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Index: Tijuana: Pain of childbirth


"His book" Tijuana labor pain "is a tribute to a city on the Mexican border to San Diego, where he lived the author and, within that situation messy blending assimilation is strengthened with a transit population of the province and in Central America that is of your personality, so that his Latin perish essential. Tijuana is a permanent birth marks the contrast between the gorgeous city of First World and Third World city. What is important in Tijuana, apparently Dzur López is describing people and knows that place. Explains that the idea of \u200b\u200bwriting his book on Tijuana came up with 'The Sphinx' text on the streets Cauhuila and Revolution, texts that ethological wanted to find a unit different from that contained in "Tantralia" and "The man extended ' . The first text he wrote for that book was related to 'La Ballena, the bar / tavern world's largest until it disappeared in the early '60'
Juan Romero Villanueva: Frag. of "Carlos López Dzur and Seventies Generation / An Anthology" Dedication


1. After leaving the Arroyo de las Palmas
2. A lack of green eyes, his hands ...
3. As a divine womb
4. Spa-shop
border Fantasy 6. Santa Need
daily 8. The destatuador
9. City tattooed
10. A crime is still there
11. In my genealogy
12. Behind the walls of border
13. Jump and run
14. In the suburb of nothing
15. As a desolate neighborhood
16. Welcome to the American Dream
17. Without the values \u200b\u200bof hope
18. We are all immigrants
19. Foreign
my bones 20. Children
21. Hanged in Tijuana
22. A waitress at a Tijuana
23. Hebe Tribute to
24. Hebe sin mandil
25. Frustración homicida
26. Prosopopeya del Juicio final
27. Fascinación en las penumbras
28. Negada fue la Tula verdadera
29. La madrugada
30. Cocinas siderales
31. Néctar de El Héctor's
32. El migrante
33. El brincó con su herida
34. La dura tarea
35. Adiós, patria
35. Impasse
36. La morrita de Agua Caliente
37. Había una callejuela A en todo este trayecto
38. Cuando eras honesta
39. La Revu
40. Réquiem de la Revolución de 1910
41. Una plegaria por Tijuana

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After leaving the Arroyo de las Palmas

Oh, what a whore more cones, which dog solute
memory I learned to release my own cloth and massage
on Eros as fraternal and tasty!

Now I like
general infrastructure growth in poverty, dry
urbanimo informal and toxic ...

With the weight of the steps, I was approached
and she is showing her skin also
with fingers, lips, snakes that move
the sake of progress on badly healed
wrinkles and areas of collapse.

Now I know that there are waves unforeseen
odor of iodine, but salty
life and think about the reuse of wastewater
when I go to Cinépolis
River Zone, after crossing the stream
de las Palmas.

* A lack of green eyes, his hands ...

What lady palm of their hands when they look
without panties of homo habilis
and yells: - Breathe, desténsate, enjoys mono
gross hunchback without diapers
and be raw, green, half- chiles,
happy, natural, high-potassium banana
as pulp!
but she applied her hands ligerita
of Buzzard, without speaking the language of guilt or chew
more rumor launched by greedy mouth
not have green eyes or green areas ...
(20 times less area per customer / per
the average First World cities
and San Diego, his sister.

As divine womb

Now I know why the toads and dive
crocodiles and why the frog sleeps in the womb God!
Chotéame, tip to tip,
up where the sun does not burn: Daily grammar
ajor, sweat and fatigue.
behind and
into the tunnel beneath the skull
under the louse and the outer fat. And apply
holy hands, toes dim.

* Spa-shop

What therapy after urban landscape Manotas
your alley, what therapy to
eyes full of dust and common images
you're there, hungry for cock, no other appetite
your eye ball grabbing,
your debts ontic translated to pivot,
lever to flip the world! Lucky that you

And how rich is to be alone with your nails
stretched-to-buds on my belly and tactile

verses and your tongue to win myrtle at dawn, when
sucks, your lips are two stars,
stomach dried under the Milky Way!

pair is worth giving alms
your filth eternal muse and let
shrews with the apex of your snake
sharp fangs deep in the sun that you are drooling
to lose the tip of the cocoon
name and the rump end impasse
out the poem, seminal text, stranger!

* Fantasy


and it is illegal like the fantasy of the frontier:
found in
charitable interests in the downtown underworld.
Taking a fake poster crazy and needy
to open up to pimps and beggars, hungry
with it, with thieves,
with exiled without communication.

* Need

Santa Santa Necessity
pelazga you in the quarrel,
I pray that you still promising
bones and flexible.
I invoke and bald eyes, I revere. You

pollancona under their skirts.
going with the peace of God

peteca moving because there is no spirit without flesh and matter

need your fickle and capricious yourself, unless your exageradotas
of Catrina.

From the causalities of the phenomena
I ask for blessings.
would be on your breasts
pastorício gladly, at least
at night after my prayer.
I would say ... here's more
inn but together shipwrecked on the mock,
two-legged positions in destitution,
in pain and contempt ...

But, bless me in the revolutionary act!
Open your legs to freedom.
I'm adaptable and I shook.
I deliver me to the purities
you have reserved or hidden
because of that fear ...
to wake up with others, generous,
sudosa love, hussy.



In the exercise of daily life
(where it merges with idealism putarraca
to the bland and metaphysics
ridicule us for even),
oh, without fear of ingrates!
I pray and I visit, Callejon Coahuila
case in the Cueva de los Olivos
are penitent yet.

Yes, as Pelagia in the mountains!
But nevertheless, in Tijuana
cotidinianidad venerate you and I pray! 02/07/1989



I arrived and I still
marked or unmarked, I love you!
and I'll clean the heap of
ages and you talk about ornaments sidereal
and the origin of being and the infinite thirst.

urban Being against idle talk,
even if it hurts, from dry leaves!
I'm gonna
and the world is worth me four quarters,
and your skin is my delirium delicious!

The brush rake
others is that you are spoiled and needle knife and carimbo
and paints you in view of what we do not know,
when you kiss, I crave, is enthralled. Contigo
be host at the Congal
but do not usurp the heart
not going
devuluatorios.cuando tattoo in your ways.



tattooed body of your city, tattooed,
sings his own mystery.
The deepest of being is prophecy.
A label on your skin is artifice.
And love, do you decorate your pace?

The most intimate adornment is not left to the streets looks
in shagreen,
or overwhelms any argument. Who

king of the band and the dogs in your streets
. Who else he knows his
heights in the skin and manages its swallows? *

A crime is still there

A crime is still there with other signs. Its debt
smoke da message, capricious nimbus

darkroom and wisps in artful codes.
Their assaults will not notice in my court.
His diplomacy has no amenities. In

faces thirsty flies buzz and chatter
comedians of the square.

