Monday, May 23, 2011

Vagına Haır Models


written and directed by Lee Jung-Hyang .
Country: South Korea .
Year: 2002 .
Duration: 87 min .
Cast: Yoo Seung-Ho (Sang Woo), Kim Ul-Boon (Grandmother), Dong Hyo-Hee (Mother), Min Kyung-Hoon (Cheol-E), Yim Eun-Kyung (Hae-Yeon).
Production: Woo-Hyun Whang and Jae-Woo Wang.
Music: Kim Hae-Hong and Kim Yang-Hee .
Photo: Yoon Hong-Shik.
Art Direction: JEOM-Hee Shin .

Sang-Woo is a willful child of seven years which should move in with his grandmother moved into the South Korean province rudimentary, and that his mother must work in Seoul. Before the change of environment, his wayward character makes your stay an act of rebellion faced by his grandmother with incontestable tolerant brotherly love and unflappable patience. "All Roads Lead to Home" is a simple exercise of narrative filmmaking by Jeong-Hyang Lee, whose brevity does not prevent to make this film a solid piece of dramatic strength by advocating a rapprochement between two irreconcilable worlds first instance and that, ultimately, find a point of indissoluble union. The small Sang-Woo, accustomed to urban amenities, do not understand how his grandmother can live without electricity or running water. He finds it unthinkable that rural universe given to contemplation and rooted in ancient traditions which can not even get batteries for your game. Obnoxious at times, the child learns to understand the enforced silence of his grandmother in a process by which the 70 years that separate them do not seem an insurmountable obstacle, to prevail in this particular relationship the amiable virtue of humility and the importance of family ties as irreplaceable quality training.


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