Tuesday, February 15, 2011

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Index by food

After nearly 6 months of life of my beloved blog of cooking, my recetillas have grown and I have just no room and no way to sort, so I decided to create an index of food types menus for easier searching. I was inspired by a small encyclopedia enclosing the newspaper "El País" a few years ago, this is the page where you can see:
http://www.elpais.com/corporativos/elpais/coleccionables/2006/cocina / index.html
You may know that even some of you the tengais at home, I consulted almost daily for ideas and invent new recipes. I also thought it amusing to try to make each and every one of those dishes that, they are few! When you finish all the volumes, I will continue with other books and magazines that are out of my kitchen shelves, is a challenge, and I have sooo excited. Gradually
I will publish the new recipes, interspersed with dishes go of my own and I have been at home all my life, I will show you which section you belong and talk a little variety, best buys, tricks and tips for cooking, no dishes of course loose I continue with my idea to show you the full menu and healthier alternatives to traditional dishes, so perhaps the time between entry and entry may be extended. I tell
This entry also is updated constantly (to be effective basically because if often clumsy rate!) But until you start to have a body take a few weeks, because I have to rearrange all the recipes that I've already uploaded to your blog be patient plis.
nothing else, and I present my


Vegetable Beef Pork
Sheep Poultry Meat
Sweets Vegetables Salads
Bread and pasta soup broths and milk products
Fruit Cheese Truffles and mushrooms
Spikes, tapas and canapés
Fittings Sauces
Canned Fruit
shakes and cocktails

Many kisses to all and thank you very much!


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