Sunday, December 12, 2010

Bernardelli Gardone Mod.60

Zenith Saturday at home, the dish for my husband is the guacamole, though, well not be called "dish" is just a fact avocado pate is placed in the pan or dipear. Saturday there will not, is pure fiber, though it contains many fatty acids (of which are positive for the organism, yes)) and calories, can not talk about it one hundred percent complete, so if we add a protein like chicken (which is low in fat, not to increase) and some hydrate as bread, rice, potatoes or corn cakes, mmmmmm full menu Saturday night!


Well everyone does it their way, in Mexico they put pepper and tomato, but not me.
This is my recipe, as good as anyone:
  • 2 ripe avocados (because if they are not cost you more cuddly crush with a fork and you may even feel bad)
  • half juice
    lemon Salt
  • garlic powder (more digestive raw garlic and the same stroke)
  • Perrins sauce A dash of Worcester Sauce or, as my father. This sauce is the key to get out the guacamole, gives it a special point that I love. For those who do not may know is a sauce that comes from the UK, basically a mixture of vinegar, molasses and spices, you can find in most supermarkets next to the soy sauce and not too expensive, it is also for use a few drops are not outrageous. I've ever seen at home and my mother also used in the pureed vegetables or some meat, my father and I love the tomato juice. Surely you have seen ever.

Well I said this only you have to grind the meat of the avocado with a fork and add all these ingredients mixed. Serve with nachos for example, and ... go!

Another little interesting! I used to buy the typical Doritos, but now I found these which are of Mercadona, are a little cheaper, are made with sunflower oil and know almost equal nachos others I do not know anything and they are muyyyy rich.

main course I put my chicken pitta already showed you the other at once, there's the link if you do not remember.

And for dessert ... One of the ice cream popsicles!



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