I do not believe him, child hunger,
candidate for the gift of the book,
you, newcomer, do not believe ...
will say anything I owe you, even if you call
their lawsuits and their assemblies
to give the kiss of Judas
and masses of cock. *

In my genealogy

name I have given Kumiai,
k'miai property of, or was nominated Cucapá,
Paipai, Kiliwa, Cahill
and And why not
akula Kulada artificial, but I saw Cabrillo
(the one we went to San Diego
they see a gringo around).
The toured the coast of the port of Ensenada, Baja California
all that from 1542
presumed in the valley. Pata

you, I would have liked to call you
almost like saying this tract of Cauhuila, jockeyed güila
therefore love ass. Sebastian Vizcaino

But tastes changed
/ phonemes / your name on the map /
your place in Cartography
I gave at the coast to the islands
not count on. Why
Why not say Website k'miai, Cucapá,
Paipai, Kiliwa, Cahill,

why not instead of Islilla of Coronado, Playas de Tijuana sands,
and will use instead of Junipero Serra and his saints shit
San Carlos and San Antonio, or San Diego de Alcala, you are merely
Tijuana, TJ,
You-yi, or sites removed from the honor over
of certain settlements which would not have wanted
pobladotes that are unknown or Franciscans and Dominican ... The Indians were
Punta, Milijas, Tia Juana,
Quanayuel, Jamul, Otay and Tecate. *

Behind the walls of border

walls on the border advocate:
"Space smells like death."
is desert night. The stars reveal
Scorpions take turns in the tunnel. In the sewer
just the path of wire.

This is also the conquest.
The story does not change. The exploitation prevails.
Only one subject is different and not yet named.
Coyote / lame. And your ass cold.

Everything is compact and collection, delivery of the coyote.
A procedure in which begins
misfortune for chicken.
the oppressed is to free autogestionante.

Finally, after a dream, crossed.
learned never to give battle. He never said to his earth;
"The dream belongs to me from within
before crossing." 11/08/1986

* Jump and run

At the border, says the Wall:
where you know you are going is not welcome
and the destination is the same.
this is not new Southwest border.
immigration suspect who brings hobo bag.

For him, a few steps, looked
hit before the arrival itself.
With the sign of fear and certainly a victim
run and jump the wall.
In darkness you have the duty: jump and run. Dodge

light and, as a rat in silence,
Support the insult, mockery, to live in hunger. Five
each sde lacking food.

At the border, a graffiti wall has warned: You'll
homeless, blankets, will be run
the streets, you will be afraid and that is just the beginning
American Dream



In the suburb of nothing

In its suburb of nothing and pure things,
free-ness, doubt. The solitude gave him the sun of the resonant, dark, monster
sun, moon fierce these days.

And the dream of grim
be blindly hand from itself and spits out the premises. Want the occult.
As shadow. The cavern echo repeats. He did not know

embody the thought:
he and I are on the prowl, boastful.
The echo that had arisen from crosses
wings dark,
is perpetuated in the tragedy.

seek shelter and company.
without him and he'll look without me.
be alone and there will be no word or shielding
or support, but caves.

why I became a spider and I founded the
corner where we weave the threads prison mourning
and thirst and spit out the poison and pain.

Are the meshes of mutual contempt.
At ease, we were companions.
We are, in short, just the two. We invented the ostentatious
dagger separation;
he escaped to eclipse black soles, I. 9-13-1979


As a neighborhood

desolate heart, I call softly.
Culero as I am, I call softly.
back as a guy and give me a soul.
idiot, twisted and trades, shit stick.
or mothers not worth me nor life.
heart, I call softly.

Stay with my eyes. Bring them whores
their basins of blood.
They look down, you walk in parks and farts
canteens play kicks
the sights and do not know how to look good, evil eyes

I do not want more than the mouth of Jimmy, that hallucinations
pirujera mouth and up the donkeys
tourism. Pull the tongue and kisses. You forgot
That mouth, heart, Tijuana sublime.
is corrupt mouth that offends you.

Call her heart, and give him hits in Coahuila,
where it hurts most, in Revolution, heart.
Llánale of silence for love.

My hands ... Give the experience of tenderness. That
forget the trigger and shot the garment
stolen, the traffic,
of the tailings dark under bridges.
Make them soft, Tenderness, and the little girls
not fear its shadow,
their closeness, their embrace. That
full ownership of the job.
What do art, guitar, dance,
posters, struggles for the man.

Heart, write your name, you plating.
Far in the distance I suppose.
My steps away from you.
In the yard of your delegations, I have space to keep you
but today I feel like a desolate neighborhood.

1986, Tijuana

* Welcome to the American Dream

Conflicts are not just for the issued decree.
"The Cold War is over '
is what now tell as they say:
" Assume: Not available. "

war loses its importance in the covers.
alarm not offer it on the radio.
television to forward a novel-pink-
very nakedness, with besarrocos
and horns and tears.

forget the war. That
perhaps alludes to those who do not suffer.
The war that is sinking into the twilight
its complex causes, effects,
pain and uncertainty. Refuse

your skin raw,
provide a noisy darkness that eats it. There ignore
quien produjo su llaga.

Y el papel a desempeñar con tal protagonismo
sea de aquel que siempre dijo: «Vencimos».
Tiró la piedra y escondió la mano.
The Cold War is over...

... pero, en El Salvador, hay miles de familias
guisadas en el trauma.
Ahora en la intemperie, sin hogar, friolentos.
Miles de bombardeos han forjado mutilados
y son quienes pululan en las calles con el odio asediante
ante Escuadrones de la Muerte.

Hay que eliminar la evidencia del cohecho.
Como hienas han de comer los cádáveres.
La guerra no se acaba donde existe.
Los asesinos que rematen el olvido.

From happy land are each other's
receive orders. Guess the future of many
and less: and there in the middle, young children.
are the future rebels.

transform them into criminals and invaders, because the nation come
that for decades and decades, said:
"I am freedom, I defense, I am
victorious America, your American Dream."

When they come and claim the sweet VISA
of joy, another war will
of not talking. The Cultural War
will be waiting. Tell

not abortion. Life is sacred. Say YES to
comfortable oblivion America.
Socialism is against life.
The left is the worst crime
among the bad crimes.
The drug addict is a criminal.
The homosexual is another, less bad.
Say No to the left. The Mara. The gang
. Not the Liberals.
No non-conformity of the teenager.
No to poverty.
not the Democrats, Government spending

and contempt for the employer never offered even if you offer
drugs, homosexuality,
whore, liquor, weapons,
misery. The past.
exploitation. The border
all its defects. 13/09/1986


Without expectancy values \u200b\u200b

One is necessity to the core.
long process comes from a multiplicity of things
encumbrancer, lies
oppression by consensus, supported

pain and unnecessary suffering.

You do not want to walk a knife edge, soul and body
submited to the swamp,
dualism. One is the fear and loneliness
are combined, one internalizes
the threat of hostile ghettos and urban

Change order of preferences is not simple
, who is in the middle monotony,
claiming that dominates the Pareto efficiency?
not stop mistrust and, instead, deep sympathy? 13/12/1998

* We are all immigrants

We are all immigrants, and everyday
cosmic fugitives for some time and space.
all a little beggars, all or just a little

We arrived at the home of the blame to the undocumented

cry "I do not deserve"
"not worthy"
"do not deserve."

