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Salicio Soliloquy Part / Soliloquy


Dedication To my brother Luis and Jose Manuel Lopez, aware of the living reality of this vision and cooperative eco-technology for the world, workers who are projected as inspiring and drivers of sustainability and defense of rural energy with solar, wind and electro-magnetic ... They have inspired me this book that expresses the bucolic metaphors what they know through the experience of science and practice: CARLOS LOPEZ Dzur


In this same island, where I'm sad, I Delight
Elisa, my breaks and resting.
I was happy ...
"Who told me, Elisa, My Love?"
reminding me that your eyes were for me
Ecovision and your breath on my face
clean air, no carbon footprint,
and, in this valley, the cool wind
I was like
meadow mill generates high voltage power.

And I was happy and rested
without fear that this is outdated,
vain and hasty. Nobody said:
"climate change and bring not storm." Dark
cataclysms and disasters.
chains will break the winds of Aeolus
in deep caves.
damage to energy efficiencies cause.

I did not see, first of all, impossible

junctures for recycling of materials, weighing life and responsibility for life alchemical
not suffering.

Not then. But, as if returned
of Colchis, the disaster became more expensive and vanished

savings and best left to drain / your death, Elisa, nor thy delight
and has served me
compost when you left and , so suddenly.

I remember when I slept here,
in one hour, and saw the awakening of Elisa
delight to me as the best manufacturing

affectionate love in the afternoon. Product was
green from their eyes, scrofula
savings from expectations.

"Oh wretched fate!"
Who told me, Elisa, My Love?
we can no longer collect tender flowers
because toxic / pesticides /
mismanagement of commercial agents and hazards
killed grass and ruined the
conuco hot sun dried the creek beloved ...

So Salicio, came the sad day
and lonely and I did not go look today.
This heavy life and annoying that I have
"blind without the light in dark prison"
is the absence of Elisa, one that, if alive,
not leave me helpless.
was natural life and sustainability


Help me raise my feet,
to feel like the wind.
me a little higher than the trail.
my way to have a notion
stirring wing
and save some
directions to infinity.

risk, with its tang of erranza
underground, unleashed
be a bird, jumping.
is necessary to evade capture and beat

Help me to follow (like the sun that runs only slowly and let life
the rhythm of the rain,
to drain my tears after the storm
shower is sometimes sporadic and slow.
Let me wash in ravines of hope
and forget the bitter grudge. Softens
my face flashes across the rugged

and the unknown.


"Et iam summa ends Procula uillarum fuming / maioresque cadunt montibus altis of umbra"
(Virgil, Georgics
I, 82-83)

Give me that light, tie my steps
as a twilight not skinny ..
keep in my heart like a star and do not figure this
que por cielos cruza el trueno y deprime.
Despierta la palabra que se esconde, se olvida,
se alucina; bendice al que halla al ser más allá
de la trilla del despojo y el desvío.
No quiero verme en tierra ni en mar
ni en nubes denso, ordinario, cansado
y sin luces, pudrido.


Quien viajaba las distancias,
con sus pasos mudos, sigiloso
en pos de una gacela, aquel
innato prudente del silencio,
su mirada hizo con fieros ojos
y fundó laberinos y supo
de las sombras engañosas
y atrapó el dolor, agazapado.

La prisa fue alimento
después de la celada.
The hunter is an infidel
with joy.
her hands as rough jackals fattened
The domain of the environment: as grim envangelio

Instead, she is a sweet
threat with his fingers.
same words weave a basket. Who

distances traveled in the deep silence,
visual landscapes of things,
ontic contexts

could not ever make the first verse. 12/05/1970


Violent Land magazine
are unnecessary, puzzles, nesting,
remora storm in the glass of water. Humanity progresses
to the sublime
anything they should therefore not understand the love that suffers
or forgiveness
design that transforms the consciousness.
Stay away from the people of the sad
with the gendarmes of remorse!
not mix the criminal
the operator of hope!

not tremble before the righteous sycophant
panic or malice!

Come to the corner of hardship with dignity
hug and warm hands, you know the tears

more noble than the pain!
Criminals are not anarchists
of pure feelings.

6. Qualis

populea Maerens Philomela sub umbra / Amiss queritur fetus, quos Durus Arator / observans callow detraxit nest, at illa / flet noctem ramoque sedens miserabilism carmen / integrat et maestis crazy beats questibus implet: Virgil, Georgics, IV, vv. 511-15.

Who is in the shadow of the poplar,
the melancholy edge of the nest, made a tearful
old, tattered, check fetal
unfortunate legacy, and was taken to the streets
, evicted for not paying the bank
mortgage ready, agreed
crisis amid ... Jack

scratch-Bucherer, bird, nest
taken. Pibecillos
Children are still without feathers and no support

and fewer food sovereignty / self-management, planning
live in your home or no king or husband. It is the worst. Quds
're alone and he was insensitive farmer, Durus
Arator Perez, the edge went
melancholy drunkenness, with another grid, and you
, complaining servant of births,
five chicks for hunger gave.
And the rumor that the whole night spend
the captive, at illa flet noctem
under the stars,
fucked and filled outlines the sorry sad
without mercy
the banker or the Water Resources cut you
light and water, and not to mention the government, private enterprise
is also
enemy when you
furniture out into the street and your children the spread
customers with other households
it went crazy ...

mourn is not good at
colonies of mites and pastors tragic
where neither is it hopeless and sovereignty.


