Monday, May 16, 2011

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is difficult to describe in brief, the majesty of a town as beautiful as it is Comillas. Located in the province of Cantabria, stands out as the leading exponent of modernism and left their mark such important architects as Gaudí, Josep Domenech I Montaner Limona or. A curious fact is that Comillas was the first English city where street lighting was installed in the year 1881, which gives an indication of the importance of this town at that time. Was declared a Historical quotes in 1985 and among the most important buildings that we're in a tour of its streets include the Town Hall which dates from 1780, the Folly of Gaudi built between 1,883 and 1,885, the palace built by Sobrellano Joan Martorell year 1888, the Church of San Cristobal Baroque building of the year 1640, the cemetery where the sculpture The Exterminating Angel Josep Limona, the Pontifical University at the top of the work of Joan Martorell Cardosa. We could go on outlining many more buildings and houses, home to Indians or fishing harbor. It is without doubt a place to walk around it with patience and enjoy the extraordinary beauty.


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