Some were trapped in the barbed wire.
Dry in the desert, dead bodies stranded and hungry.
drowning in water, escapees from nowhere,
swallowed in the swirling dust and the siege. The

seduced by the look-out by counter.
A few were bitten by a dog dark green and yellow, or Julienne,
migration route to the Stygian
the Rio Grande or the Lake of Oblivion.

But we are all immigrants.
We will be forever, century after century, with a sense of self-reproach

and self-contempt.

"I do not deserve.
I did enough. Blame
fills my backpack. I
fugitive. "

With patterns of self-harm, all
all one, we stray /
border, this helpless.

definitely never fit, admitted
mature and perfect. 03/09/1984

* Foreign

my bones

How did reduced me to nothing
and me without being noticed as a foreigner in my own bones

How me exiled from my blood?
Why do they hate my shade
concrete and likeness of the world?

* Children

Since childhood I was told ...
sensual thought is blind,
crude, vile. They argued that my

inner self is an affront to lust.
That matter and mind are opposites. The existence
false material

Since then and depronto.
my premises materials are abominable.
Spirituals not want me at his side.

mass is temporary. I am a poor devil
finite energy.
The substance is the currency of the poor.
From the filthy and sensual. After

urge you to be and I must be dumb.
and lacks. real sense, only
are spiritual.
. My mouth
orange (but I should not bite the forbidden fruit).
why I am silent, speechless, breathless. 2-15-1983

hanged in Tijuana

All night I waited.
A park that the police has witnessed
disgust: I saw a few drunks, prostitutes, Transas
of all sizes and colors
and Jain, queen of my neighborhood,
went to Los Angeles.

A Dream of Hollywood's fall in love.
His heart was lost by this hoax
and so they turned to me, churuvuscos advantage.

La Pocha returned to the nest. Tijuana
not condemnation.
filthy and defeated, how nice!
accept it when he arrived. And waited

no way because we love
and hour by hour cost me
know what I learned: In prison
The Bureau became a suspense, a rope hung
and was dead.
And no one complained.
Not me. Nobody



A Tijuana a waitress

Ay, who loved to Hebe no apron, nectar served! Hebe
fully, and cosmic
and tired of the world fell on me, caught by its end, round,
and in Hector's, danced very at ease and so blush
was the best of many with his immigrant ancestry:
riots, debased by misunderstanding.

orbited my eyes, seeing her so soft, oh no
crossed, please!

* Tribute to Hebe

Here you can get thirsty
of ideals, the tired, hungry
-address-change and those fleeing
of revelry, ennui and shame, discouraged by so recholata
, awkward, vulgar and envilecente.

hungry Navegantes future,
know the dark night of the soul, compulsive
outsiders, stray
, despite their social affinity and compassion
group is quoted here.

nectar will be served the Diksha!
Here the amrit drink free for fun
continuous transition. Hebe
slid was invented.
spinal tunnels was devised. He stumbled to the disappointment

and distributed the delight of the cups


This is the logging.
rains here the pace on the wet street.
is lubricated a bit of culture.
are at risk of receiving on kundalini.

Anus in mole, atoms
pure oil on the surface of love and I can not! Fall
breech, get up and leave,
irato ab! It is alleged, however,
the misunderstood hebephrenia,
dementia praecox in puberty, the girl is
with many rascazones and martyrdom in vain!


Comecandelas, anarchists, deluded, immature
, quixotic, Chalao
-around chrome: come on time!
They are still dissatisfied with the courtesies,
unbelievers unconventional
barking up the tail biting fuss and orthodoxies,
here is the quote!

Come by their new sense of individuality.
If you are introspective
the new moon and are called apoptosis, bewildered, heboides,
dunces, Vitoc, idiots, mort,
enterao! - Hebe
invented the shaved coconut,
the disheveled,
the Piojera,
provocative poster,

She burned the bra and panties pulled
the dogs and eagles and voyeurs.
And he goes, he goes, he better
three cars and ten patches!
lives because no mea culpa, without complex
without embarrassment.
The scare is over.
fell not in vain!

José Clara and Ayats
-who is my friend in the marble-
shouted Vive Juventa and I with him, Pygmalion.
José Llimona solved the Grief
looking at the face of such a model nymphette.
I think the three
love it when he fell and how long is was dressed shortly
among the holy dirt from the behavior.

Finally, we enjoy shredded
vessels and Hebe that jumps, kicks
rants, and whose cause fluid flowed
of eternal youth at our feet,
washing ourselves with warm jelly vulva
celestial water and full moon.


lie that we enteomaníacos, vulgar
voyeuristic game, me and Cheos,
casters in pedophilia chisel!

were devas who gave us the Jnana

-inaccessible just a moment, a moment

and leave the microcosm,
dualistic and external
ie the little water these days without at least

toward poetry escape door of samadhi,
where Leda and the Swan
cock caught us.

Others blamed poor Hebe!
- What anarchic, what clumsy, how unwise,
what eccentric, what shameless, what hair!
The cups are divine, they complained,
Wine is ragweed, a thousand years aged,
drop by drop (and they do know?)

But we devoured by devas,
the wanted more, we discover,
we want it, the feel
in liquefied pearls
reefs and all
storm poles and so-so punk, so unpredictable
crates and pegs and adorable and glory made pendejera
moss and silt so sticky and ravines
of his small body of hidríade,
-knew their way
filly trot and their desire to fuck you for loving us.


do not know, I do not care, who cares?
was invented the accommodation prâna rheological
in our drinks ... Is what counts! Why
with no pole jump to the soul?
Rara avis in terris, caste Rajput, so
consummated without cartwheels
drums and swirling astral
of silly rants.

was the simple act to bring sudden
crouch panties in the ankle:
and what a masterpiece! when
cymbals made a scramble with my breath and invented the dishonest

And the chorus of frogs, red snapper and snapper
("comedians" of the Agora, as Nietzsche called them)
saw her navel and said
"Yuck!" And without spine
prosudos balls were made in view of the coccyx,
to the revelation of his magnum boring.

This is the natural turbulence of 50 billion
basic instincts. The poor little hypothalamus
crossing himself among them, asked:
"it is replaced immediately, cover your endija
, Tapade your nalgatorio!"

And herds of Ganymede
sadhana offered the job and he was by
cups of any potion, bitter pill ... Vitatron
as Zeus did with the ego,
-because the show must go on!

Then, the Whale
Gurudev was filled and the lotus flower on the tiles shattered
and being all-loving and mundarros
utensils cautious and moral codes and gestures
sighted, wore a greatcoat Hebe the poor fakirs
and presented him
loincloth and offered their veils
prudish and some veterans began a prayer
in overtime and that was when we said
- We fucked up!

