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What Is The Gel In Vitoria Secret Bra

Theory Part II:



"There, where Troy was, contrary to a land of Phrygia ' Virgil, Eclogues

[" Est ubi Troia fuit, contrary Phrygiae tellus' Virgil, Eclogae ]

the bottom Mount Ida is Dardania.
in northern Thrace, the Dardanians
and are the children / Dardanians / Priam seed of Dardanus.
Better than anyone I believe, that neither Homer nor Virgil
have to remind ... are murderers,
settlers / founders /
that will kill what is born from her womb and her lap,
his own Trojan, killed if the mother could
Electra basic seed
of Arcadia, where Yasión died
victim of Dardanus, a murderer.

Who wants a throne, the brave,
ends well, as Dardania,
pulling the eye captive
contempt of the people, cast out, hidden in the islands of Samothrace
. Each

mere shadow hides the place of absence, sleepless
breaks and even want to talk about love as King Dardanus
love Batia,
daughter of Teucer, contrary Phrygiae tellus:
A land contrary to
Phrygia whose throne is infamous Trojan,
murderer, fratricidal
voice of unrequited love and their children will be Erichthonius.

At the foot of Mount Ida, is Dardania.
where no one knows the value of praise because the complaint

hurt and there is a hint of rejection or abandonment
in the breeze and can not be a life consistent, sustainable
, committed and happy


"The disease of modernity: the no-merit. The words, they are charged, and no wonder. Wars, revolutions, countless diseases and not astonish us. Not even the disappearance of life on earth we wonder. It is because the no-shock is a deadly disease ' Basarab Nicolescu, poetic Theorems

yesterday There is a man that looks

man complaining today.
One missed the foundation.
E was inhibited by the shortcomings of the vital.
not aware of light that serves as sustainable
opening of presence,
unconcealment truth that is worth before Tityrus
Meliboeus Amarilis
when he sings, his beloved
Tityrus is quiet and does not suffer even if there is confusion
and anguish in the countryside.

There is a man of yesterday, so Tirri,
Muiño culipateado, that hurts in this
merely know, left his land with his flock
saw the rough soldiers take what is theirs,
or father, or his people,
and is on the shady forest, squandering
the sweet voice of égloglas. That rag
Meliboeus voice, fucking be
that rag of a man who listened to Tityrus
and is so unlike him,
not conceive of the gods, and on his way to Rome
seems also Nemoroso
and however, the god Tityrus
what he loves most people associated with the Phrygian, Thracian Aryan
to Asia Minor.
A Pan, sacrificed a lamb Tityrus
but the man of yesterday, goatherd Meliboeus,
anything. At present, without interruption
springs not aware and unaware
not understand discontinuity.


charged words of love or pain and does not bother anyone,
when there is lightning in
freedom to open his eyes to the beings who dwell discontinuous
happen, knowing or not knowing, the living
of indecency, imposition
meaning your ethos-is-modulated technically
by highwaymen and will no longer
[das Wohnen] dwelling which honors you.

'll live in the worst
of modern man, one who left
their land, one as the goatherd Meliboeus,
pastor lamented, which has no female
no crops, but is moving, aimless,
by fields, farms confiscated
reduced by new settlers
spoils after the battle of Philippi.


Asinius to Gallus, the son of Pollio Asinius

Children are born every day
and there is no need to invoke Sicilian muses, inspiring
to Theocritus.

may be that women of Asinius
Pollio is in labor, not that there

Sibylline books that highlight the return of the Golden Age,
messianic prophecies about the advent of the Messenger
or Jews, expected.

Chances are that the unborn child
(as Octavia alike with a big belly and famous
is between consuls and trivunos)
is the nuptial with Antony
place Prophecy "pagan / Virgil / birth
of Christ? What does Constantine I,
Eusebius of Caesarea and Augustine and St. Jerome
the son of Pollio?
No. No. ... This hint of child
only joy, joy
before the end of civil wars
preconditioning prosperous future.

speaks to the ways of a child still in the placenta browsing
and nothing is needed Sibyl of Cumae
to explain the event of a newborn child
by invoking the realm of Saturn.

is not the Golden Age which comes
or the return of Astraea, the goddess of justice,
ascended into heaven and took his place among constellations
a child is born with an effort that as many as you grow
reap the benefits
land and stop the war
toil, ambition and greed.


Aletheia, unconcealment

is not utopia
the peripheries of the Peloponnese. The land is beautiful
(although not in their own hands
still beautiful). Arkadia has
beauty of proximity Coffers, Et in Arcadia ego,
and lest he die, there I am, she
belong, the transient nature
inevitable is to die,
but the planet is beautiful
and saw Lykaion western mountains and in the Monte
snow and harmonious jungle, uncontaminated. I've seen the colapaso
the advent of the Byzantine Empire,
but is not a utopia.

