Thursday, February 17, 2011

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recipes fried and battered

In our kitchen there is always room for fried fish and breaded calamari, children love the world of the fryer and it is true that the best way to eat vegetables or things otherwise or prove.
Although one of the most calorie cooking methods, there are ways to reduce calories, and we are not talking about eating fried food every day, but hey, one day a week does not matter if we are able to combine good food and especially very importamt, always use extra virgin olive oil, which I know it's more expensive but ultimately it is preferable, first because it lasts longer clean the sunflower seeds ( this is because it withstands higher temperatures than others and thus, not burn so quickly, it can be reused a couple of times without risk to health), second by their source of omega 3 we know that death is divine and all those things, and third because the taste of foods change very much from oil to oil. And say for a rich dish out the important thing is to use good raw material for wing, I know. The

cooked fried in a pan with very hot oil, the food must be dry and not too big or stay raw on the inside, if it is long in the pan and the oil is slightly warm, take lots of fat and becomes indigestible.
The batter before frying must pass through flour, egg and bread crumbs.

These are my recetillas of fried and battered, as always, you know, picad in each and will take you to the entry where I explain its development and the menu that can accompany each dish, I hope you enjoy them:



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