Thursday, January 6, 2011

Chaining Shiney Pokemon Silver

For the record:

Release Date: 25/05/1907
The government of the Province of Chubut just extend to the British firm BP, British Petroleum

The government of the Province of Chubut, in agreement with the Government, just extend the concession that the government of Carlos Menem granted in 1997 to the British firm BP, British Petroleum, the site of Cerro Dragon.

This decision is resolved to maintain the oil supply of the 90, without consultation of any kind, or the people of Chubut and the Nation.

Thus, despite the declaimed phrases, these governments continue to argue the looting of the subsurface model in Argentina. In the 90's, when there appeared to neoliberalism and unique thought sought to be imposed as the national government negotiated with some provinces (especially Salta, Santa Cruz and Neuquén) along with the privatization of large public companies, the delivery of shares of YPF and discussed recognition of royalties, in exchange for re-election of Carlos Menem scandal and the promise of provincializing underground.

The story of the shares of YPF and the destination of the income from its sale does not end with the twentieth century, remaining to this day the mystery of its origin, income and current financial information obtained destination. As for the promise of provincialization was accomplished by the constitutional reform of 1994 re-election, but it does not serve provincialization provincial interests, as it continues in a career-overs with other strikingly anticipation of previous concessions and granting of new exploration concessions in the provinces. This race to extend, to authorize and issue, shows the perversity of this policy which provides the oil-for who knows what advantages. History will tell us what it is eliminated YPF, a major world oil companies, whose acronym even foreign multinational maintained today by the historical prestige attained, despite the thousands of campaigns to discredit and justify their destruction .

The policy development was consolidated with the enactment in January 2007, Law 26,197, known as "Short Law" - it was impossible to fully reshape the current Oil Law 17 319. With the "Short Law" was regulated provincialization constitutional standard.

The extension, until almost 2047, Cerro Dragon, is suspect when there are still 10 years to complete the term of the concession, originally granted and ten-year extension, so now the provincial government repeated. Failure to comply with the Hydrocarbons Law, which have not been able to destroy, in its requirement that, to extend the concession, must be complied with principles of rationality in the mining and hydrocarbon interests of the nation.

How can we extend such obligations has not been defined! In this model concession, to a further period should have been called for bids.

Who benefits from this delivery? Obviously not the country as a province is giving 40 years of extraction, which will, in the most demanding period of the need for oil in the world, Argentines receive depleted after an exploration of many decades. It is clear that only the British firm will be favored, with its minority partner and local Bridas. Receive more than 10 billion pesos in the extracted oil.

The province, which shows how a win-conditioning, increased 3% from the royalties, will be the first impaired when the oil runs out after 40 years and a paltry 15% royalty, which not reach the 800 million pesos-not used to develop new sources of employment and production for the next generation of Chubut and Argentina. MORENO ratifies

The complaint of this release that many prestigious institutions and individuals Chubut and across the country are decrying without wise and governments are encouraged to consult the population of the province and the nation.

Argentina, these measures away from those that are held throughout South America and much of the world, can keep the prestige of being the last and only country trying to maintain energy neoliberalism, which prevents us from growing to higher levels than the present, desarrollar nuestra industria y realizar una política distributiva más justa.


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