Supposedly his brother, he argued:
"Come to carve, help me in or out" of shrutis
and verbalized his hatred of the pudenda.

we saw was the hottest eye burner and guessed the katutsha
in the middle of the eyebrows
and that was that pubic hairs Hebe
horizons seemed like spiders planes and flew to the roof and his tamale
revealed its double cake hazteallá
and complained: What extravagance!
and that her clitoris was
beetle size (how to suck meaty private hesperidium
and buttocks, two jewels, duplicated desire to chintamani
(how beautiful! ... Do me a favor - I'm taking)
and Richis purged the turnip
as workers filled lung troubles came when
and had hardly been
and chelas, bebechelas as Dukes,
replaced by chicory
the amrita and the
night spewed out by accusing the unfading flower
when Hebe put couple,
inventing, finally, that the race


So, so out of hand, it was his
Diksha (and ours). He wanted to go alone. Exit
the invisible eye of the corner. Verse
waived these hogs to whom kama
night Whale was disappointed.
But, "I say
Hebe was the best of thousands of times:
lightning in the womb of the world.

Removed apron and
was naked and threw the cup of Olympus on the shoulder and fell plump as
jar OM
floating with grace and
arrenja between waves and lotus in the mud or water lily quilt
on foam. What lunar
entertainment, what wahine! Hebe
crossed to the output of the bathrooms
because his father was crushed like a butterfly
and said, voice like thunder,
- No good for nothing, girl!


This is the path to renewed Hebe. Follow it
who hears the primal sound that she relies
who likes their feet will be refreshed by the spontaneous vineyard
rate of the lira.

Here is the quote and come all, except
the Fool saturnine precautions,
the despot, the wiseacre infallible bull
with brain and privileges of Pope ...

(Just existing in the revelry of artha),
not come here or bring them to the greedy
, quemón satisfied, or the Verists
academic employees without AUM, or the cobblers
of possibilities Random
or the Puritans, singers

That better come with dirty feet
because here, where Hebe is, the supernéctar is water

and song torrents,
tumble of waves splash
Rock, verse of cold rain,
continuous spill, baptism pool and amphora
verses of prophecy
blood and life,
ritmazo of piss, cum shot.

Best of broth, saliva, sweat
, adrenaline
rain on the body and from the body and the spring will
hand and foot after

maidens and the nymph will
towards the male that loves and understands.

Here it is watered, Youth, and with it
Nymphs and Venus brings the handle shattered. Juventa
rebels against tadpoles and guabinas;
but some, immersed in joy for their cause
and, shock of his regazón,
in place, full of hair and vibrates,

will cut its path.
with her and for her, long the tube, the gut
the chaos,
to wherever you place your shit.
She sure is ambrosia for those who listen
Apollo's lyre and singing

With it, we like her!
young, challenging, energetic, unpredictable,
proud, candidates for other offices, places and science, where love drives
hair and hangs from the star,
and danced well with the Muses and
hours and go to the islands
delighted in the interest of females of the seas and we

La Ballena - dismissed!
but full of future and dignity. 09/01/1993

* Hebe without apron

gravitating space, sucking potential, Hebe
spill down the magna of the soles. Lee
step of collapsing stars.
enough to set his eyes on mine ... Cows

dancing in heaven!
many there are! Hebe is. Serve
huge plate of seafood,
lands on the simple reason: I love her. The little gods are

diners and divine eyes, to eat it. Hebe

curve is lobster tail and clean
scales and pulpezas;
obviously more water than serpentine.

* Frustration

murderer The murderer broke his will and only spit, burp
hoarsely. Shudders because something falls
that's not it. Expired without knowing what predators,
if it's me or him, or if his stroke.

is no longer happy that his killing is sad
is not just instinct or habit
asleep in their engrams. 9-16-1990

Prosopopeya of

Judgement Judgement Prosopeya
ripened grapes and lobster with a human face. The horse is quick
with glue and snapdragons
and hail, and the voice of the Seventh Angel scream
to the 'what' of each work
and before the "how" of everyday life: It is done

Great Winery
anger and anguish is neither was nor will
anywhere, not seen, but its imminent bankruptcy
mule kick the shins of the Great Cover-Up.

The red horse takes peace to the world by announcing
run and boasts a gallop.
With nowhere, everyone moves to the extreme possibility

Sein-zum-Tode, be-a-death!
Blessed is he who reads and hears the words of this prophecy

on the Dark Night and the root of all possibility, the same Nothing!

His rider brings death.
Announces Fourth seal
ontic-ontological primacy of Dasein and conviction
to this rejection of any original question.

What about the self and its pastor
and dying, possible imposibililidad of existence,
what about what is in the light
and shows itself as an entity,
and events than ever are appearance, although it
, Life-Thing, the patenting
as part of the phenomenon,
what happens pussies, apocalyptic Juan?

Only where there is death there is resurrection
and only by killing
appearances and removed it uncovers the deception of the notice.
Behold the faithful and true that judges,
well the smoke obscured,
the great whore, look at it, black grape, coconut
dry, fallen angel, whom
with sickle reap ...

Oh, by the VendeSIDA among the blessed!
oh, by the old closed, frigid bitch, oh aspérmicos
by neo-Nazis of the erotic,
who are her lovers, and accomplices plutocrats Jerry Falwell type
Donald Wildmon, Pat Buchanan,
alas, you , police from the real thing!
oh, by the vulgar fat, ghetto cartridge, Roxanne
the TV screen,
Luna, the radio
ay, ay
shit made by the mediocre standards, distances and Medani
ay, by Mother blasphemous
that solidifies the daily flight
and fun to be in habitual
to avoid the first resurrection of the word originating
and ask
chosen and win without getting lost in the property and false impropriety,
ay, by advertising and forgetting.
Oh, the Decker!

Son of Man, sent by Ira Winery,
comes, I know-in-the-world, your ecstasy landmark. Let go of the clamor
coming from other
and yet, on itself and against itself,
nothing to report or state or provide for alleged
than silence and speaks of unrest.
Get off the call, annoying. Lack
making a clamant in your size!

Where is that absent, fuck, no idiocy
decorated and unadorned
that brave? A redeemer, which nobody expected, because a thief

hierarchy in impasses
of feeling without understanding
and escapism with pride. That hermit


feels and understands and
mogrollos hates that leaps and dances without dance!

Where, where is he, that no one contemplates

for leaving the scene of this cutie hollow
a crazy and silly supported by queers,
advertisers, cholos and skinheads, and billetudos
nacos, democratizing access
prosudos ?

Where do you keep your booty
the discoverer of local innerworldly
where I discovered
perseveres against the advice and disfigurement?

That turn like a top, which rotates the shaft
of cosmic evolution with anthropogenic
want to kill and die
and awaken Kundalini, if you can, and maybe
a virgin ovulante
survive and there is a foundational
essence of possibility, freedom ...
that stay open in the uterus.

