Thursday, May 19, 2011

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The morning sun shone in Fuente Dé (Cantabria), had gone there to cross to the village of Posada de Valdeón Leon, a good line of climbers waiting to take the cable car to be lifted over the wall that was above our heads. Something in our minds cogiéramos said it but this time, this time going to upload all this gap by Liordes called lathes. Y and the cool morning and the sun trying to heat climbed to 800 meters of wall up to the wonderful and amazing for its great beauty Liordes Vega. As a reward the source of water flowing valley to freshen up and recover from the tough climb. From there we can look to our left the Peña and Torres Remoña Alcaceres and right peaks Padiorna in front we have the Torres de Salinas, Liordes Pit and the Tower of Frier. But more needs to reach Posada so you have to continue in the direction of the Llagus Jou where chamois herd enjoys a good snow patches while we bake in the sun I get these chamois envy!. A the distance Peña Santa de Castilla reference serves as eye on the road and so we kept walking and hallucinating and finally reach the Asotin channel on our right where we left the majestic Frier. From there we made a descent into the beech forest to reach the Sotin then a hill that overlooks the canal Cares, then find a path that enough air has decreased, this stretch is known as "Paso de Alfredo" ( Alfredo heck with this, often narrow path). The road is literally carved into the rock, must be lowered carefully into the abyss, we finally got to the Rock of Porracho us down to a track in an area of \u200b\u200blarge blocks stone. We followed a road to the village of Cordiñanes and thence by road to our destination: Posada de Valdeón. We arrived tired but amazed by this beautiful journey that leads the way in Valdeón.


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