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the 'Canto of the secrecy' of Lopez Dzur

Carlos Lopez Dzur / Video

During the second presentation of launch of 15 books on the market place the new Wonder Collection editorial, the author Dzur Carlos Lopez was present and presented his book along with other colleagues in the publishing enterprise. The managers of the wonderful collection two multidisciplinary artists: Néstor Barreto, also a poet, Teo Freytes and planner, Jorge Carbonell.

The first presentation was held on April 6, 2011 in Cabaret / Rio Ponce de Leon Avenue in Rio Piedras. In this second presentation, they found Angel Luis Mendez, Alberto Prieto, Carlos López Dzur, Chiara Merino, Enrique Puig, Esteban Valdés, Héctor Babylon Net Roberto Carlo, and their managers, and Nestor Teo Freytes Barreto.

It Dzur talked with Lopez and his book, we learned that recently has been impeached in Puerto Rico, after 32 years of absence from his homeland. Néstor Barreto presented it as a university educator, multicultural, philosopher Heidegger and grower of genres of story, poetry and criticism. Collection The collection of poems published Lopez Maravilla Dzur is "the first notebook that contains its political and historical meditation on the so-called American Dream." López Dzur offers its public mythologizing process by which poor and middle class U.S. have dreamed, with deep self-deception, dreams which barely met. The book is, therefore, attack unmasking of secrecy and political liar, demagogic and closed doors.

in parliamentary politics, is mentioned often a secrecy that is the creation of mechanisms obtrusive and endless mazes of obstacles so that there is no access to basic information on legislative and management can not meet the standards of transparency and legitimacy that the people deserve among those represented. The secrecy keeps the information private, public reference blocks on major issues, so that silence becomes against a people. If we want a political reading of this book of poems in the "Preamble" start keys. There is an invitation to seek the voice that is silent, which is brave, which can be undertaken with a common cause and substantially beneficial. Then, that voice would be the politician / leader responsible / the revolutionary / willing to listen to his people and take action for and with him looking

essential that
whose voice has been: Speak!
I'm listening. Give me your word and your pain
clear, let us
in the presence and hope. Deliver
, unite for no
who silenced us and we out!

[ Canto the secrecy, 1]

But a second key in the poems, if the reading is not intended to social-political. The "I coward" and logificados artificial frames of silence and silence, although they are conspiratorial against the State, so are against the same individual I. The hermetic created the nobodies with delusions, a deluded and cowardly.

have captured the Don Nobody, I afraid,
dreamer, happy, unified in their DM artificial
logificados by silences and pseudo-conspiracies.

Nothing heard, nothing communicate
when the cry is get organized and speak;
speech even if it hurts the mouth
lie and the truth will take you bleed and teeth.

[ Canto the secrecy, 3.]

The devastating anti-tight voice that brings López Dzur critical splash with his current one with the seal of secrecy swarms in history, or the premises of the ideological superstructure humandad. In this case it is false esotericism, or other that put the barriers to objective knowledge, putting 'fables, wisps of the inner world. " Recall that secrecy is also known as a "set of philosophical and religious beliefs, largely based on writings attributed to Hermes Trismegistus' or initiation schools that teach about" awakening the Hidden Power within us "through initiations mantric, planetary , lighting and climb to the "Lost Word" in the boundless ocean of Life. Before you add

broadsides against the spiritual secrecy, in this particular book, he prefers to use one of the fairy tales collected by the brothers Whilhelm Jacob Grimm. It is one of Charles Perrault (1628-1703), French author Cinderella or glass slippers.

Lopez has managed to raise Dzur parody and malice that contain fairy tales or children apparently by this author. He said enjoys Perrault controversial texts, including: The Century of Louis the Great (1687), Parallel of the Ancient (1688) and Modern (1692), who ripped off criticism of Boileau, attacks to codify the principle of authority.

