Friday, January 21, 2011

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They call an urgent meeting of the reservoir pollution

Local authorities say there is strong evidence of contamination. However, in Tucumán minimize fish kills. Strong criticism from one lawmaker in the neighboring province.


THE SPA, Rio Hondo (C) The Secretary of the Water of Santiago del Estero, Tevez Mr. Abel said that there is much concern in the government because again it was found that "there is no strict control on the structures of industrial effluents to eliminate business Tucumán rivers and then go to the reservoir, which is why convened an urgent meeting with the members of the Sali-Dulce basin to address the issue.
santiagueño The official said yesterday LIBERAL that after receiving their technical reports on the two monitoring conducted in the rivers from Tucumán and the reservoir, was reported to Environment minister from the neighboring province, Mr. Alfredo Montalvo, "to convey the concern that exists about what our specialists found.
" For this reason he said for next Thursday we have invited 27 an urgent meeting of the Committee of the Sali-Dulce basin where the reservoir will discuss the diagnosis, accompanied by the results of the studies. "
however, revealed that at the mouth of the Rio Hondo dam abundant algal blooms is a clear sign of pollution due to nutrient input from tributaries that decompose the algae and are elements harmful to fish life and the ecosystem in general. "
" samples were taken on Wednesday and hope the final results to bring to the meet-ings of 27 of the committee, "he predicted.

"It's all good"
Furthermore, and despite the obvious signs of contamination at the mouth of the Rio Hondo dam and rivers that provide water the Sali-Dulce river, the Environment Secretary Tucumán, Alfredo Montalvan said yesterday that "the Rio Hondo dam shows no signs of pollution," like "most of the tributaries" of the neighboring province.
These statements were made less than 48 hours after santiagueños technical and tucumanos personally witnessed the abundance of algae in the reservoir and the presence of a reddish substance in the stream Matazambi smelly where many fish were also found dead or dying total lack of oxygen in the water.
In dialogue with THE LIBERAL, Tucuman official said the reservoir "shows no signs of contamination and "waiting for results of samples taken recently tucumanos specialists that make up the Committee Sali-Dulce River Basin." "Our technicians were on Wednesday at the Rio Hondo dam and advised us that the situation is not alarming, the parameters were normal," he said.
Asked reddish substance that gave off a foul odor accompanied by the presence of dead fish in the stream Matazambi, Montalván estimated, according to the measurements, "causes would be associated with drought or washing of agrochemicals in the area."
"We are awaiting the results of the analysis to be made in the Environment Department," he said.
In Santiago del Estero, the authorities also hope the results of the tests ordered from the local Sanitation Department for technicians, who together with their peers Tucuman, visited on Tuesday and Wednesday Matazambi river mouths of the rivers.


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