Thursday, January 6, 2011

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in 2010 grew by 28% the mistreatment of women and children.

1,700 records are prepared by the police department.

violence cases to the detriment of the child and woman were numerous during the year 2010, and in many cases, ended tragically.
In this sense, from the Commissioner for Children and Women of this city, it was reported that making a comparison with 2009, an increase of 28 percent of cases or cases in which they worked during the past year.
"This station has worked with 1,700 cases, Cristian Gomez said the deputy, referring to the police station.
In this sense, he argued that in cases worked, are injury, sexual abuse, threats, disability, contact and household removals.
"The greatest number of facts that has worked has been the injuries suffered by women and in the background, sexual abuse of minor injury," explained and showed some alarm at the picture presented in the city.
"In each of these cases, has increased the levels of violence, especially during weekends and alcohol intake," the deputy.
Moreover, the uniform said that the greatest number of reports received, was recorded during the month of June. "Although this year there was no similarity in relation to the number of cases reported per month, but rather the number of cases was mixed." Arrests

At another point, the deputy Cristian Gomez reported that in the past year, the judges who worked on the cases that came to his station, "100 arrests have wrought."
In this sense, the police authority thought that this number is more than positive, given the number of cases he worked with the Commissioner for Children and Women, and the time each one in each step takes to execute.

There were 200 households leaks
A fact not less important than it was issued from the Commissioner for Children and Women, is the large number of complaints about flight home in the city. Cristian Gomez
The deputy said that in 2010 was 200 cases per flight home where they worked.
is the small Fabian Rodriguez, a resident of this city and who ran away from home about two months ago, the only case that remains pending at the police.
The main reasons why children choose to leave their respective homes, are related to family problems and lack of restraint.
"Fortunately, leakage in which we operate extended for a few days, "said the Deputy Commissioner and highlighted the joint work done with the voluntary Missing Children in the province.



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