Arkadia is full of shepherds, sometimes simple things
/ rural deities /
subpoenaed by ell idyllic paradise of hours filled
Pastors libertines, dragons
the genuine Arkadia modulates
where male and assume his stay
dwelling that is already in the midst
groves, supported
mystery and myths that embody
spontaneity of natural life and modesty
of Buenos Wild.

And, despite the arrival of the Ottoman Turks,
are not pre-technical visionesi
or completely transcendent of them is not a utopia
the peripheries
the Peloponnese. It is the ethics of their habitat, as
being-in-the-world, genuinely
in the middle of things, without concealment.


the child is born / Seed /
new and old times
shepherd and farmer, perpetual poet of Arcadia. He must be
make its way as the redeemer in the mountains. His theory of idyllic

individual will call it the sovereign because it will make sustainable

utopia and the next is greater
to first praise of Virgil
working life of the field,
simplicity, peace, happy,

natural communion using the space, the river,
the air more efficiently
so there is no shortage
haste and no wastage of resources or foreign masters of the spoil

who found the dependence
and despair.


The child uncover the truth of being,
is living, Wahrheit des Seins
and do not say then that the impossible was born
and unrealizable. Tell
flapped in Aletheia and the Lethe, driven
and height to hide, of being.
not say who was born in the utopian dystopian
or discontinuous. Tell the provocative

uncover which Heidegger spoke as Das herausfordende Entbergen

TRUTH man his being
intended to assume all
in advance and irresistibly,
material production.
Truth / Aletheia dignified as if the heavens opened
da raw materials and instructs
"Take the waters have now been falling
of the atmosphere, feeding on your mounts. Water
give and take it with lightning,
in the vessels of the sky ... "

All the light of heaven,
suns and stars, invisible gravitational photovoltaic házls
electrons, generating momientos. Bendigo
soil with your hand in the rivers;
transforms the entire space with your own constructions
, grab
resources and tackle with the force of the wind, Lethe
hidden wells, underground rivers,
using gravitational forces, falls
water, collect rain, saved and stored
the magic of the given
in the lowlands and on the elevations.
With sunlight, the human material is the stuff of gods

The name of the area or
open area where he lives is so new that causes a child's curiosity

pure in its native element:
the truth of being, Wahrheit des Seins.


Softer than in unripe grapes,
sweeter than ripe grapes: Theocritus

-Galatea is like milk "-
'More snow white leaves of the henna "
and hands like lilies and uverillos Vitibus
of Albis, the exquisite offerings
radiance of her being brighter than the glass
the body of the shepherdess nereidúnica
when wet out of the river where bathing
or seas to imagine it as splendidior
vitro, or shiny glass
more shining than ice, glacier lucidior,
visiting the iris ..
softer than the shell polished by the sea,
mollior et cycni plumis et breastfeed coact ...
softer than the swan feather
and curdled milk, and yet, I leave ... Who could
orbit Beyond the eccentric
and find your model on
love and recognition in the end, the pure image
visiting the natural eye blind,
but quiéb am "ugly monster, man

anything like that fed bread, and yes to shady ridge protruding
landmark in the mountains? "

And so, despite everything, I saw and felt in those days
as blindness and jealousy
when I threw rocks at the boat
lovers and I kicked the sting and she said, "Snake"
grapes not sour grapes, sweet love, no tender
sheep fleece, softer than linen.


"The Living Word: lightning in a moment through all levels of reality": Basarab Nicolescu, poetic Theorems

You, poet of the beauties of the soul Ruralies
and indoor / Neshama that
have or aspire to, or had by naive
as Polyphemus to Ulysses, you ...
you have the desire to rectify
invisible reality that not only seen with the eyes, if disclosed
his holiness may be, give me a word
a real name, not nobody,
"I'm Nobody "...

that the power of imagination
sleep / blind / cercernada / injury /
wake up and get lost light ... Koach
the hamedamé me
discards the sal tree of poplar
O sad ...

Since from the time of Homer
Nobody tells me
identity of who I blind ... Ulysses
son of Laertes, the looter
of Troy, man of Ithaca,
him ... one who instructs me Nemoroso
the dark forest and you

Oblivion, still sing with your soliloquies,
tell me if a letter or name is invoked, if anyone
/ se / is capable of
transform the violent immediacy of this land avolcanda,
the Cyclopia, barren land full
media / blind / irascible ...
and who is there? Arcadia to return to my life, beating
blinded eyes and memory loss.

eye volcano
With my mouth crying, crying
goes, everything is washed and release pent up anger inside the chest
since I lost Galatea, white earth.
I buried in murky cave, as if the plan of omblgo
, but because I listen
Galatea is not dead and groaning on the topologies
uterine unknown,
esoteric cavern in other places, where possible
field and other singers of yechidah, the highest level of the soul,
be discovered when your eyes are healed possible
and sing like them ... .