That comes as a lever of Archimedes, the wand
brand devil faludo Priapus,
Mosaic snakes swallowing and blood stained the waters of intrigue and power, cruelty
pompous honey and megalomania.

the coming of the blowfly and the spoiler. That begins to deflower
to be rather puny
Cosmopolitan girl without your patch.
to be over once the romance of greatcoat

and theology
lust that lurks in Puritan values.

him come the break-corners, no charges
with fleas pockets with teeth
and get between the legs of the tramps
contentoñas. Take That
by Cristina Saralegui and Ophra

the coming of the Great Verdugo
the multiseriate rays and clown bullanga of both cultural. Descend
dog bites scabies.
Go near the Omega Point, vulva in,
for this ordeal pruritus. The old rough
are papando flies.
Trong consecrate their images cosiéndose
tits and healing Teflon
terror with yocol purgative and cat's claw.

telenovelas in roses,
have to dig their graves
and agonizing life with eyes looking bald
to Guicho Dominguez and Veronica Castro
nonsense of many letters and chapters sofaldares
and horns
and besarracos
and short skirts tears ...

Will they, someday, this circus stars
of futility, this mirror
that wears the trouser and the anti-hero,

corner philosophers and writers of Campbell's soup and theater
Proctor & Gamble
a lack of understanding of his tools at hand?

have to be a dog muzzle,
a beast with a nose for barking
understand and feel for biting behavior in the open shelf
to the authorities ...

No. No. It can be a hyena!
Baja, hyena. Let see, demon!
Watch these clowns off the streets believing
have a heart under clothing Guanga
and two balls of granite and drums are pure gesture
and twisted gesture bell ringing
not without song, without design. Coquettish
skinhead, neo-big mouths, asymmetric
hive beetles,
see what will come! Established

is the promise, coram Populo.
If the statement represents the thing as it is
and into the patent as such behaves Dasein,
will we believe them?

So lick it with your tongue scraping, uncover,
amid these behaviors designed fake!
showing the golden copper and Thalia
Parisian racecourse and whinny like a donkey on the hay and happy
Marys in the stables!

whether you have tattoos or earrings
your ass in the bowels, black nails and hooves!
you more than enough bite fangs
and smell to uncover
agreed by his accomplices ...

Find them wherever they get
because they are more cowardly than vermin.
disrupts the illusions of metaphysics.
Descodíficalos and see that Mr. Nobody
built them hiding in the slum
as in halls with tinsel:
Kick, my daughter, Karate Kid viciously
insúltalos with calls from Pacific Bell
apendéjalos tenderly sends Downy
Rambo and since Total Recall,
to Ninja Turtles and Vomiting Vipers
and appear in person each puppet of smoke and each whelp
virtuality crazy.

Have fun with rap and radio-Bemba, yes, but ...
atosígalos with Rush Limbaugh or the Rancho Pancho.
and dead at the Winery of Your Wrath!

I'm in the lurch from exile Patuco
with Mass and mercy.
it serve as a prelude and welcome
to the saddle to be cast as an ox
come loose and well licked
where no one calls it,
everyday mode of solute.

I am among Rajputs
Los Angeles on the day they are unleashed heavy rains. Old
hyena, I imagine, you
urine on the crania of this ball egomaniac
of Brahmins and thirty-six castes
brazen -pro domo sua-
promiscuous with the Raja Raja
on sambhoga Kaya!

Pour the avalanche,
sepúltalos between moss and mud. He died
Sharon Tate, Vietnam welcomes
forgiveness, green flower,
no napalm, no My Lai,
smoke marijuana, Op-Art beatnik
and singing ... Bid

hail, the angel of the seventh bowl
or the seventh trumpet or the seventh Sabbath:
because love does not understand the pain is not love
and where there is no intelligence
astonishment and agreed not it can be understood
as experience or as a feeling.

deck I am among mystics and tambourine. I hear
read the palms of the occult
and consult oracles. Walter Mercado
deify them tattoos
Jungian unconscious, from lines of psychism
and covens of nerd
Sibylline oracles and the anus.

These charlatans go to the temple
of that permitted for use in each case
and internal
erranza open the plant in the shade as light and truth as
(of course, profit collected).

Where is the rejecters with his knife
and wild choke with his hands?
the agreement must be silent Intellectus
of another swing of the shortage
and other not-yet, full of anger

and possibility and ensures

and outbid.

Here, in this democracy dominguera,
techno-drone that idiot with the band
sinister and Los Machos
Sonora Show at the right hand ...
Cállalos, speculators, Patarata, but die
quebraditas ears!

For otorrhagia grudge, murder and Locomía
General, Chalino Sanchez and Gerardo,
these reckless, these neighborhood's boys, these dictators
Mafia label
between sunfish, all with
voices and folk Rascuache sosera sold, a helter skelter. That syringe

monkeys and frogs,
flies and bacteria, macarena:
and piltra chala to the humming of
guttural and low-cut green eyes and fly
and brash voice
latrine bronquez and singing.

can not escape the history that reviene deyectándose

The club comes with a prophet for season
effective with today's date and the vital connection as clear yet,
breaks up the action associated with their cups of destination, but not sing
victory which speaks of death past and revokes
which impacts on today, full of fear.

Do not brag that
preaches progress and the reply of possibility. There is a destiny
and Dasein itself inflamed.

* Fascination in the shadows

In the suburb, the blue surf as blood.
At its root axis, what good is broken!
And the shadows are the sky that turns
between galaxies and being possessed
goes with them, his dagger
penumbrasde inflamed.
And the fifth heaven is dreaming again
with crime and terror.


* Denied

Tula was the true

lifted her blouse because she was crying. She sought the Tula
A place without hunger and grief.
A paradise with theirs, not traitors.

pochteca But was there. He sold

slouch after coyote through the mountains,
paths with the path of mockery.

Calmécac In the house, the setting of the atlatl
gave his stroke. Fayuquero
A Kaffir, for money, delivery.
The stole. Left her alone.
gave it a wild dark forest, no patrols.

A Mexican migration, lustfully
started sucking his skin like a fruit.
And the blouse fell to disgrace and dust
born a beetle.

Calmécac In the house, his blood draws
Under the soil of a buried yard. Now we do up
maceguales sings.

A hoe on his shoulder cries blood.
And in the land where virgin calaca
will go dry, and nobody is hungry or excited
or distress
paradise with yours: forget it!

1986. Tijuana

* Morning

I saw it as a click and destrampada
fire ant discard. Sun was a crumb that was struggling
, craving a bite of the world,
arising from friction and
stones and mud of the streets and your potholes, Tijuana. He

face dawns and lightning, water
transparent, liquid and air voices, figures
indoors or vast oceans no origin.

For some reason the dark said:
I open my eyes, smile, give me the taste of the Infinite
. I am the dawn. I love pop
as other sky.


* Kitchens sidereal

Jug in hand, Hebe wells will inscrutable
than I want to drink.

sidereal kitchen comes and brings delicacies
that shakily, play on her nipples.
I love your step, your Halder.

