Thursday, February 17, 2011

Cmv And Kidney Transplant

Recipes boiled foods or cooking

Boiling is putting the food in any liquid that has reached minimum temperature of 100 º. We can consider not only food cooked in water to boil and boiled egg or vegetables, including casseroles, soups, stews and cooked dishes are boiled, after all, everything is cooked with a considerable proportion of liquid, usually to cover the food is boiled.
As has happened with sautéed , in these recipes that I post are also dishes that have a base of some boiled to finish in the oven or frying pan. In the end not only cover boiled soups, but also dishes with salsa and some desserts!. Come we have for some time with this section.

are the dishes that all ingredients are cooked together in oil and from the outset. When just cooked chips are often added diced.

green beans stewed

Mixed vegetables

Stuffed Artichokes

The dishes are different from food stews that are added by parts: First, brown the ingredients, then make a sauce, then bathed in broth, and then cover and boil.

; ; ; Seafood Paella

hake fishing




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