Tuesday, February 22, 2011

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Complaints that a baby died in Santiago del Estero by glyphosate

The case of the girl Julieta Sandoval can be considered as symbolic to show the fatal effects of exposure to agrochemicals. They say that only in this province there are 400 people affected every year.

Can anyone believe that it is possible to put the burden of poisons on the surface of the earth without making it a place not fit for life? Should not called insecticides, biocides, but "reflects the environmental lawyer and activist Graciela antiglifosato Cristina Gomez, who by dint of courage and judicial measures, does little to slow for those who-by dint of toxic and transgenic seed-sown accrue their accounts while devastation. Gomez should have heard more than once that glyphosate does not affect people, it only kills weeds that threaten the soybean yield. Today, this lawyer has a test that probably would rather not find: Julieta Sandoval, a baby born in the middle of spraying, and suffered the effects from birth and eventually died in the most inexplicable dropouts.
An environmentalist of Santiago del Estero, Victor Fabroni, took her to meet Julie and her family. The mission was to get a home, oxygen bags, medicines. "The baby could not breathe, had made a tracheotomy, was born with multiple malformations, hydrocephalus, facial paralysis, cerebral palsy. This is the case of a baby who was conceived in an environment impacted by agrochemicals. A fetus at 28 days of gestation and received all of the toxic effects, as it always denounced, "said the lawyer.
Julieta Sandoval was born in Santa Fe Their parents are Bandera, Santiago del Estero, had gone to the hospital to have it roasted by a strike that was done at the time of birth in the regional hospital. Then was referred to Santa Fe Alassia Hospital where, according to the complainants suspect, hid evidence in films that were aware of the serious condition in which he had arrived. "In Santa Fe there are many cases, not only in Santa Fe Santiago del Estero the same president of the College of Agricultural Engineers reported that 100 children born with birth defects each year and about 300 people affected by the misuse of agrochemicals This is not news. What happened was that the issue could be something like Juliet as the case leader-leading case, as we would say in law and therefore hidden, "said the lawyer, who accompanied the family who knew the situation. Florence
Julieta Sandoval, born April 15, 2010, and died on 13 December of that year, in Bandera, in the same place where the fumigation, marked his short life. Despite the pain and silence, Gomez hope: "She may be the test, the test that they say we have and there is no serious scientific studies, when many foreign universities in France and the United States say the otherwise. They want to continue this genocide because genocide is a systematic, totally premeditated denounced as Rodolfo Paramo (malformations medical research) and therefore received so many threats and attacks from the agricultural sector, "said Gomez Argentine Time.
The Garrahan Hospital, where he received treatment, was discharged. The lawyers process your health transfer. In the House of Santiago del Estero, although the baby had a tracheotomy, only gave him an ambulance, "a 14 hour trip by ambulance is inhumane for the sole purpose of avoiding 'the expenditure of the province', was sent for an ambulance no doctor, so they had to return to the mother's denial of travel in those conditions. Was achieved sending the air ambulance and it arrived without oxygen, so we had to return to until he bought Garrahan emergency valve for the pipe that the plane had fallen into disuse and was able to return to his province, "he said.
By Clarisa Ercolano


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