"Here comes the last era of the Kuns verses:
is born from the depths of the centuries a grand order":

Virgil, "A Pollio" Hang

sustainable parturient Belly
the planet Over time and bid
necessary so that "forests are worthy, O Consul '
your Virgin who returns as returns
the reign of Saturn and
"descends from high heaven
a new brood."

lest satiety
needs so mean that only generations of legisladrones
touch, is for these children
will understand the world better,
linking the natural environment and culture
in a new way to rethink the
notion of planetary habitability.

Oh, that old iron race is over!
because traces of the old evils and ships
peresisten offend
Thetis and other selected cities where heroes are needed
another Tifis, another Argos
a new Golden Age to reign
the Apollo, without this global competition
orders only siege, death and plague,
insufficient food, poor intake
and emotional life of children around the world ...

are still traces of the crime,
"will zero in perpetuity for fear of nations."
Puja, puja Rising Child livelihoods,
promise of future orders,
sustainable and viable in order to be given the promise:
the climbing ivy will spread along the wild tuberose
and Egyptian beans are gleefully embrace the acanthus

As udders swollen with milk
want the voice of the mother going to
fold and already covered her breasts, and calling their kids
like groupers, Galatea,
and big lions watching over their flocks.

Fuck the failure was obsolete and die
snake and
false lily and poisonous weed of deceit ...


"Dive into these high honors!, Time is fulfilled, / oh beloved offspring of the gods! O magnum stem Jove! ":
/ Virgil," Eclogue "Eclogue IV

In the joy of your mouth and eyes, the Thracian Orpheus
gives the same news
Virgil [DA / vila and Calliope] who blessed
the poet, and when Lino was born the beautiful Apollo.
"Oh! For my last few years are so long
and overtake me breath to sing your deeds! "
begins, parvulillo oh! Pan
and lechuiguino worthy of Arcadia. Start
, parvulillo oh!.
to know Mother Earth and the bed of the goddess
that has been decorated with biodiversity. Let your health

supported with
agro because you feed
provides different varieties of what grows
under the sky and is acquired from the vast sea
and into the water.

Then, when reaches full age,
the traveler will cross the sea, and marine loading
do not market the property or live productions because Sovereign
for Your Delight.
The agro-ecosystem generous
provide stability, the field
take all things.
"suffer not plow the land or the vine is pruned, and in turn
desuncirá the sturdy peasant oxen.
wool will not learn to lie with various colors;
before, and in red murex, and in savory saffron.
moved the ram in the meadows its soft fleece "
love that you gave to Earth
pay because you are more than
resistance and lift of working in peace and love
components of life.

To you be a blessing to drought, pests
, ADAF levels.
will bless the bacteria, fungi and earthworms
y. .. until
weeds and rhizobium nodules.


IF I agreed to have voice Revulgo Mingo
these extracts Virgilian hear today,
of your lips, Nemoroso,
if to hear and imitate consciousness
the celebration that comes out with plenty proud politician
with your lament,
Ridge is also ecologically the landscape
the complaint to pilleaje and the growing impact of the Sea
understand, at last, your lament
about widespread expropriations Cremona
to land and surrounding countryside.
that are yours, your father's estates in Mantua.
Vare, tuum nomen, so superet Mantua nobis,
(Mantua uae miserae nimium uicina Cremonae)

me, before and after the Government
Pollio in Cisalpine and change the tide;
understand your pain, Virgil and misery
your hoarse voice, Nemoroso. Lament of the absent
is your lament

I understand the minga the vulgar,
the sad song of other pastors, those
despised foundling, abandoned by their mothers
, being called ugly
, played by harpies,
vulnerable people, survivors and sentenced to suck
of rustic symbiosis sellva
the sons of cavernous fauna,
nursery in the shadow of animals ...
because the same Frixo, ancestor Jason
saved his life by the aid of a ram
giant, fabulous, friendly and beast Centaur
such man there who love Lobas
and children who breast
into disrepair, as Romulus
in a forest, with Remo ..

Was not Jason, as a child, educated by Chiron
, divine beast del Campo,
mixture of animal and human?

Did not Pan, the Goat Man,
giver of protection, despite the rough and bearded
tender / pity as immanence
about maternal breast?


