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among women in more murders.

The worst form of gender violence led to the deaths of 15 women in 2010, according to a report coordinated by the organization of the Meeting House on the basis of published cases in the press.

In 2010, domestic violence claimed the lives of 15 women in Santiago del Estero, making the province one of the districts with the highest number of murders in all of Argentina.
The data is clear from the survey conducted by the Centre of Femicides Marisel Adriana Zambrano, coordinated by the organization La Casa del Encuentro and made from cases reported by news agencies and 120 daily national and provincial distribution.
According to the report, the worst form of gender violence led to the deaths of 260 women across the country. Córdoba appears second on the list, which leads to the chilling Buenos Aires figure of 87 murders of women in twelve months. Then appears Santa Fe, with 16, Santiago del Estero, 15, and the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires and Corrientes, with 13 cases.
According to the NGO, the totals represent 12.5 percent of murders reflected in print for 2009.
For Cordova, the province last year appeared in third place with 21 cases, behind Santa Fe, 28.
cases. The observatory will not only relieve the murders of women in the hands of a relative, partner or former partner, but in general the murder of women because they are women.
"Femicide is one of the most extreme forms of violence against women is murder committed by a man to a woman he considered his property, "the report (see cases of" femicide related ").
profile murderers. 64 percent of femicide that occurred in Argentina were perpetrated by husband boyfriends or former partners of the victim, and in most cases-27 percent-women were shot to death.
One thing for other striking is that in 27 cases the victim had complained to his assailant, while in six, the killer had a warrant from the home.
The report also details that 17 made the perpetrator was a member of the security forces. As the age, 36 percent of femicide the assailant was between 19 and 30, and 31 percent, between 31 and 50.
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