Moved by greed, that is,
crew on the air of uncertainty,
country soul that leaves good
their pastors of rural, poor seafarer. And only once
helps the Lord of Winds. Extract

miss who does not know his lordship
and how it binds in a deep cave
the vagaries of the wind.

Reef to wisdom is the one who disobeys
to Aeolus. Let his six children, or his six daughters. Reckless
which mocks
wielding the scepter and the absolute authority he has over
eddies that all forms are divine wind.

If Odysseus was blessed / thankful that
back to the coast of Eolia earlier years safely
before it returns to Ithaca, in Claror
and permanent spaces, thank her habit, ecology
life, home and self-feeling,
because his crew is not worthy of pity and
Eolo and she has traveled as shelter
of scoundrels. Would
been shipwrecked for not complying with gratitude to the wind.

Crew in waves of uncertainty are
those motivated by greed and can Eolo
be fierce and destroy their boats. Exception
he was Odysseus.
He gave a bag that contained all constructive energies
, controllable, beneficent
Wind and said
"Remove them carefully and not cast off on a whim
because the essence of the winds
and the Aeolian Islands to weigh heart
seem echoes of whispers, echoes and desires,
that with 'sweet lament, "are loving
with those who suffer losses, but not harm the neighbor."

"The winds are not favorable to the whole world,
Odysseus' Aeolus said," not the one who covets the gold, and opens
Your Invisible Blade Bag,
negligent and that this rascal uncovers
space as Pandora's box and causes storms
and divine wrath provoked. Eolo

gold does not pirates, not sold or by the nymph
Juno offered him a wife. Hera
of blackmail
cares (why
prevent Aeneas landed in Italy, why not release its fleet on the wind?)

Sovereign is the wind, but a stock
delivery of its forces, a dose of
love that does not repeat when heavy hearts miserable.
winds are not favorable to all
which calls for advantage.


Arrectis auribus, will happen in the wind. Iam Claudito
rivus / go see the water satisfied.
Open up, fly sound,
for apprentice dick with open oídoz
and rumors horny, auribus, orejonzuelo,
that Nature begins teaching.
Wind, workers must be with
mills and will get the semen from the heavens,
rich meadows,
energy from the deep chest
of the skies ... see and hear, Satyr, rustic jíbaro
field step de la brisa
y aprende justicia del trayecto
de la Madre Benéfica del Cielo.
Carpen tua poma nepotes
(nos dijo ya Alma parens, la Buena Madre
desde la gran casa terrestre)
y que tus hijos recojan los frutos
y suban como ondinas al aire, deliciosas,
pero tú, subproductor de la electricidad
y el hidrógeno que se puso
en la atmósfera y en aguas bajo el cielo,
enseñad a los niños a cerrar las compuertas
de los arroyos cuando los prado beban
suficientemente. Claudite iam rivus, pueri,
sat prata biberunt.
Enseña a recoger
el agua de los techos y a que baje
a las cisternas de acumulo.


Felix qui potuit rerum cognoscere causes.
Virgil, Georgics, Book II , verse 480

Happy the man who is able to discover
the causes of things:
Virgil, Georgics

There is a historical condition that comes
of ignorance, who ever dares to call Homeland
its beneficent mother, geography
parens soul,
depository of all natural secrets.

These men never deducted the Harvest Moon,
not hear the magic words in the wind, nor
watch gravity in the gardens, and observe their presence
on the soles that give water the flowers. Carmina possunt
coelo deducere lunamar.

How unfortunate is the man of eccentric orbits
which Fortune never smiles, how sad
the man who has no image
pure and natural time where
recognize their work, work to acquire
Campirano secrets with words
magic of Mother Earth! Sad

the absence of divine beings
or who knows what laws
Energy intuitive and are to remain
among mortals, not voices that vibrate
frankly, with all my heart everything you say, ab imo pectore
from the deep chest
where memory is processed to Elisa
Nemoroso not suffer ...


Today the air sings, whistles, go with me,
secret whispers, looks at my windows.
be my friend
winds will not say much that is the wind, I understand.

