

The Office of Protection of Victims of Domestic Violence and Women, the Judiciary of Santiago del Estero, as usual, gave his report on the allegations made in the body during last January this year.
In this regard, reference office said that during that month were read 108 reported cases of violence, of which 103 were made by people of females (95 percent), while 5 was performed by male (5 percent).
Most cases were received during the week days and the morning shift, with 48 percent, in the afternoon, 26 percent and at night, 13 per cent. On weekends in the daytime and nighttime 9 percent, 4 percent.

Age of complainants
As for the age group of complainants have the following percentages: affected adult females 30 to 39 years with 33 cases, from 22 to 29 years with 29 cases, 40 to 49 years with 26 cases, of which these three groups accounted for 82 per cent and 18 per cent in other age groups. Meanwhile, the affected male, with only five cases, the age group was as follows: adults 40 to 49 years with two cases of 60 to 74 years with two cases and over 74 case.
Regarding the marital status of the complainants have the following values: married women affected with 35 percent, the concubines 31 percent, 19 percent unmarried and separated by 9 percent, while among widows and represent separate 6 percent. As for the male, 3 complaints relate to two of them married and singles and widowers, as indicated.

type of violence
Regarding the type of violence by the persons concerned have established the following rates: psychological violence: 93.52 percent; physics: 82.41 percent; economic: 40.74 for sexual cent: 25 percent, according to reports.
worth noting that the authorities of the Office for Protection of Victims of Violence and Women's said in its report that January was one of the months as many complaints were received, indicating that victims or affected by violence increase their knowledge and awareness of where to go to such violent acts which are subject, which not only provides them with restraint, but information and free legal advice, 24 hours a day throughout the year.

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