Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Make Up For Hollow Eyes

1 º chicken cider 2 º pasta salad simple / Dessert: Pineapple juice

Today I bring a recetilla I did for the day of kings, I know that could have put before but it has not been, I explain:
What to do with the champagne or cider that has left over from the holidays? not think of throwing! And with the consignment of grapes we buy more just in case? Do not throw anything here that all can serve.
Yes sir, today we eat ....

CIDER CHICKEN (OR THE CELLAR, whatever you want)
1 / 2 chicken cut into pieces (this is for 2 people, as one point each) 1 onion
Grapes of New Year's Eve, as mínimo10 Uvita.
Salt and pepper Olive oil

The cider or champagne leftover us (man, as very little a couple of glasses, if we have left a better culín you to drink and throw miles)

Season the chicken pieces and sauté high heat with a little olive oil.

When we have gold, no matter which is not made within, we add the onion, cut into strips.

stir well for a while and when picking what color you will add the cider.

This is what I use, has always taken home to be more candies to the cava.

So now we cover, chup chup medium heat for a while, and that the chicken be absorbing the rich and evaporating the alcohol.

Between 15 and 20 minutes later, the chicken tender little ones will be fine, will be poached onion and a sauce will be a thousand loves to make boats.

If you have been very liquid you can always use cornstarch, a couple of teaspoons dissolved in a little hot water and stew, as well removeis in 1 minute and thick you anything and without leaving any foreign taste like happens if instead one adds mashed potatoes.

Well with this asks what we accompaniment, although the chicken is not at all heavy but if you're a little surfeit of all the Christmas meal is all well we do not put potatoes chips that although it would be his is quite hot, so go put some vegetables that is also very put something good or hydrate as bread, rice or pasta, because I chose to make a simple pasta salad with tomato jam and cheese.


And for dessert a slice of pineapple decorated as I like.

I hope you have enjoyed this recetilla so super easy, Bon Appetit and
kiss to ALL!


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