I will also be a child of the sun. Amaré
chlorophyll, their love for each sheet,
his ardor in my face, love his light
in all my tomorrows,
uncovers all its transparency.
His absence will be delicious, less warm in my night. Amaré

moons you see.
tell them the name of my beautiful deities.
I observed at one another.

learn to thank, I forgot: The Good
hard, century after century, millennium after millennium, and what exists
worth its necessary effect.


you cry, Princess,
between the Hittites and the shadows, highlights of their beliefs

you cry and you buried, Precambrian
vagina, evaluation

prophesied by the children love Quaternary.

you cry when you
guards in the cave of Machpelah
and my eyes see you again.

left alone with
dream of his old foundation. Watershed
bitter mourning, are today;
but the pedestal is your dawn.

me solace for the inheritance of your competition
(attached to your body knew the joy).
death awaits me in the land of Canaan
is part of your support.

your confidence in the court
farm and dig my certainties being
support (not for 400 shekels of silver which I gave to Ephron,
say that I am, not by the children
of ancient caves, I say: I have
amparo) .
is for you to say I'm .
As you gave to the old age of my days.


... the best of our sepulchres bury thy dead
Gen. 23: 6 percent

For your twenty-seven years,
you cry, my love, and Kirjatharba
dawns of your land you want, you get
and Hebron
thread of light in your ways. In

dark labyrinth, Ariadne knits for you and spins
light zephyrs
as tinder
front of your steps and are the sigils on the sly.

gave you into the noosphere
route and radiance and hadrons, fertile
strength to rise and go down
and deep, remain seventh in the days
of being.


I would like to call me because I have blades
mill tabbed
and I am the watchman
I can not sit still (watch with arms and eyes, height
and movements when I ride on my tower and turn). Izo
ineffable energy flags ...
Entonxes, blow the wind hits the rotor blade
office. There

my breath positive pressure under the blade and produce a wheeze
above it to load
negative pressure in my visual basins. Fan
my eyes so guiñándote
life and love asking this open space that
I gave in the atmosphere after the
separated day from night ... I would like to call me
Molino, because I'm
who grind the storm, dose
force and violence to consume
that you exist and what is on earth, oh! beloved son of Ki
not underestimate the wind
because it is the father of Luna / Sin,
guardian of fertility
water generator wise Enki ...
and the first
I loved you and who made you promise
abundance on the grounds of Ninhursag
if you ever saw .... destroy


From the Tablets of Destiny, I this decree: I want to be
tab Fan
the world with his eyes. I'll be the best of Heaven
you know. I'll breeze, I'll wind caressing
will be air, no air comes out of amorffos
abyss, impossible to see.

for you I'll Eye tower high
understand structure, Redeemer served in technical,
in pragmatism ... Oh, I like to call me! Miller Eye
Divine Wind Mill, Castle blades,
eye winks Lil Ki
to Earth from heaven An,
cardinal points for you forged, explained, understood
and you, my child, girl my eyes ....
and if you call me Father Wind, Enlil, author
Mills, architect of science
router, wind turbine, technologist Aeolus, Boreas
priest and Ehécatl and Favonius, I'll tell you more secrets

(dating from the separations
Destination pre-All That Is.)
With an air kiss you love potentiometric


If you call me Lil Lord,
eye of the whirlwind with a caressing breeze, god of the pestañares
blades of the windmills, if you take me home
in E-Kur, house-mountain
if console Ninlil
the mother violated the moon, I'll do
great mountain

for your blessings and not be afraid of storms
or evil enemy climates
or empires who are authors of failures and
debt ... irascible gods
oil that damages the ozone in your air,
demons without the beauty of your floors clean ...


If you let me be your antenna, if you heard
with whom I am angry, why not to my liking
sacrifices or contaminants,
floods or race would never have to condemn you to death
energy, entropy starvation ...
I open the floodgates for mercy,
not robbing the man who loves me ecologically
from ancient times to Nammu
and the covenant of love Ninhursag ...
if you call me good god, good wind of Ehécatl
with blades that were like the wings of Ollin,
I will abanicaría the world, area by area,
hemisphere in the hemisphere, when emissions from burning effect
Greenhouse ...


All the power of my breath
will be renewable energy in your livelihood. Winds
power level 3 will be
blessings in the North Sea,
on the island of Tasmania and the Great Lakes
and me up the most beautiful Altaner
more and more mills, that my offering
wind farms and the Old Juracán Taino Arawak
I will be in the West Indies My Priest Master
my warlock summoner
name and pid my secret,
the Word, the look, the hidden power of my energy
, inexhaustible eletrogénesis
emerged from my breath,
megawatt blades with me and rebuild tooth wind

what is contaminated with hydrocarbons.


Ne quid nimis / anything with too much

Yvan Silen, Joserramón Melendes and Nestor Barreto

As effective altar, I gave the duality
me, my angels real time in your eyes.
Eden Your time was almost mine,
sundials, planetary cycles.

Nothing in the cosmos is chaos.
In the land that gave you the Silence
put your self-learner, Sol
child, I had in you
Joy of Mad
summer and humility of one who hears and sees and obeys.

I gave you the bicameral neural:
schizophrenia beautiful poet,
the mechanism of
praising the God of their foundations.

had nothing hidden, nothing
Whose hide
gave you your voice every day
to speak Truth from the left

Pillar of Wisdom.