Tales From Mother Goose (1697) Perrault, Lopez Dzur paradoxes makes poetry, skits and morals on the vaunted American democracy, the policies of the Founding Fathers ("American Founding Fathers") and first constitutional , stories of the past fossilized in the American Dream.

The Song of the secrecy is a sincere invitation to bold, to speak without secrecy about American history, Founding Fathers and American Dream. In fact, an anti-hermetic song that recreates the story of "Cinderella" / so the American Nation is the maid that Perrault's story "was always dirty and blackened with ash," so stepsisters' gave him the nickname Cinderella. " López Dzur said that the wicked stepsisters and stepmother in North America or in nations with populations proletarianized are the 'political' home '.

Read "Cinderella" story of forgiveness as a sincere and not understand the social model of reading is what Lopez Dzur called "succumbing to the closed", there are many things that must pass before the girl Cinderella / Nation / giving without complaint and help their sisters in order to live a decent life, together with his stepmother. Lee agrees with the moral of the story by Perrault: "Do not despise the humble, always unseen treasures." The Fairy Godmother gives Cinderella values, not merely external beauty. There are interesting texts to explain the nature of the Fairy and these values, which are obtainable through the lessons and assimilation of the suffering inflicted upon operators (his sisters), who consider themselves more beautiful and worthy. But at last, who becomes the queen, to be 'rich treasure to be admired ", says Perrault. she is, she was raised, by desollinador encenizada dirty floors in the house of his stepmother. Cenienta is the working class. López
style does not moralize Perrault, but agrees with the idea that progress is possible thanks to the arts as much as science, and there are historical moments or centuries / they have superiority over others in the particular experience of culture, e. g, the age of Louis on the Augustan age. "It would be a secrecy that is the moral conclusion as a mere advice to find a husband, rich and famous, to hunt the prince and put on the shoe that does not serve: 'Fine, you know, rather than walk properly combed / o it in an effort to win hearts / that as virtues fairies grant you, / goodness and kindness, the most precious gifts. " "I see in this little story a social parable and give the task to the closed two things above all embody the ideas, not hiding pluralize knowledge and consequently, when available elements or symbols, dream symbols appropriate, know that you lie the cosmic consciousness and understand the criticism because the shoes / values \u200b\u200bto tread firm lost, hidden, unless you know snoop on the foot and the direction that must be dealt with dignity and admiration for. "

Dzur For Lopez, the American Dream of the sisters of Cinderella is soñarrera and Happy Nation mere propaganda, but in the life of Cinderella so there is humiliation, exploitation and disregard of their sisters. In this regard, with the secrecy: It's been glorified

's view that dominates
thinking of the elites.
narcissism that does not renounce the nonsense and guidelines that draw

top ... Cinderella is the exploited nation that remains silent. His enemies may be within his own family and be exalted leadership. The poems he dedicated to Washington are hard: "remain silent, Father of the Nation ... / You too, Mr. Washington ..." ( CH, 5 and 6.) Lie the inconsistencies of the Founding Fathers of the American nation '.

The first part of the book is a description of "The Blind." This is "The Voice" interpretración speaker who will rebuild the new, not airtight, the nation and American democracy. Let's look at these texts in the section first: "The blind", which contains 29 Porma.

Those who are watching us from there
are the eyes of the nation, Fathers of the Nation.
Everyone has a stone face drawn.
A monument that was never stale.

And more than its historic name, also took the Brit
essence of the constitutions. More real than marble or bronze
busts are
open wounds and pains, blood-stained
fields and cities. Children of America
recover that memory at this moment! Is necessary. Is indispensable.
heroic memory of the past! Look beyond

heroes Lexington and Concord.
directly Revolution unleashed against the Parliament.
George Washington that sealed the Independence and declared
truth and hopefully will last forever.

Look there: Continental Congress adopted a flag
, only six stars and stripes,
but this was the beginning of the Free States
after the Battle of Princeton. The struggle in Saratoga
ordered the victory with a firm hope.

