Friday, May 20, 2011

How Long Does It Take Lead Poisoning


70% of the territory of the Council of Belmonte de Miranda is above 800 meters, although Belmonte capital is 200 meters. This gives an idea of \u200b\u200bthe natural beauty and landscape, crossed from north to south along the river in the valley Pigüeña surrounded by a huge chain of mountains whose summit is the highest altitude Manteca Peña peak also called L'HORRUES of 1,527 meters. The almost 2,000 inhabitants of the Council are distributed in 66 villages, mainly dedicated to agriculture and livestock. In story to highlight the artistic heritage of Quintana Torre XV century, the Palace in the town of Cienfuegos Aguerra seventeenth century and declared a Historic Artistic Monument, the Church of San Martín de Leiguarda XV century and forge Roman "The Machuco ", an ancient mill which its age is unclear. Festivals, food, mountain and architecture are reasons to enjoy this beautiful Asturian Council.

As already outlined above the highest peak of the Council of Belmonte de Miranda is the peak Peña butter or L'HORRUES of 1,527 meters. To climb this summit we left the village of San Esteban, from there we went on a road that passes through continued rise Colláu Coux and finally to Brañas The Chalga, fog prevents us from seeing the top of the peak and almost to discover their silhouette, from there we went to Collado La Espina, there the road a bit and we lost a continuous struggle against Piornal to finally face the ramp without difficulty, atop a mailbox, and the trig point, a pity that the thick fog that day is not possible to distinguish the valley or surrounding mountains. We descend the same way up to the town of San Esteban.


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