A Dafnis, inventor of bucolic poetry
and promoter of the cult of Dionysus;
Pan, protector of virginal world
In a forest, possibly
ideo Phrygian, pastor of the forest, the man

bay with soul found a summer afternoon that he did love
blind, and thought to be eromenos
Hermes verse and love him so
in the temple of any mountain. And in the fields
was loved by Apollo, in abandoning his mother, raised by nymphs
, youth, avoidant
of bustling crowds, beyond the mountain
Ethnicity, where Pan
teach him singing and playing the syrinx, love with sweet sounds
and invoke the thought that the earth hear conversations from the vibrations
have to honor that dream sleep Pan
when snoring and beasts that defends

hunts are what you wake up ...
teach that the Muses, powers of protection, that delights
the mass of the arts on the lips,
in singing, passion
with flutes and fingers.


your heart Nobody
remove extract the field gives freedom, true
eklogué and selection of choice.
That no one will take the true beauty
nobody / naiad / no / nay-ay-or ten or come as Nomia
or xene Lice, or daughter of the king who summons:
"Daphnis, be only mine ,
am jealous and blind if you betray you. " Then

: Neither has ten or one. Nobody wants

virginity of your bones and your soul
extract because they are eclogues
you owe to the gods.


One day, get drunk, and cheated,
lalet error aliquis / a deception hidden
said yes to temptations, let yourself
Pleasure Pit which reserves to the Eternal
and frees us for Care Divine
of the well and its construction of the Dwelling;
but he gave the crowd of the corner,
to the immediacy of a lover. Give him name ... Nomia
or Lice, Xena, Fulanito de Tal,
the little whore's much more so ...
One day he went blind in the immediacy of the realization
, lying on the environment morante
and left to build, or as erguirte
Abundantly Penis of Pan, who takes care of his libido
and true to the purpose
the collar / culture / forest, defense

hunted bird and deer and rabbit and hare
any field ... there is a building that looks
the same growth and drain
spasms and lubricating the future ... and build
raising more than the blanket of the eternal, Daphnis was
Your prestige and your name and your penis rose
prompting a vagina really desired,
not mortgaging your orgasms
and makes you deconstruct
particularization of what you really want.
is why
blind after the threat, perpetuating
bad ideology and gravediggers of feelings.


Jose Feliciano, Lares jibarito

The nymph who gave you punishment and you
led to blindness or turned to stone
your body beautiful or did hurl
for a cliff once roamed, according
account Theocritus and Virgil, not kill
embodied the idea that you,
destination that you represent. Consuela
your blindness
songs and leave nothing forgotten. Omnia vincit Amor
. love conquers all.


"... and as it is sung,
then hear the song of my pastors'

Garcilso de la Vega

unredeemed from the soul,
gani-working with death
his name around the world do not celebrate life
and hard as is possible
substance of love, the gospel
natural lie of the vibrant.

These orphans from bone and marrow
song, betraying

forward with terror and his offering is a sign rotten;
in the hills and streets.
have covered their faces behind a veil

the sublime creation so necessary.


"... to hunting, Mount Fatigue / an ardent rider,
speeding / the course after the fearful deer, in vain
are delaying their death '

Garcilaso de la Vega.

Their balaclavas are ashamed of cowardice, have been evicted
beautiful. They
hands are filled with guns
false, go to the game
the course after the other fearful
fleeing for his life in Van

fire escape in pursuit of demons, more noble

house to be opened for them.
twisted yarns are wrong:
blood spills into the baskets.

are, Albano, these fictions, pumps,
sneezing, noise vain, ill, busy
people, bad attentive, ill-intentioned, would not call
'illustrious state government,
/ Albano ... "Estranged

offer myself to escape the lusts of their tribes
and bleed
old filth that drew my eyes like Daphnis and ordered
desperate curse our time.

His monologue is not an echo
noble but brutal at the door of the forfeitures.
in history have died, with nothing done;
no fruit, others, unhappy, ignored. We can only reconcile

that is face to face, face to face,
consensus of the people, but in an Order
who appointed the Arcadia.


were excluded from the collective embrace. They
who would have wanted,
but brought fear and knife. In his own opinion

were called essential.
wanted to spread their beliefs and claimed
free and only tied to the ladder
wild assault.

But nations closed their doors. Behind the portal
that there was greed.
The bringing them in the smile and grimace
of the mouth, the calculation
quiet of his gesture. There was too much regret

and a thousand excuses for not wanting.
And the killer was lying with his offering
They climbed stairs to climb and
and overcome.

Mount I will shut the doors.
The wise people who do not share with such companies

followed me to the Well of Daphnis.