If I pawned with the voice of Mingo Revulgo,
with malice of political criteria and other rudiments
to explain the origin of this ... This absence

efficiency, transparency, independence, social responsibility shared
participation, whatever anguish accompanies
my world ... this desalejamiento
of Proximity discover that ... this aysencia,
this despatraimiento ... this Colchis bitter ....
say, who could rescue the domain
for himself and his ego
care and the ability to rescue the beautiful but
of Grace, skin, Nemer,
you called your Delight
like domain of sweetness,
treasure supportive of agalma and encráteia,
care / epimeleia, sublime

plaguicidasde the intimate arcades and gardens, this absence spells.


Golden Fleece, the skin of each child
loved the world, gold
your pubic hair Elisa, white gala
transparency that when I love,
agrochemicals is the penalty that moved
my being inside my Salicio when asked
without bitterness and rural sustainability
against the death,
sustainable management system to Colchis.


The Colchis cheating with spaces deterritorializes
and soul, you into exile, Nemoroso
and why you lose, seduced
disdain and fear, I take away the farms and pastures ...
if I have left voice Revulgo Mingo,
land policy and how they have taken away

betrayed the principles of solidarity, participation,
sovereignty in the struggle for food,
living space, housing, transport
management peace and hope, I understand what is

and sustainability respect for human rights and animal
decent work and productive power.

... but for me, sales have been Colchis
the hell, I was sent to hediente fimo,
to kissing and women's vulvas hedientes
as Jason Hall
those cursed by Aphrodite
killer of men in Lemnos Hypsipyle Island Queen.

17. Who

announced as Argonaut before the King:
"Aeetes, tied it in default, hastily untied the joys
by possible, I'm Jason
at the foot of the Caucasus, winner of the a-FEAR-izer. I bring the skin
Sino Bello,
killed determinism, now healthy
pesticide management and I am enemy
of glyphosate.
identify the demons of Colchis! ".

Hardened by the evidence of exile,
fire tempered
initiatives and victories in the challenges, "Aeetes, I'm"
discovered, Argo / flute / how purifies us refuting
this world, and self-criticism,
how the heart is deceived into thinking that
natural life is corrupt,
Goat bread, no wine in the world
virginal, no voice that elevates
Dafnis the findings of its primary ethical
and does decent / deep river Supplier /
wells beneath the earth Sicilian love
wells in the karst .. Who

announced as Argonaut before the king:
"Aeetes, now I understand Claror of unconcealment
and I love Chloe, the shepherdess that the soul carries within it
as well put on bones petticoat
beautiful, hard thighs so smooth ...
and she goes to the Well, and drink and fill your world
and me forever! "


In a world of monsters and ghosts with false
civilizations, areas of guaynabitos
in contempt by the native habitat,
sibling rivalry
consume their treachery ... Vanities, concealment
distance behind walls up
reckless and cruel Guardarraya:
Aeson Pelias that dethroned king of Iolkos, rosemary
weaves that will trap the future Wonder, Persian cats, fat chubby

accumulating wealth between courses infernal
sheiks and caliphs to power in satrapies
of West deify
perpetuated the structure of trade, market monsttuoso

consumer habits and anxieties created by mega debt. Cloverfield

world where petrodollars petroeuros are the highlights
of Scylla and Charybdis, vigilantes tempting, parents

priestly people tied to superfluous goods, like machinery, already despises
wind, sun The animal transport
and narrow road, parades
traffic hydra / depths / processes / degrading
given to, at will, for good with obedience
crude, adjusted the balance of addiction
holdings [agadir
price of custom dubious ...

As slaves to gasoline and oil,
are the sons of Scylla, the son of Carindis,
sniffer who fatten
two horrible monsters, that the planet
chew ...
With those tear and devour them, the black vomit
filtered by Messina and Sicily
and land of Arcadia and globalized
energies that Pan and Daphnis and did not want ...
demons now that swallowed three times daily Poseidon
water on earth and who throw up
y. with excresencia, new sacerdites
build and profit from smoke and vehicle tires and caps
and toxic waste at the end
that the land dries up. Host

Black Priests give these children eat the planet from Scylla and Carindis
raw material / her favorite bread and leavened
nations, and drink your wine blood
gangrenous, anti-Pan bread
panic frightening the life of the fields.
Pan engines burning oven, wine

erodes and erodes land and sea before the water fight as
and machines made of fire chemistry, bread and wine
transubstantiates never
and nature do not return
not an ounce of essence renewable filtered.

In the narrow channels of the steps of the Sea, has been addicted
by Scylla leaven this dark breath. So many heads have
is feared.
So many are the names of their corporations,
but so are the New Temple
the monstrous world.



sustentablidad Theory / Carlos López Dzur: The most beautiful experience of the human / Book of the war / artistic taste / sustentablidad Theory / Carlos López Dzur: The most beautiful experience of the human / Book


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