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How Do They Test My Gallbladder Polyp For Cancer

Femicides occurred during 2010 in Santiago del Estero Santiago del Estero

**** 18 February. Zulma Moreno, 49, Robles. She was stabbed.
*** 12 March. Ines Paez, 33, Tintina. Beaten with an iron crowbar.
*** 29 April. Natalia Inés Campos, 18, Bandera Bajada. The shot and killed in his home.
*** 6 May. Yohana Natalia Veliz, 15, Sumampa. The stabbed murdered.
**** June 24. Yolanda Rosa Sanchez, 23, Las Termas de Rio Hondo. The shot and killed.
*** 19 July. Jacqueline Alejandra Toloza, 3 years, neighborhood Reconquista. The murdered blows and kicks.
** September 22. Eliana Andrea Gongora, 20, Villa Union. The shot and killed.
*** 12 November. Mirta Antonia Cordova, 48, Sumampa. Received 30 stab wounds.
*** 19 November. Argentina Carate Lucy, 77, La Banda. She was killed by hanging, was beaten and stabbed.
**** 20 November. Nora Guzman, 19, Xiamara 1 year and 8 months Nahir Magalí 8 months. Sumampa. The murdered slitting their throats.
**** November 29. Andrea Amaya, 24. She was killed by hitting it with a shovel in the head.
*** 2 December. Maria Luisa blow, 56, Añatuya. The murdered slitting their throats. Who would be arrested the culprit Carlos Ricardo Franzoni, 51, partner of his daughter.
*** 22 September. (Femicide "linked" to Eliana Andrea Gongora). Diego Ignacio Gongora, 18, San Justin. I shot dead.
Her sister Eliana Andrea Gongora, 20, was shot to death and stabbed.
His 4 year old brother was wounded. The culprit of the attacks would be Roberto Cisneros, 25, former partner of Eliana Góngora.

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