"Art is history in the essential sense that based on the meaning hereunder. Art allows sprouting to the truth ": Martin Heidegger

Reason For man does not eat as
new instrument of mouth
takes thousands of words and languages, with Techné teeth and molars greyhound
predatory, authoritarian and rigid gestures
, condemned the cold tongue, and looked
if rationality has some moisture
of saliva reconciliation. Be the poiesis.
(Nemoroso, as Daphne, I say

my songs and greeting as Virgil to Pollio and Garcilaso
the Marquis de Villafranca
and the Viceroy of Naples.

examine the gums, like the dryness of your lips
Let's see if the palate is sky
( episteme, be-a-la-vista, serve as a theory). And if hunger
depredante again without using another tool, not arms, value
why we wanted to Sofia, contemplative understanding
for custody of being in the truth or aletheia. Let

frisk biting fangs. We

of Reason disappointed that we trust. Do not think
aggressive beast of man not think that objectivity should set
murderer perfection of totalitarianism. We ask only
phronesis, prudent application
practices de facto.

who can peek at that pitch
that too and see logifica whether the alleged hooks,
down on the gums, mouth burst out really
aggressors. Ay!
not want to bite occlusal knives, chopping
with death.

have to decide, at least, if we knock
each tooth of the mouth and tongue cut
with a wisdom that has the heart. 02/02/2003

29. That

blinded you, Daphnis,
that bit of your beauty
the Great Radiance of Being in its truth
and emptied the water you saved in Well
poisoned the pure liquid and its transparency,
who made thee fun with
name and yours, Polyphemus, must be
much fimo, polifimo excrecente
of perverse minds, recycling truncated
libido and Eros and Logos
not find the source of their faith
or Pure Land
Buddhas Amitabha trails to,
his treasure ... because the treasure and the discovery of Delight
original is this:
ah Muses beautiful is the exuberance of the vital
and these fields and the beauty of the world, so tell
as Apollo and Dionysus,
is like the Well, whose water does not drain
never, never will be sweet and deep water as
if from the depths of the Earth
... mocks himself
who ridicule us as people,
Salicio, who hurt you so blind, Polyphemus.

With attachment to their hatreds remain.
With madness innocent / and all protected /
not see their children because they will make a mockery karmic
its presence in the kingdom and those who call
the illustrious kings and governors,
first be on the turn of derision.
of salt will be the eyes of their wives
and horns of shame,
antennas will be of their grief.
This must be the sense of honor
(which will deign to participate in the New Order):
you save, as Pollio instruct me,
this principle: "Do not be evil or the
gesture nor word nor taking away from other
inner peace because it hurts more than the mouth
eye on the volcano's soul. "


"I Believe That the man choosing progress dog find a new unity-through the Development of all human historical forces, Which Are Produced in three Orientations. These Can Be Presented separately or together: biophilia, love for humanity and nature, and Independence and freedom ' Erich Fromm, The Heart of Man: Its Genius For Good and Evil (1965)

The real mother, the biophilous ,
to find it in any goat herd, even in the bicha
that suckled
Romulus and Remus. Parent (s) the sympathetic pastor, Cabrero
Lamon, not any
goat goatherd. Galatea, if your Amada, Silicon

love it because it is female and women and gives life
proclaims as the White Biophilia,
love of nature and humanity, love
sometimes leaves, but
one day return ...
True friendship is not misleading and does not instruct
backs of true love as Lycenia
but Cloe becomes
despite lapses, it also returns
Children Rising, supplier
Well, the big tank of progress, the
joy of forgiveness, pleasure and consummate
the rest of consciousness ...
This is the new unit of each force.
That final victory of instinct and social controls
who have served the abandonment and anguish
the detriment of being "true love.


Abandoned at birth was my town and I called
beautiful Puerto Rico and Caribbean
. I have called the small and abundant
Well Daphne,
who was sympathetic, but
land of promise, I saw it and was left ...

who saw sovereign ceiling
Cave of the Nymphs
from Guajataca is that he has spoken
SAICI, and in this valley I saw him and called him
Culebrinas / Cucumber / The reunited.
I had no way of stone or antler;
but it was the newborn child, for whom the same
Lamon, the
Cabrero went to help.

What jewelry and coins speak
who assumed that whoever would nourishing,
whether another kind of life he pitied
when he was in the mountains,
areas of the Sierra de Luquillo, cucumbers
witness between Salto Collazo,
worth living treasure Culebrinas Valley,
Yagüeca Chiefdom in near Anasco?

... and survived, Children Rising and it was with his mother
(it was the presence biophilic
other truly compassionate, the
forever grateful that there is a goat or a bird flying
and warns the dog without wings,
yes, with a nose, or jealous of her young lioness, or hen
that protects its nest, eggs
his upbringing ...


And the mother ran away, as you say, he fled Galatea, but look at that Mirtala
look at it, look how he loves the woman
Lampn and goats, watch the glee biophilic
of the cave on the mountain, look at the Collazo
fallen tears this time fed by hope ...
Cloe see how it is dressed
now has his brother, dressed
joy to tie the fate of his beloved.
sent you
teaching that he left, Galatea ... Cloe
presence throughout
talk about the new craft, milk and wool
to you crazy with work and not in mourning. Dafnis
Throughout, the male will understand the principle;
Cloe loves forever
no power to break these loves, that can separate and company info
to have loved ...


