Friday, May 6, 2011

Desperate Housewives Reruns For New Episodes


Three hours, for three long hours we have been fighting against the mountain, tired we finally reached the top, now beheld the valleys and mountains that before we stepped on to reach the place where we started the climb. The hard climb had caused deep wounds in our tired muscles, hearts pounding now hanging in the abyss of its narrow top. They plowed up my mind clouds and away to the days when he thought he would never reach its top, and had resisted putting a thousand traps in our path, I thought our struggle, my partner and I joined in one man, hand that repeatedly gave me when my strength began to fail and now both up there having enjoyed the success achieved. We were both aware that she had allowed us recuperated and now as our strength to drive down admired the tremendous performance tucked under our feet. After a short time at the top began the descent, a few minutes a thick fog began to emerge in the valley, then realized that she was not going to stop beating, the fog began a mad ascent to the place we met and within minutes we were surrounded by the thick white. Barely make out beyond my hands, my feet looked without finding highlights the stone and the resistance opposed to the touch of my hands. A cry me out of my thoughts, I tried in vain to find my partner, I called and I returned his name echo multiplied several times. I did not find, I tried to go the short distance to where I was supposed to and my feet suddenly slipped into the void and my hands were shaken in the air trying to hold the thick fog. I started to fall and I fell madly in vacuum, as it fell I thought I saw her smile, her, the mountain would remain forever with our lives.


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