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Natural disasters left 300 000 dead in 2010

El año estuvo marcado por una rara acumulación de terremotos importantes.

Alemania. Los terremotos en Haití y Chile o las inundaciones en Pakistán y China hicieron de 2010 un año terrible en materia de desastres naturales, que dejaron 295.000 muertos y 130.000 millones de dólares en daños, afirmó ayer la mayor reaseguradora del mundo, la alemana Munich Re.
El año pasado fue el más mortífero desde 1983 y la sequía de Etiopía, that left 300,000 dead, according to Munich Re's annual report
In total, Munich Re recorded 950 natural disasters in 2010, a figure well above the average of the last thirty years (615).
These disasters left four times more victims than the average since 1980 (295.000 deaths against 66,000) and were more expensive (130,000 U.S. dollars against an average of 95,000 million). "The year was marked by an accumulation of major earthquakes rare" and a large number of climate-related disasters, which suggests a continuation of global warming, "he said.
Disasters were the most deadly earthquake in January in Haiti (222,570 dead), one of the most important of the last hundred years - the heat wave and forest fires in the summer in Russia (56,000 dead) and the April earthquake in China ( 2,700 dead).
most expensive disasters were the February earthquake in Chile, which caused damages of $ 30,000 million and left 520 dead, and floods from July to September in Pakistan (9,500 million dollars and 1,760 dead).
In most developed countries, disasters were less deadly, but very expensive and has serious consequences for insurers.
Western Europe was shaken by the storm Xynthia in February (65 dead, 6,100 million dollars of expenditure, an amount in half the insured), and the United States by tornadoes that caused damage of $ 4,700 million (75% insured).
Meanwhile, one of the events that caught the attention of the media was Eyjafjallajökull eruption of Iceland, in April, the European air traffic paralyzed for weeks and ended up costing "billions" to the airlines.
Furthermore, Munich Re could not yet estimate the cost of the floods that Australia suffers from December.
The big competitor of Munich Re, Switzerland's Swiss Re, had indicated in November 2010 about 222,000 waiting for millions of dollars in damages and 260,000 deaths.


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