Monday, May 9, 2011

Mount And Blade Family And House Mod


The route or path of the Bear is these days being a subject of controversy mainly due to the accident that placed last in the spotlight public opinion in Asturias. A cyclist fell through the cracks by relying on one of the balustrades bad wood. It is well known by those who frequented the state of many of these rails is deplorable and it is advisable not to rely on them as well as landslides in the canyons or the poor lighting in some tunnels. It is fair to say that it is incumbent upon all of its maintenance and care, and that very little we do that we walked through it to watch. Load the "guilt" of this neglect to the councils of the municipalities through which it passes and is not invested in it. It is also true that the path is a magnet for tourism and that more could be done by replacing the damage. But it is also important that those who use the care and many parts of it may be garbage or fences destroyed by old age is not exactly the same. There is also talk of charging a kind of entry to those who enjoy it, there I think are wrong, a lot of people who often leaves his good euros in bars and restaurants of these councils. The maintenance of this beautiful track, but hopefully not at the expense of the usual paganini.


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