Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Where To Cruise For Gay Guts In Miami

1 º Migas with chorizo \u200b\u200b2 º Fried anchovies and salad Green / DESSERT: Cherry

a little while ago I asked advice to learn to make friends and Eli of "first-Marujas" taught me how she and her mother the lifetime did not have bread at the time so I waited to get together with some pieces. I explain how I did:

1 º I fried peppers and onions cut into strips.

When you have started to brown I added the garlic cloves large right and without itching.

After the sausage, salt and bread pieces.
bread currently sucking all the oil so you better you take away a little too oily and will now have to add a little water, but only a little or you will make porridge.

desmenuzais cuhara stick with pieces of bread that have been resisted, giving as taps as the water evaporates.

And presto! No more, plain and simple, I was dead when I saw how easy it was!

I did them with chori but also you can put ham or bacon.
Ala, look how easy, how fast and how cheap.

This dish is something fat but has little protein, so the second
put fried fish, I know that is not what most sticks because again contains much oil, but
I saw some boqueroncitos in the sea of \u200b\u200bfresh market and I brought.

made to compensate a little green salad with avocado and went to eat at the patio.
are doing a real good day with plenty of sunshine and good weather, so I like to sit and eat outside surrounded by plants and of the family.

For dessert a start now.

You see that today's menu is "Wonder Years", but it tasted richer than me "!



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