"You will not get a clump of grass that does not have a spiritual being up to order: Grow! That's your mazal ... And for all body created He established a ruling force above, to encourage it to its task 'Torah Rabbah 10:6 That

that was white is like the Milky Way.
As the star of heaven and spiritual strength of the empire
energy that she called his name and be
Nereida / Pastor / Cloe /
the Shekinah biophilous / Presence
whose law is beautiful and his love is pure.
Remember what Daphnis sing when
invented pastoral verse, the eclogue of the Word. Created
have trees and plants,
animals and humans, and each is Minin,
by class, type / phenotype / min biophilic
of kingdoms / that men live
with their arms and greed ...

Bistoniis habitat viris,
lift the perpetual presence of the Beloved
best phenotypes, away from violence
in your language of lament and Phrygian arms
Phrygiisque removit
ab armis et inritamen, inpius Avari ,
and spirit of the wicked miser
... Daphnis said remember what the genesis
temporary Caves of the Nymphs came sweeping
(those who hide their embrace
and do not take care of others):
hides the value of them /
to educate yourself on the sly who or gifts nor knowledge nor respect

significance they do not admit root,
sense of identity and belonging, because they develop a love
or interest in another life than loot /
the fortunes of the Phrygian / tolli cum corpore tamquam
crimina possent, loot later

coast of innocence , but learns from life Amada
who 'milk white'
jealous and refused to
criminals and for Acis, a shepherd of Sicily,
offered up his love, his Lo / her phenotype .. .

Remember what Daphnis sing when
invented pastoral verse, bless her Galatea,
daughter of Nereus, the mother of the Galatians,
Celts and Illyrians who in turns
blood in the primary river and teaches
of parental ties. Each group is one according to its kind
and each orientation identity, according to Mim
and spiritual being ordered up ...


"What scoundrel, what a thief, even if it were a God, could surpass you in tricks of all kinds?. Oh treacherous, subtle oh, oh you never sated of tricks!, "Even in your country you are leaving this passion for the lies and misleading statements?": Words of Athena to Odysseus descrinir ( Homer, Odyssey , XIII) Sea

each / a / as unique and special
of its kind and inclusive and inobviable part of their group.
Galatea, with galas of wisdom, let him
Polyphemus teaching: "Within this framework I seek guidance
: need me and my loved
to understand the fullness of
world and my place in it ... I do not kiss the mouth of the volcano
fad, do not say
satisfy only those who give me gold, not to kill my beloved
another that says love me, oh, Polyphemus rude!
Do not say you or anyone you gave me
Residence / Stay /
Aufenhalt / geography or place to live if you
Yours was a cave / the corner /
the suffering and not in the open field / course to Closeness,
to privacy / because we only live in
truth of being and living space is not everything.

to stay and endure,
me, Galatea, biophilic presence of being,
not love a liar.
Ni and the blind do not see the silly
not ask for love and pity. Gala Tea
am to be efficient,
substantive and loved.


Just as the mountains keep his law
hidden from the Black Forest
this mythic vision of building at the foot of
dwelling and inhabit them, Martin Heidegger entertains
philosophy, so the Lord of the Winds
has his cabin, gives the Monte-House,
ie Die Hütte
Cabin and with distant views of the Alps, affectionate closeness
with the Spring
and livelihoods
poignant rites in the interior devotion
Winds and explaining the weather and the seasons.

Each town has a vision of ancient history that esoecifica
brotherhood betrayed and zonal
on the planet it occupies. Man kills
nearby areas originating
former places of light and
communion with himself and the environment and therefore has Troy
and burns the war in Arcadia ...
as in the mouth of Daguao esuvo
where an archaic town of Naguabo. There is always a Cacimar
leader who defends his space and a Villa Santiago
which will become debris.

There's always people asking for his invisible face
. This is Todtnauberg
Heidegger, the philosopher investigates
where something happens, something that Cacimar
from Vieques,
may understand, or maybe not, when Pedro Mejía
dies defending the cacica Luisa. Also do Cacimar

dies in battle.
For him, are the islands that have their hidden
laws, compelling, timeless provisions
to manage space.

some perspective in the past,
possibly Erichthonius
reflect how sad is that two brothers, his father, founder of Dardania
and father of Trojans,
are killed rival in the territory of Arcadia
(they are both homeland) and Yasión
had to be of dear,
what has killed him, shot him
Dardanus or Zeus with his thunderbolt. Seeing how

kitchen stove in his cabin
Elfride Heidegger, the philosopher who looks at the room
contemplate why they should be seduced to Demeter,
beautiful, pof what Troad
escape with bloody hands. This man does
and anger that is causing the flood of the gods and fate
bitter about the fourfold
and all Arcadia.

well as its hidden law of mountains, a volcano
has its hidden law, a
plunged it as Vieques, people of the coast of Thrace, Aegean
people, people of Anatolia.
to the deserts have their hidden law
and foot of the Caucasus, where the hidden laws are
Colchis and sheep whose skin is fabulous
Bello Gold Sinar

witches and secrets and ambition of travelers and pilgrims of


This is the hidden law of your blessing, Phrygian land: water mission
, Sakarya River sources
visit you, make them useful, productive
and this, the challenge
flees riot outburst because as invaders arrived
Persians and Lydians, Romans and Gauls
Arabs and Crusaders, Seljuks and Ottomans
added to Mongols ...

