Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Auspicious Dates Dec 2010 For Griha Pravesh


Asturian Legend has it during the first century BC the Roman general Titus Carissio was responsible for subjecting the Asturian tribes. The Roman troops had reached the banks of the River Narcea, the campaign was tough, Asturias was a region not known, with dense beech forests, craggy mountains, rivers ... a climate that were not used and last but not least, bears, wolves, and astures fearsome warriors. They camped near these forests, where would head east, towards the river Nalón. Carissio started walking around the forest, thinking about the next battle, he found a beautiful girl grooming her long hair with a golden comb. He wore white linen tunic, and his eyes were the same green as the forest around her. A stream leaving the water to hear the music while the lady was singing softly. Carissio could not help but to approach it but to see the girl into the woods. The Roman gave chase, away from the more of his men wondered how this woman could run so fast and without just noise. Only light was the radiance of her robe in the trees, or the gold star that was his hair flying when he showed himself. He called and only got the sound of their laughter as a response, and this made him even more fervently pursue. They finally reached a clearing where there was a lake. Carissio saw his girl on the shore, splashing and dancing in the water, laughing and singing. Was to reach out and hug her, but she ventured a little further into the lake, away from it. He went after her without realizing that the water covered him increasingly, women continued to splash and Roman progressed. He soon lose his footing, and sink into the depths the lake, extending his arms toward the image that had led to the death. The water flooded his lungs the same way that Xana laughter filled the landscape. Since then the Xana of this lake is called Carissia, with the same name who died trying to reach him. And she is still telling stories, and making one of the most dangerous of Asturias. So if you see her brushing her hair by the lake, remember that Xanas are sweet and charming, but their love does not often live too.


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