Sunday, February 6, 2011

Going To Sleep With Compression Shorts'


land sales tax or strategic areas for national security. Millionaires in the south. The land in strategic areas of Patagonia are sold almost no price restrictions could be equated with a share of the gym in the City of Buenos Aires. It sounds ridiculous, but it is real: there are areas where you can access a field from only 96 pesos per hectare.
This was revealed IProfesional Rio Negro site, noting that more and more foreigners are raised for a few coins with land bordering the Andes mountains or flowing directly into waters of the Argentine Sea, ie areas considered key to national security, which are marketed by real estate or disposed of by public officials.
In some cases, highlights the portal, the transfer of land followed by guarantees are made as those obtained by the controversial British businessman Joe Lewis, who since 2008, operates a private airfield larger than that work, for example, Bariloche.
track is that the mogul has access to the Argentine Sea and was denounced for engaging in alleged covert flights to the Falklands.
In addition, Lewis has control over all the land surrounding the lake Escondido, so almost impossible to publicly access him, so today is a source of several legal disputes.
Other examples of this type: the control of 900,000 hectares being conducted by the Benetton family in this region, the 55,000 hectares owned by the owner of CNN, Ted Turner, in the Andes, and vast areas of land owned by the American Douglas Tompkins in Neuquén, Santa Cruz and Tierra del Fuego.
Meanwhile, some 13 million hectares are available for sale today, according to estate agents and provincial legislators, houses an almost indefinite number of public lands. "Every time you accumulate more and more complaints in Black River and other provinces the sale of public land at bargain prices.
values \u200b\u200bdo not reach the $ 100 per hectare in many cases. The surfaces are awarded to foreign magnates or individuals involved in these businesses, "said Rep. Magdalena rionegrina Odarda to the site.
Ángel González, head of an NGO aimed at guaranteeing free access to lakeshores and rivers, also noted this concern . "Foreigners are populating the Patagonia, just in areas with an abundance of riches.
Near streams, rivers and lakes. The fences are becoming increasingly common. Hence the ongoing projects are presented asking the involvement of environmental agencies.
For its part, July Traverso, representative in the region of Nordheimer estate, confirmed that prices per hectare are laughable in some southern areas. "Today in Santa Cruz, Three Lakes, you can buy dollars a30 hectare fields.
Or maybe less. While not represent the best of the province, have water and are suitable for the operation of sheep, "he said.
From Anton, based in Esquel, Chubut, Rodrigo Antón, sales manager, confirmed the continuing arrival of foreigners in search of land.
"Many foreigners come and buy for resale, although the majority has done for residential purposes and filing. Leverage also that the price of land remains virtually unchanged since 2008," he said.
Gonzalo Sanchez, author of The Patagonia sold had already warned: "Historically, Argentina has been selling his land, but the problem is that they are marketing land not be sold," he said.
And he denounced the lack of regulation in tax areas, ie those where each province decides whether to sell and how.
Meanwhile, Rep. Odarda said that complaints related to the market without strategic control of land "does not only happen in Black River, but also finds a similar movement in Chubut and Santa Cruz.
And said:" It was found that over 50% of sales records authorizations in border areas have some type of irregularity. "



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