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Poptropica How To Get A Sword

river fish and cephalopods


The rivers are inhabited by strange beings, individuals with customs striking weirdos who live between two waters: the sea and river. The poor do not know what sin they committed, they are condemned to wander restlessly from one place to another, weaving a path of eternal return that marks your destination.

Trucha: Es de la familia del salmón. Su carne es semigrasa y se puede preparar de muchas maneras. Hay tres tipos:
1- La trucha cómún, es la más apreciada porque sólo se puede pescar en primavera y verano.
2- La trucha arcoiris, la más comercial, tiene puntitos negros y los lados son anaranjados.
          3- La trucha asalmonada, this is what I like, pink color is very similar to salmon.

Anguilla: One of the most expensive fish and modest. Look like snakes and my truth is that I give repelús.Se also regarded as blue fish and is rich in fat, so it goes great in stews and fried.
eels are the babies of the eel, is a small fish like worms that are often preap sauteed with garlic in salads and scrambled.

Tench : It lives in ponds and pools, is greenish and I have not tasted in my life.

Lucio: It has a mouth that looks like a shark, is also found in reservoirs and is a semi-fat white fish that supports a lot ways of cooking. The bicharraco can weigh up to 35 kilos.

Barbo : basically a tent that we see in some Whiskers estanques.Tiene which are the give the name, although it is much appreciated have a lot of thorns.
Crayfish: For a crab, only instead of being little round as the sea as it is elongated and pink color when cooked it turns red.

Salmon is a saltwater fish that reproduce in fresh water, can weigh up to 45 kilos, is very very fat blue fish, which We can find fresh or smoked and comes out very rich grilled or baked. And even into the mic.


squid or squid, mollusk is a large head, pod-shaped body and tentacles with suction cups, the normal squid is between 15 and 35 cm, but the giant squid can measure up to 18 meters. I would not want to meet me such a bug. It's easy to find throughout the year on the market and eaten stuffed, fried onions in ink ...


Pota : The poor relation of the squid, it is harder and smaller than the common squid, ideal for stews and casseroles.

cuttlefish or Sepia: Characteristic for the color of ink is sepia, and because the bone is not developed. If the size of the palm then it is called chocolate.

Octopus: can roasting, frying or stewing. We find it fresh all year and eat it, you do not mistreat him! is as effective colgelador put it in about three days before cooking .


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