Look how full of ruins Sakarya. Illic Polymestoris
regia dives,

of Polymestor, royalty rich bully,
and so called after thee
to educate the child hidden
the future, the precursor of the Eclogues
and winner over Monstrous Toros
of human greed.

Who will
primitive Thrace incorruptible as a hero, brave
custodian and guarantor of mystery and hidden rites, Finding
model Originally,
sort who you know and take advantage
spaces and means of father to son,
forward learning more sacred?

Who dares to take the bull by the horns and
sleeping snakes and link roads
twisted discontinuity and excessive speculation

lying against the poor and weak?

Cybele and Attis Earth, who will win your castrating
and put an end to tribal wars
the Trojan coast, who restored
Thracian Orphism wanted you immortal
in deep areas of Arcadia?


"Now the Dasein in its being-in has the character of leadership ': Martin Heidegger

And due to what, where, depending on what is
Dardanus to Phrygia what
the founder of Troy
or what was the Dardania of murderers
stop in Arcadia, a town that does not want
and expuilsa, what task is assigned
stopped at King Teucer of Phrygia,
What did? Is it really worthy of Batia
, the princess of Phrygia?

What would make this Priam seed of Dardanus
if the case and see to Cacimar Vieques to protest his presence
invasive, which tell the Asia
governed by these settlers /
Dardanians Northern Thrace, which
if you are like Christopher Mendoza
to punish the Vieques, what say
esya Caribs and Tainos of
island if you are like the dog that bites Becerrillo
pound moorings
the invaders captive ... which way will this crowd
that ungenerous
strives to close ...


"Each approach has previously taken a direction towards an area within which it is about to become desalejado determinable of your own home ': Martin Heidegger

No executioner / murderer / fratricidal be
wants -on, face to face your fault ...
not they who seek the essential closeness of being a person
/ Dasein or being-ego companion
with generous ... not approach, Salicio,
from there Dardanians barbarous Troy,
your here, bucolic, landmark, mysterious.
always go towards Colchis
although they say they want return, in his mouth
odyssey is a pitiless world already judged
Atemea and that is his,
the theft, deceit, trickery.
are those who do not live for nothing
build-only strip.
The pilgrimage is the Colchis.
In the environment of this world can not live,
should not stay.
Following his death is hidden fences.
In its adjacencies are the Blue Rocks, two rocks
flap their jaws and crush all who among them
break through. So false are the bridges, as well as dangerous
born to become ruins and deadly traps.
Colchis In
ecology can not be sustained because the fourfold
executioner does not care. Not worth the heavens and the earth, neither the divine nor

is not possible home where he will say
approaching, Salicio ... With generous ego ...
not be closer to intimacy or closeness
beloved or with the strain of the ancient Thracians.
North Anatolian Turks
not the first: Romania, Moldova, Ukraine
not to (to the Dnieper),
not to Austria, Hungary, nor
lower Volga Bulgaria. We repudiate
people Aegean and Arcadia. Peasants the world
offering welcome
who only wants
mockery, pillage, gold, foreign,
scarce and not as
it will never survive the shame of the nymphs
and dispossession of the heirs.


"They go to war, fight to death in sight ... And three times I prefer to be on the front lines and do not give birth to a son ": Complaint of the sorceress Medea, daughter of King Aeetes, with Jason, in Euripides, Medea

In the Land of No, no snakes
who do not sleep. There is no way to shelter in the deep
be inside. Nothing
bear teeth magic
itself to death. Brought the price of
is as bloody as desired. Is there

treasures or warrant
spoils brought the price, is the golden fleece of a ram
? "Gold lost
who covet covetous and murderers?

There in No Man's Land, where the lack
Arami, the dam, farmland,
women as Medea, which are as powerful as the civilized
in Colchis
are killed and venturing.

Competition in these worlds is yoking oxen
vanity and see the grooves flowing from threats, boasts technological

To purchase the fleece, the best adventure
of 50 sailors on the barge
Argos, the bravest
saw father and daughter in emotional misery
of No Man's Land. It is repugnant,
each other, parent, child, sibling,
compete fiercely.

Treason is the magic of those worlds.
technology Everything is death.
never advanced by closeness in Colchis.
Duro is the toughest round the back. Sirens
's siege, the attack of Scylla and Caribdis.Son
many monsters
in No Man's Land, where the fourfold
lost consciousness.


"Just as God or beast, man could live 'Aristotle

"The man was no longer part of a balanced system of symbiotic relationships with other species. The habitat tended to be degraded, not being rehabilitated by other organisms with different biochemical needs' William Catton, Jr. Industrialization: Prelude to the collapse

They are afraid of this situation that is rife in Arcadia
/ All Thrace / all Roma /
central Anatolia and all Greece and Colchis / Até be tied, tied
foolishness and deceit, tied Mores,
the old robust, "fleet-footed" and that therefore it
to walk the earth,
and offend men, are expected to all but the Old
of Ruin / Doom is called
no thanks and offerings and prayers Litai
or to placate those .. The Fatal
breaks with his breath full of bacteria / does not want a hero is born Jason
a true / a Heracles /
zoon politikon / homo politicus /
than what is now abundant / beast / warrior whims /
homo colossus / that destroys everything.

