Thursday, January 6, 2011

Unforgiven Cologne By Usher


more santiagueños Found in subhuman conditions.

A new police procedure and judicial santiagueños rediscovered in a total state of abandonment. The incident happened in the San Pedro, Buenos Aires, as it happened last week, where they discovered one hundred santiagueños living in subhuman conditions at harvest of maize. 69

"We are practically abandoned this is not fair, "he said angrily one of the 69 men who worked in earnest at the Estancia La Luisa, located in the Beladrich place in San Pedro. In this area of \u200b\u200b400 hectares temporarily resided in a group of peasants santiagueños, under unsanitary conditions, presumably reduced to slavery. The case is part of the investigation into events related to the crime of trafficking in rural settlements, which since last December, the prosecutor leading the UFI 6 San Nicolas, Rubén Darío Giagnorio. Since this work was discovered the exploitation of rural workers. In this case, the offending company is Southern Seeds Production SA (SSP), headquartered in Coral, Santa Fe One of the owners of the company, Alfredo Montealegre, was delayed, along with four foremen. The five will be investigated this week by the prosecutor. For its part, the Ministry of Labour left Buenos Aires closed the establishment. Hometown

The workers, who arrived in two batches on 15 and 29 December, deflowered corn every day for 12 hours. From a journalistic work of a morning Buenos Aires (Página/12) might know that sleep had about 30 bunk beds located in a canvas tent. In addition, they had no bathrooms or electricity. Perishable foods were kept outdoors. The transferred water to bathe the in cans of pesticides. "Since we are there never saw a doctor. Several had diarrhea and one affects the tumor. Also, do not know what geographical location they were, "said the prosecutor in this journal. All had been brought from their villages in Santiago del Estero, with the promise of good working conditions, compared with which they are accustomed. The peasants could not leave the room because everyone at risk of losing employment. If using more food than they were allocated, they said the foreman, were discounted over the salary, which was 1100 pesos per hectare.

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