So I hope the account
with blue skies.
has wings, insurance, and fire
because his hand is called.


Nectar The Hector's

Ay, who loved to Hebe no apron, nectar served! Hebe
fully, and cosmic
and tired of the world fell on me, caught by its end, round,
and in Hector's, danced very at ease and so blush
was the best of many with his immigrant ancestry:
riots, debased by misunderstanding.

orbited my eyes, seeing her so soft, oh no
crossed, please! *

The migrant
The migrant dreamed
words (which are Chavasco, kindling the mount of the Urania),
the worker who lives in the chincual
confessed and wanted voices of sugar, although brown is
skin from the sun and taste the chincaca and ratatouille,
the secret that he found at the stone
and that she became dense as the muscle
speech and teotl. And

exploded deep history and he became entangled
coral, calcareous skeleton
and did not find the thickness of the rivers.
not see more than death in the deserts.

fluidezde did not see the
radionuclides that are in the jungle or the explosion of marvelous light.
How sad is light shade and dryness!
The crusade to Urania as ungenerous. 01/09/1980


The jumped to his wound

One day he came to North and goals.
had to hide his head Yucatan.
hid a knife that gave
in Tijuana under a Guanga clothes.

hid his frustration of being a crackpot, laborer
no job, no diploma, no land, with none
to reclaim the bones
living with the fatigue of his years,
was old, not old, just adult Tiliche
solely Existential: biology. It also emerged

human. "The need" it said.
He wanted to be productive, even lacking any.
Without desestrezas. He did everything he could:
wash bottles, upload here or there
heavy loads, repairing fences.

And it came to Tijuana, heading north.
struggled with guilt, all hungry. There was nobody.
Like a dog, as an orphan and helpless
, inexcusable for hours.
And misery. "It is the need," he said.

future Ignorant, ignorant of the past,
jumped the fence, the fence wall at the border
, so he did, and would, he thought
the other side, everything will be safe.

it work with what you know, delve into jars
washing bottles, collect garbage, recycling waste

and jumped, hurting hands
light of the moon and jumped up and opened the sapwood
old started bleeding gash. And helicopters
light her agony.

They put a huge lantern
for identification. He saw so much light that
thought in another world, in heaven. Moriah.
"It is the need", his last word. 06/08/1984



hard work has always been the shadow of the Gringo
of 1848 as closely
so deep, it is he who sets limits or move or steal
He did come and comb the monkey.
is that we give the bare earth
for him to cuddle and take.
The other was with us / the Valley of Tijuana /
their border and took the train
like a huge row of cars
for peace and let us take the war and these flows

migration that got in Tijuana
rebound learned the hard task is
them to fuck with your Mauser.

* Goodbye, country

A community was what I wanted:
family, siblings, neighbors, friends,
little place I call home,
cry softly habitat that
my landscape, niche my, ecology of my eyes,
intimate proximity with echoes.

The day arrived.
In some ways, unexpected. In the community
goodbyes left with fragmentary.
exile kidnapped me, I blackmailed
causality of the powerful.

And auditors are empires,
strangers, impersonators, manufacturers, dealers. Banks
transnational, globalizing spawn. Misery
reinvented, unemployment, betrayal.

universal She laughed with sarcasm
and history, with its construction of privilege.
They said: Our country is the nation borincano.

was not little what I wanted
and still look within myself;
but it is not the same, the country is not the community
intimate, nostalgic,
that stayed with me.

Today is the nation (yes, the nation, the new idea with their insults)
sewn quilt, neutral and secular conspiracy

me away and I divided into kingdoms, with flags and deceptions
stellate. 2-18-2000


who was found at the edge of their own resistance towards the North, in a cell of the Immigration Service and Border Patrol Nobody

me observe.
Leave it back, thus hiding.
Do not want to mourn or speak my stuff.
A state of emergency is mine.

Nobody touch me or ask.
not offer me a hug none.
Thanks. I have my own cigarettes.
And, at heart, a heartache Mirages

I hit rock bottom. A moment
and untied this gap and if I survive
is another chance to which I can not
not even know how to stop it.

That something new to happen, not here
with so many sad eyes and tears of the stranger.
do not know what is, or is inevitable.

the coming of the new birth when it is
on the street, not in this fucking cell
no damn well in this shelter.

hope, even without reliance on
to this trip, I hope, will
some daring rescue. I hope, pain,
the cycle again. I hope and I can not do anything.

The Hot Water morrita

There in the Fast Track Poniente.y
Boulevard Paseo de los Heroes Zona Rio, the
's Poket Pool tempt everyone. So the deputy police
the eye candy with Susy, the morra. There is
appointment. "My Susie, my buttocks,
my pants!"

He casts an eye of water to the hot spring
. It spreads to the eye of the cocoon.
It comes and goes for the pleasure of seeing.
He is married and is not as pitofácil
to deceive their Norsa; but we're talking about hot sulfur
thin strand, rich buttock mulle the foot of the mountains.

La Morra is revived for Hoffman relatives, medical
gringo and the first one, at times,
vivieta if half a century before the creek area of \u200b\u200bthe palms
progress came,
with billiards and cars and prohkibiciones
and surprised that it was he who comb the changuitos
to give the Indians
and blue eyes to his relatives.

She is one with the blood of David, the sulfuric
hoffman, and is so beautiful
itchy goat / rears who refuses
this morra who wants it more pissed
and women when they are jealous.

For anger, the deputy head veil.
He looks too much and gets jealous when she plays pool
ignoring him and licks
Heel and play with balls and payasea
so maliciously with the Poket jariosos.

There, on the Boulevard de la Zona Rio,
pulled the deputy shot and Norsa
said fault

sulfurous hot water that permeates the guerita sweat,
antics every time he bends down and
shows his shorts so perfect and desired. Rehearse

gadgets are filigrianas farts fatal
and bury in holes
balls right where they ...


had an alley in the whole of this journey

Before, proto-miserable Avenida Revolucion,
were the first hint of the alphabet,
a street, a simple route to

whom Madero and his people
or another on lover of strife and constitutional suffragists

changed the name to be mocked
the essence of this rich word,
Revolució. People in your street
no matter the course of that history and the struggle
; you no good even for a
sign that says "Divert" or deserved a red light.
You were a street without prestige and Francisco Madero
a pompous troublemaker, some among his people came to sell that

ghost of bourgeois democracy, humbug pinchi
of hustlers, their choices. Of course the Porfiriato
is dictatorship, but dictatorship

exist while enduring poverty, that is the choice
that matters, to stop fucking
be the same,
that the government does not create or erect
parties or their
designated streets or will change their name to hurt more than anything happens
essence of change is another pothole.


