Thursday, February 17, 2011

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White fish

white fish usually differ because they have the straight tail or plump for the smallest amount of blood they have in their flesh, or because they are less fatty, but this is not always the case because some species such as sea bass or bream are changing the proportion of fat at various times of the year according to the cycles of reproduction, on the other hand we have the cod is a white fish but becomes blue when we eat salted or smoked.

There are plenty of other white fish, and certainly in other parts of the world including species that have not even heard of, but the ones I know are these:
  1. Hake: For those not as you may know (I found out recently) the pijotas, whiting and hake caught are types! Do not miss the baby was hake hake, whiting after girl after teen caught, and finally an adult, if you weigh more than 2 kg, for it is called hake. Here you take it! Hake with all its varieties is not to be an example of particular taste, but has a texture and consistency which makes it suitable for almost any dish, and it is so appreciated. Well, if we consider the neck and the barbels that are the most succulent of this stupid,.

2. Bream: It is also well known, especially if approaches Christmas is also carito uncle. It has a pinkish orange color and a distinctive black spots on the temples that differentiates of his imitators, if not it is that there is but one of those bream rare species from far away. Sale rich baked or grilled.

3. Dorada: is significant because the skin has a silvery gray, but is famous for cooking salt, can be done in many other ways.

4. Gallo: I love this fish, reminds me of when I was little, but has a lot of spines on the edges, or that was the sole? Well I do not remember. The biggest cocks are filleted and can be prepared in casseroles with sauce, with bones and the head is a very hearty soup, remember to not throw.

5. Mero : A fish with very consistent and rich meat. It is very expensive because besides being very good have to catch it by hand because apparently he likes living in waters near the coast where ships do not come, and of course, have to catch it by soaking the feet bare hand. Bull dog is like the fish and has a big mouth, look that dissatisfaction with the poor.

6. Rape: Éeeeeeeeste itself is ugly, but hey, what good out all stocks and stews, has a smooth, gelatinous meat, typical for fish soups.

7. Brill: This is a very big fish and plump as a diamond shape, has a few bones and get to live even 30 years, what fish it worth it?

7. Pollock : It's the cod family and when cool is as verdecito or bluish. My mother loves in fried steak sandwiches.
9. Acedia: sole is similar to but more little, here in spain we eat a lot, especially when frying. It is an economic fish and the kids love it.

10. whiting: also pariente próxima del bacalao. Me gusta mucho frito o rebozado, pero es verdad que la carne se desmorona fácilmente y no sale bien de otra manera que no sea así, o por lo menos a mi!
11.   Bacalao:   Como os dije antes en fresco se considera pescado blnaco, pero una vez curado se convierte en pescado azúl. Me gusta frito y con salsas ligeras, en tortitas, al horno..

12.  Cabracho:    The only thing concozco of this fish is the scorpion fish cake, but I know nothing more.

13. Cazón: is used for marinating and frying excellence, super MMMMMMMMM good. It's like a tiburoncito.

14. Corvina: Another more expensive but very satisfying. Some people make a pendant with its famous "bone of croaker"


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