Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Feeling Dizzy After Getting Down From A Treadmill

Nemoroso Agenda and authors in the Journal Sequoyah / No . 75

Dear friends and colleagues:

After a brief recess, the online magazine Sequoyah returns to fulfill the task has been assigned: the promotion and dissemination of literature. The agenda for this year's January-May is configured with the following 75 CONTENT et al.

Baruch Spinoza
This is Spinoza's God or Nature
the editor and a poem to Baruch Spinoza

Yván Silén
Gonzalo Rojas / (Elegy for the living)

Juan Manuel Pérez Álvarez
The key Homeland
Jorge Majfud
The irrelevance of reason

Edgar Borges Antonio Gómez Rufo to the global crisis:
"The solution is to reset city, ideological and educational"

Marcos Aguinis
Ayn Rand's courage

Alejandro Drewes
About La Ermita de Oscar Portela
In the farewell
Legat / Heritage

steps lead you
Oscar Portela
La Ermita / (II Party Offertory of Mists)
Hölderlin and Celan: an essay on the melancholy

Rolando Revagliatti

Fanny Jaretón
A blind

Gloria Eugenia Lemus

Saul Sanchez Toro
haibun of Grief

Ana Lucía Rendón Montoya

haibun of Grief Carlos Lopez Dzur
The ghost that travels the world
Frag. 2
Frag. 4. Martínez Ektor


White Baroja
My fig

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