When you were honest

Ricardo Flores Magon

You were more honest, Tijuana,
a street as one that Madero was twisted when attempting

prestige with this phantasmagoria
called Revolution Avenue.
Sentent years after the Revolution
useless because of the PRI, 70 years or more say after
and nobody remembers
liberal people (those who came down North
with the insignia of PLM, and were
anarchists, socialists and cucapás
Californios, Indians joined with people
Mago fell from Los Angeles,
passed and came to Mexicali to Tijuana.
When you were born, Tijuana,
honest with modernity
your period of childbirth, wanted to be an independent republic
anything resembling a policy known
bastards, nothing like the old ranches
José María Echeandía
to Santiago Arguello, nothing like the
or nationalistic zeal
triunrfantes heirs, the PRI. *

The Revu

to the Revue, and frequent visitor, I know
more vile and anti-revolutionary
than anything else. Tourism still haunts her like a whore
. Throughout her waist,
profiles you see, wants the world to be killed
the cochineal, enjoy
before sucking hard headlights.

why have so many bars and clubs, tables
centers and clubs
dances (and why not?
craft shops and all commercial turning
crime and trades, announced with many colors and ridiculous
) .

And it always was. Ruca
As a flirt.
As an offer of Twenty
a dry throat dipsomaniac gringo. As avid
brothel for which you want to waste
anxiety, pleasure fists fact,
horse racing, dogs, balls, soccer kicks
or bull fighting.

Tijuana and Revo are meat
soul and the same thing, gambling and enpiernadas
rushed, sulfur delights
more than just hot springs, of course.
because of something at its best
presented himself among the elite and biggest stars of the colonies

* Requiem 1910 Revolution

A Social Revolution first

not believe Mariano Escobedo, that democracy, even the apparent
votes and succession,
born without a people that understand
and say, 'This is yours. Mine. Of all. "

not believe it, Pedro Valdés. Justice not bring the gun
patriotic soldier, or the dreamer without people.
not believe it, Lorenzo Hernandez, Javier Espino,
Miguel Negrete, Manuel Carreon,
Francisco Nava, José del Río. Pull the Porfiriato

, sink the dictatorship, 30 years
debasement, is awakening the hungry,
worth adding it to bread every morning.

None of you revolutionaries desire for change,
can go alone with his small group of elite soldiers,
with consensus of honor, even elitist, and say a million
Porfirio is bad, that
freedom is guaranteed or
future when brave smiles, adrenaline uniform.

not enough to say that the dictatorship of the collective humiliation
great, divine Mexico, the homeland.
Without the people's triumphs last as the wind.
effective suffrage is empty voice.

Madero flees to Paris and the tail of all
lies between the legs
and "No Reelection" becomes spurious
but come the win / ghost passenger /
after 30 years of vile grasping and Diaz at the helm.

is not merely a matter of creating a device
elections, technically, called "Democracy."
is that there are snakes that hang from Madero
and land are licking and biting the trunk and ground
and trunk are again Porfiriato
agendas of evil and charming that send
their snakes and there are white, Anglophile,
as Henry Lane Wilson and
there are dark and mottled, like the Old Snake
of the bourgeoisie, the same Porfiriato.

And see how it falls
elected President and Vice President Pino, killed two years
boast all:
"democracy came, Mexicans. Come and applaud
come and drive out alive. "

not believe it: an election is as fragile
there. One theory is nothing without people hard.
Dictators again before a sleepy town,
the victorious gardens are flares,
deceptive illusions. Do

to run, then, brave people.
him go with his master who is called the eagle
North, but in the South, Zapata
care and in the north, Pancho Villa
discipline is another beast, adrenaline bad
siquitrillado populism spurs, drunkenness
and cartridge
everywhere and sex and robbery, effrontery.

Take care, yeah, and beware of it even if in the mouth
justice reform, land
country, demagoguery is not yet sifted in sieves
neat spirit,

liberal constitutionalism, yes, there
beware that the power elite villas known as nominal
perhaps worse than Villa and Zapata.

Venustiano Come and see the eyes,
tell me what you see in your Carranza, Obregón
looks, its people and tell me if there is something different
men who conspired to Porfiriato
with their weapons from Mariano Escobedo
are coup of '79, rivals
of Carreon, Negrete, Nava and Rio. Listen

everyone is talking about
liberal rights and civil laws, labor, progressive
and arrive at the gates of the beasts in the Garden
-Patria, with mouths
false claim that hissing ...

«Que la nación se encauce por los senderos de paz»,
y él mismo, Venustiano en la huerta es
la piedra de tropiezo; la Paz es su pretexto
de atentados, impracticable senda
y él, personero del acoso
y las traiciones.

Asesinados Gustavo Adolfo Madero,
Adolfo Bassó Bertoliat
Francisco I. Madero,
José María Pino Suárez,
Abraham González, Edmundo Pastelín,
Adolfo Gorrión, Serapio Rendón,
Belisario Domínguez Palencia.
Ahí los tienes, México, tus patriotas caídos
por un poco del trámite burocrático
del presumirse vanamente
Libre, Liberal, Modern.

And the worst is yet to be seen.
Now I am: I speak on behalf of Carranza
much blood is needed even to request payment
on behalf of the General. Many rebels

more to say that the Social revolution is and must be
the first century, larger and several
that of the Bolsheviks and the Red Scare,

Give me a million Mexicans, I want them dead
Madero name. Give them
on behalf of the marginalized classes
now that Diaz is gone and in days of famine and left the pots
León de la Barra. That

Emiliano, with your shoes, stay calm,
to keep at bay / Pascual Orozco.
Be told the National Catholic Party
what fucking hell do you want
or take them prisoners, they do not exist, or that
San Juan de Ulua
go as captives. Let me tell

William Howard Taft and Woodrow Wilson
which side they are located, whether or not
bless democracy, you are told to John Lind,
güerejo intrusive, more recipes that do not give false
neutrality. I better sell weapons, the Revolution
want them.
no longer be appropriate not to stop the blood.

sell weapons to Huerta and North Eagle Marine held
Veracruz, Mexico Homeland mocked.
What you say, Mexico, where loyalties are
the friend, then give me the Constitutionalist cause

your rebels, your martyrs
because we are alone and Pablo González Garza
in the Northwest come alive
penalty and Villa, North uneasy as jackal
not place or the gringo or the alza'o under his command.

Obregon in northwest passing through the horrors
and few federal
resistance lines are already bowing. That Villa is decreasing and has taken
Chihuahua, Coahuila and Zacatecas
- Rodolfo Fierro is a wolf in Torreon and heat
of war which makes the wind to Juarez.

is they want your blood, Pueblo, like soup. Dale
then three cups. That's what they want. Dales
a million dead to wash
Plan and the Civil Pact, give me a decimated South
now that there Zapata dissolve these federal
the ever Porfirists, scourge of my sentence.

Tell the ABC. Announce multinational conferences,
in Niagara Falls, in the face of yankee:
"The Eagle of the North hardly agrees with Carranza
and are uncompromising and jealous."

