Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Vietnamese Actress Weddings

How odd, it is true that the weather issue is something we can not control, but after a good week of spring sunshine is likely almost expect the weekend is a good thing and certainly not was. So you have to resign and try to make mountains although conditions are not the most appropriate. And knowing that there would be a good day we left the village of Llanaves Leon de la Reina, very early with the intention of making a tour of the surrounding mountains between Cáantabria, León and Palencia, then decide the time and could not be We'll have to settle with no small amount to Altars (interesting name). On leaving the village towards the port of San Glorio find the path marked out PR-LE22 to continue without any difficulty to the marine sanctuaries, no more than enjoying the scenery and go about doing leg to what awaits us. There after a stop to contemplate the Vega del Naranco, there begins the gap continue along the path until you find milestones that mark the path up to the Alto del Naranco, rain, fog and hail began to appear during the ascent, and from there decided to make the ascent to the altar (2133) and return to the village, at least the time allowed us to contemplate the beautiful summit of Peña Prieta before the fog away with little desire to continue. A shame, but circumstances force and we must retrace our steps and enjoy the rain in the beauty of these valleys and mountains as well as of spring around us while we get to Llanaves de la Reina. I in all of us was the idea of \u200b\u200breturning to this beautiful place.

route sheet

Departure: Llanaves de la Reina (Leon)
Place of arrival: Llanaves of Queen
Tour: Llanaves de la Reina - marine sanctuaries - High Naranco - Altars - High Naranco
marine sanctuaries - Llanaves Queen's
miles traveled: 17.77 km .
ascent: 1,302 meters
Height output: 1,400 meters
Hours: Total: 7:23
Difficulty: Moderate


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