When Salmideso throw anchors, Argonauts
knowledge see that there lies Phineas,
blind seer, lucid and starving.
there are the Harpies,
flying monsters with the face of Até, claws and wings, strong gestures
light on your feet, there is hunger
they impose on the visionaries, rebels
blinded demon ...
and everything in between
dependent progress of resource consumption and energy

deteriorating the environment and ecosystem jealous of Arcadia

There is the false sustainability intake.
Faustian pacts are dependent
mortgaging the future in exchange for this lush, industry
notion of war and slavery. See, arginautas
that life is more difficult and less sustainable
Y con Hera se incita a Até Mores.
Fatalidad es llamada. Y con Afrodita,
castigo, humillación y llanto.

Cuando echen anclas la isla de Lemnos,
argonautas del conocimiento, vean que allí yacen
las mujeres sin varón, y una reina Hipsípila,
que no da culto a quien la castiga
y prefieron esye olor tan desagradable
de la plaga aque la complicidad
con el mundo insostenible
de su tiempo.

Allí está el hombre que no aprende
en torno a sus conflictos y sus ingratitudes
y problemas de eficiencia y sostenibilidad
de sus ejércitos y nadie quiere oír
sobre la función sustitutiva del engaño
object / treasure / Fleece announcing
and provided with qualities that do not really have. Argonauts

knowledge when they return, let
of Colchis beyond Doom ATE
the seductive magician of assinato, Medea is tied
two Blue Rocks
of mass medium, is
ground for non-demand consumers saved
is fantasy, is distinct from the need
about what is not.
And that is not scary
essence of what if, Jason came into the realms of Iolkos.


uncooperative in the city, the child of the Scylla
exiled Caribs Charybdis
and scoundrels, where not sponsored
optimal utilization of resources
(natural gifts of sustenance),
all doubt of all, no friends, no bodies
faithful, no hope
by disdain for community participation. Dark City

saw on the way to Colchis
and even here, everything is tightly managed. Stress
called the government,
the High Priest stress, stress
urban air quality. The soul has
the weight of SO2, NOx and other poisons concentrated
as spurious apparatus particles suspended in bitter path
thirst and emptiness. Stress

this inability to produce bread for the domestic market.
food stress played with hunger
doors of the house, stress
global demand for food and these black priests
of famine that bring down our deep wells, temples
Dafnis residual
to prioritize urban use and poison
aquifers and surface water from the springs.


As spring turned into a woman, dead Sicily
traveling, underground
from Arcadia to Ortigia, as islet
hardened and dying, Ay! Dafnis
voice of blind and regret
to the human-induced degradation, Pan
beg to return to the high peaks of the Lyceum and
and, if top, you want the Helix put on my chest
a mill. Have
giraen and flowing water from my well, and climb
wind energy on my springs.
life back at me because I am pure liquidity
depths of the earth, oak
hair covering a well.

That's steep mound of Lycaon
on the tomb of Arcade
me back island with that beloved
with that original spirit which was founded
my Discovery, my ethics in the truth of Mother
Charity / Alma parens.

Without Pan went to the summits of the Lyceum,
who teach the arts of syrinx
where I who dies?
who that celebrates nature, instinct, the rustic
protection of the wild beasts


"I'm Elisa, in whose name sounds
and laments the mountain cavernous
witnessed the pain and severe punishment for me
that grieves Nemoroso '

Garcilaso de la Vega

' Tamen cantabitis, Arcades' Inquit / 'montibus uestris HAEC; soli cantare periti / Arcades': Virgil, Eclogues, X, 31-33). Witness

pain and low efficiency in conducting
livelihoods, I do not sing
the abandonment of earthly existence,
nor the renunciation of pleasure in pursuit of the life of the hermit ...
I sing, with regret, the landscape Mount
become cavermoso and ruins,
I'm sorry for the mountain and comfort me the name of that
Elisa, biodiverse, wild
, well loved and well
rotated my arms as the best
culture of my happiness, I am nemorosa
memory of what was once self-sufficient space
and productive
had a farm with her hugs, kisses

large vegetable and every kiss was a hoot,
every look of his lips
beet and carrot, Asueta
mutual joy in the touch of cabbage against his
maidenhair ... Take the time, she said
happy voice celery, chile on ciliantro ...
"and live and enjoy myself", equilibradamemente
and sustainable practice of sustainability
desire, joy, of Elysium / deliciae ...

... I do not sing the abandonment of earthly existence,
nor the renunciation of pleasure after the hermit life, celebration
Arcadia, 'Tamen cantabitis, Arcades'
and, above all, the delight, the arcadia
Elisa, blessed by the goddess of the forest.


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