Wednesday, December 29, 2010

How To Use Of Quadriderm

1 º vegetables sauteed 2 º mullet fried / Dessert: Grapes Peak season Saturday

Well well well, after a season chunga with malicious tonsillitis that kept me out of the game, now re-emerge from my own ashes and I'll finally returning to the day. Go
more week
chaotic ... clothes without ironing, shopping to do, fast food ... to and happy to be okay, why was he who said that neither love nor health pay with cash!

And to whet your appetite today I made a vegetables, I do not put a step by step because it led me to photograph everything, but I will tell you how I did:

Ingredients: Artichokes
chopped green beans red pepper
Peas Garlic Prawns
Salt Tarragon Oil
1 egg Chopped tomato

removed from the freezer and some vegetables have thawed temperatura ambiente, las gambas y el pimiento rojo también, porque lo compro fresco y lo congelo en porciones ya picadito para cuando me hace falta un puntito en la paella o los revueltos. Me gusta mucho el sabor que da.

He picado 4 ó 5 dientes de ajo en una sartén con un chorrito de aceite y cuando ya ha empezado a dorarse he añadido las verduras y lo he tapado. Unos minutos después le he añadido el tomate triturado, las gambas, el estragón y la sal, removemos y lo volvemos a tapar. Cuando ya esté casi, le cuajamos encima un huevo por persona, lo justo para que se haga la clara pero que la llema se pueda mojar.
Ala, a comer.

fried mullet

This is not secret: salt, pepper, floured and fry in hot oil. Blue fish is sooo rich, I love good, although you can not eat every day because it is darling.

What better than to take the fruits of the season!

¡¡¡¡¡¡ And happy new year to tod @ s!!


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