Saturday, January 22, 2011

How Old Do You Have To Be To Go To A Bathhouse

1, Cream of pumpkin 2 º Tortilla Shrimp / Custard

Today I tell you one of the zenith I do very often: Cream of pumpkin and shrimp tortilla.

I know that not all are at home to prepare dinner, prepared and time is short today, but the tortilla is done in a wee country and the cream made you can leave and take it several times, so invirtais time today will be useful for dinner several nights, nothing to buy brik soups look good by showing, the best always, do it yourself.

PUMPKIN CREAM Ingredients:
pumpkin 1rodaja
1 potato 2 cloves garlic, chicken broth
oil Salt White pepper

diced all the ingredients and a dash of salt, oil and sauté about 5 minutes to take some color. Then add chicken broth I grind everything.

We add the bay leaf and white pepper and cook about 20 minutes over low heat.

This is the result:

Those who regularly follow me this recipe because you will sound very similar to the leek soup, the truth is that they have the same base, but is that I love and just need to add some vegetables such as squash or zucchini to give another touch but for me, as I say, bay leaf and white pepper: IN-DIS-PEN-SA-BLES for vegetable soups.

Ah, another thing, I never made cream or cream cheese to the cream, because I like very heavy, what I do is add more potato potato or less depending on whether I want is soup or cream . Try you, and tell me if it is more Lger.

PRAWNS OMELETTE Ingredients: 2 eggs
4 cloves garlic Salt
This recipe was my grandmother when I was little, why I like both. First
GARLIC braise in a pan and when you are starting to brown add the shrimp and salt.

Two Minutillo has evaporated some water from the shrimp he curdled eggs on top and make the omelette.

is very rich and not crowded at all. With all the food and very little fat.

This is my dinner today.

And for dessert:
Auque package they are, the truth is that the pudding if I do I, but the custard ... I have to investigate to see how they do it without polvitos rare.

GOOD NIGHT AND that you should rest.


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