Give me a million dead. Go and occupy
temples, seize priests, asked half a million
pesos to the archbishops,
spit on foreigners, betray you
Mexico. Said Rafael Ceniceros,
old Catholic party spokesman I am
the Leviathan. Carranza is allied to the devil
of Death and Obregon is the thief of the Ring
Pastoral del Obispo.

elites are sweeping the streets of the Church,
servants of the Virgin Guadalupe,
are closing schools, burning confessionals
the only lie to Venustiano
and masons call Dirty Jobs
Obregon and Plutarco Elias Calles.

not believe it, Mexican Village. On behalf
of Christ the King, Your Revolution is in the
hands of the Vatican, foreigners, the mafia
of dark rooms. The constitution
we dream of being adulterated with blackmail
and need help: Dame half a million dead, give me
martyrs, whatever your party,
Villistas, or people of Emiliano. Nobody can
alone with this burden,
your revolution, Mexico's future.

Porfiriato To shoot, corrupting the Church, its rich
boards, I need
Villa, Zapata, Carranza, Obregón
(but faithful, loyal, not every dog \u200b\u200bwith his bone
; together to scratch our flea
case is the only wealth we have),
addition to blood and shame little solidarity.
gimme, gimme, give me a million dead. Seme
faithful, Zapata, because if you do not obey
murderer. Command to kill you if you fail
by the Plan de Ayala, I am the Revolution,
Villa, Zapata, ambush I know, I know how to use chiefs
I founded the Death Chinameca Finance,
of Morelos, because I I want a million dead,
I, Carranza, Obregón
who made the best of my warriors, but who know
who is ambitious, loves power more than Porfirio
(he wants the election, but is at a disadvantage).

's not true, listen for the Boca de Carranza:
Effective Suffrage, shameless ploy.
Give me a million deaths before a Catholic
Álvaro come and kill, before the Cristeros
steal your Constitution, the people of martyrs.
We're doing a crappy
something pure and must be given the value of our lives,
blood, much blood, so that
general fear of betrayal.

Listen, Cárdenas del Río,
Abelardo, scoundrel, traitor,
Manuel Avila, son of the scam,
Elia Street, listen:
give me half a million dead and distrust

gringo and new landowners.


A prayer for Tijuana

"With leather yellow throats feet / I'll step praising the sun with great love of Nahuatl. With profound patience soft / feathered serpent go inside the kingdom in ' Rafael Catalá, Cuban poet

decay Not Your pleasure and mine.
pray for our Libido (in) munda
even against the black legend of satisfaction. Ours are
baroque as the picture to see
Maharajas of India
practicing coitus interruptus
with some artificial akula Kulada.
Clark Gable, do not go if you've been. Stay
. Douglas Fairbanks, father and son,
pray for us.
Jean Harlow, rejoicing takes
our hotal, even the least expensive
in Agua Caliente.
Tarzan movies, swing from vines like a monkey
lost-River Area.
Johnny Weissmuller, pick confessed
and the Marx Brothers
bless us with their testimonies, but Marxism.

Jimmy Durante, pray for us.
Buster Keaton, we do not lie the Mauser.
We are also human, if less colorful
Clarita and Bing Crosby. Pray

for us, Buster Crabbe.
We like the merchandise and that continually turn to San Diego
even if they sell more expensive.
Dick Powell, tell us in English from young children.
'll show you the best of
Boulevard and Tower puliremos
Tijuana and appear in the mouth and stomach of the whale itself
and we will bring you crawl .. That
abroad to come here,
if he went to Selva Cuernavaca congalera
or The City Club Foreign
Here is staffed, better be
and learn, are taught to grab the dead rooster. Alessio Lupita
, pray for us and relive
to Thrace and cíngatelos Bithynians
all, coke in the Asian coasts of the Black Sea
your pubes, tired and surprised cágelos
your ffurores vaginarops. Hopefully in Pontus
do delight your Peinado
Chango and the sea of \u200b\u200bMarmara, the founder gargle with phalluses
sacrilegious, Old Argüello, and the champion, Bachelor
Olvera, he ended up screwing us ...

But pray for us to many risks and hazards, whether natural ones in Tijuana
know ...
flooding, landslides, mudslides colonies verija
to wash the mountains and earthquakes as Silvia
La Chiva of "Big Brother."
Cuídanos, Santa Sasha, Queen of the files, Lopez For women
Slavic states in the yoke of Tijuana, Alexandra Acimovic, Popovic
Otay Mesa in the Nido de las Aguilas.

enmpobrecidos For the Arroyo del Florido, Lomas
Friendship and Canyon Carts / Delegation
of San Antonio de los Buenos /,
Divine Providence, send us Hope.
Protect the peddler, the worker who pulled
bushes, to Tijuana, too.
Cary Grant, pray for us,
Mae West, and advertised Apiata
our stories in "The Hip Flipper" and "Tijuanas Bibles. " John L.
Sullivan, pray for us.
Max Baer, \u200b\u200bpray for us. Make us sensualones
scenarios worthy
Wesley Morse's Copacabana nymphettes.
it be said in heaven and on earth
"She Will Be Coming Around the Mountain"
and make love for Popeye, make us pure nerds
'& Bolochy Bill, coozing around the World
In The Height of Stinginess. "

Betty Boop, pray for us.
Winnie Winkle, the democracy advocates
scammers because despite all hate Hitler and Mussolini
(we like the turnip) and we love the American GI's
because we bring the potato and staff mementos.
Pray for us, Mr.Dyslexic,
father of three prostitutes. Winston Churchill,
"Our Ma ', come to Tijuana, it's your Rammit Home
and your board, brings Terry & the Pirates.
a solid cabrfones to Zatara and Lil Abner
and we long for in compinchazgo
The Tijuana Memorial Orgy.

Little Evie, pray for us.
Betty Boobs, grant us grace,
Buck Rogers,
sexual acrobatics and "joint action with" suméjete in hot water.
Blondey & Dagwood, give us the experience
to see you in the Revo,
Forced to fuck for your pet pooch's Enjoyment ...

In Playas de Rosarito, speech
curse of narco-corridos as a perverse soar
copies of criminal violence, inhuman massacres
... "Look
tempting to juniors / hoses" but ...
pray Governor López Valdez,
Sinaloa and to your home in Baja California
that, for the sake of progress, or in bars, taverns, nightclubs
and ballrooms;
delete the pistedas, not censure those who
Raffle sing music / the band
and not remove the mystery of the jargon or the cache

burrabulario that if it is difficult to understand for most, not a vice
.. No one kills.

pray for the pretty girls of the hoses.
Come with me, Poire, in my prayer
as there is no apology for any offense.
This is a cultural struggle that only the murderer scolds
uncensored art.
seam below the kidnappers, who extorts
and deals, but blessed
who protects the tourist to visit Tijuana
and who consume this wealth as offered
baroque of La Baja,
Your pleasure, Tijuana,
our Libido (in ) munda.

Index: Tijuana: Pain of childbirth

* * ____

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