Saturday, January 15, 2011

Family Naturism On Blog

1 º Quiche Vegetable 2 º Wings Baked / DESSERT: Banana

Well at the request of my friend Cris recetillas continue with the blog.
Today: Quiche of vegetables and baked chicken wings.

For Quiche need more vegetables, fresh or frozen, it does not matter. I used zucchini, eggplant, red pepper and onion.
I chop everything and sauté with a little oil and salt. While we are turning the oven to maximum.

When we add is an egg poached and shredded cheese.

I stir a bit until set everything. some people add cream but that is very caloric.

Now prepare the dough a breeze and you do bordecito.

We put the vegetables sautéed with more cheese on top, and we put in the oven halfway up about 15 Minutillo.

This is the result. Looks like a real pizza?

Well, no it is not, is a Quiche very healthy and rich that I'm going to eat. jajaj


This is the healthiest in the world. Instead of frying churretones wings with oil, why not use the oven that is warm and the Quiche?
Well the secret ingredient will be the soy sauce, which, to be more accurate is the one I like to me:

wet out the wings and even if we can the night before we let marinate in soy sauce.

We put the oven when golden brown top and ...
cross out!

Well, today is the menu.
And for dessert a banana for example because the menu is not empachoso. I hope Cris Ala
gustao and there you do not look only the photos.



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