Saturday, January 29, 2011

Freak Dancing In Leggings

1 º 2 º spinach pastry prawns / DESSERT: Mandarins

Today it is cold and weather stripping are invited to be in Little House on the round table, but before that you have to eat! As you have noticed I love the recipes for puff pastry and baked, and that will not be less than other rich muyyyyyy recetilla. Today I happened to ...:

SPINACH PASTA Ingredients: 2 plates
A brik pastry cream 250g cooking spinach
Raisins Pine
roquefort cheese Sal

First preheat the oven to stop while we boiled the pins with a little salt.

We put in the oven at low temperature 1 plate of pastry with some holes for steam to escape.

and sauté in the pan while the boiled and well drained espinaquitas with pine nuts, raisins, cheese, diced and whole pot of cream. My mother adds a little oil, one egg and you sauté 2 cloves of garlic, but garlic, then the truth is not noticeable and added oil and egg him get a little heavier, so I forget the egg, there is no need to flirt well, I forget the cream oil because there is enough fat and does not stick to the pan and I forget the garlic.

mix well and leave a Minutillo tapadito to be done.

When the pastry has risen and begins to brown take it out of the oven.

Do you see how they are being spinach?

I show this side of the pan to see how you do not goes without a drop of oil, fat of cream is sufficient. You see how it takes off? They have to be so, as when we croquettes and the dough begins to pull away from the pan alone.

Well now filled.

We cover the other plate of pastry and make you more holes.

Notice that due to the thickness we have to close the borders as when we make pies, but instead of using a fork is better that you use the toes or break you.

Now paint with egg yolk to make it shiny when done.

We bring the oven a quarter of an hour and ... tachannnn:

Look how rich


I tell you that although this takes spinach egg filled! So you have to think through what we put in second, it must be something not heavy, because it contains no fat and has a starter, but is nutritious food to meet the need, and I decided on a platter of seafood.

prawns grilled prawns few to be exact, which still had the Christmas holidays and is perfect for our menu. This is no secret, shrimp thawed at room temperature (this means that you have to get the night before precabida woman is worth two) will add salt and put them on the grill, nothing more, a little lemon and parsley .

DESSERT: Mandarin
And for dessert as a little fruit, no?

To see what you think, then tell me.

As Julia Child would say ... APETIT BOOOOOOON !!!!!


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