Those faces represent the heroes that the world saw the aurora
libertarian, those with
Washington met in Philadelphia and New Hampshire.

Name them, people with me. They are the truth
of a territory known
unfortunate slavery, wars of the French colonist
against the Indians, the taxes on sugar,
Intolerable Acts, the ignominious
the British colonial presence and gendarmerie.

Name them, nation, because they have admitted that the Earth
America has been open to all and will be generous. The territory is vast
and Quaker, the Jewish, Catholic, Christian, whatever their origin
are worth
immigrate, sing with me. They should be free, productive exercise
in, all welcome ...

honest man, helpful,
seeds of new generations with future
joyfully sing the names mentioned:
Washington, Jefferson, Hamilton, Adams! Graben

the Bill of Rights in their hearts.
may be out of their consciousness that Charter
there forever!


Assemble yourselves together, O nation without shame
Zephaniah: 2: 1

not let this truth at the mercy of artifice.
not permit. From a tunnel ear, hear
worth a thousand reasons to condemn the evils
past and break the chains and the power Colonial
unjustly imposed.
not let the truth at the mercy of artifice.

Using rigged political rhetoric, walk in danger
patriots, people

goodwill and future business.

are not complicit in that howling in the shadows,
fed in secrecy. Those who, in 1776,
signed their Declaration of Free Men
are educators, not the hounds
for outrage, or silence bite. That there

party today because the Leviathan
approaches, the weather, the Great Darkness. Fiesta
in consciousness, not on the streets. Fiesta
emerging amid the mourning!

Let this memory as meditation the world. Open
smell great, intensely.
And the more blind
understand and bring your dog well and finally say: Get out of your breasts
the cry
will not be accomplices or reactionary bourgeoisie!
not let this truth at the mercy of artifice. Let
again revolutionaries.


And the blind man, standing
met people who knew him and came to hear. A diverse crowd,
he could, put them together in the square.
In fact, he was The Voice,
no pupils. In fact, it was the smell, the nose and
not actually had itself
all time, archaic and archetypal wisdom
times, in addition to the present.

With all memory and power of his word, read in his heart
Great Promise,
the oath signed in Philadelphia
and principles enshrined in the Charter of Rights.

And indeed he was older than Vermont and the Union;
in fact, he was more than a blind man in North America;
in fact, he was the voice and conscience of the world ...

4 .

Because his face grew old and did not respect
his eyes, the blind out of the shadows.
was presented with the entire value of its self-presence.
and claimed: "Here I am! With courage that defies
absences, with pain that moves rocks.
See! We need to confront the watershed
of my eyes, see my mouth, if anger is shaking!
See my pupils who, seeing no understand!
I am angry and disappointed! But I'm the voice
the future! ".

"If I said what I heard
since in my cell sector saw me,
if I accuse those who
I fumbled my way and ignored me if I accused
to which I drew the eyes,
insurance and without joy, tremble;
and I, I trembled alone, and do not tremble
; not tremble when
if I have The Voice, hearing, touch and Noble
Smell. Sometimes a little lust
that soothe or satisfy my anxieties. "

"I have seen many cowards and traitors:
Suffice to say one: Benedict Arnold
and knew not see it was him, I could not describe
. Only aware of his crime.

He said: I will not kill you. You're a fucking blind
and saw my gestures subtle vibration, fled alone.
would have liked to see in the spectrum after
said as I left the Cavern of the mute
wanted to give me what I am, in fact, not pupils.

I am the voice, smell
magnified since the days of the dull, cold cave, aphotic
the embers of the sudden,
course anywhere, and yet, I am increasingly powerful and ...
because sleep protecting you pity me, educated me '...


... revive thy work in the midst of the times;
in the midst of the years make known;
in wrath remember mercy.

Habakkuk 3:2

"I am looking for a good Parliament.
A conference to listen, a holy people.
A friend of Man. And see me: my dress
is shabby and my rod
is my sole purpose of living.

A witch in the flesh after me.
I was blinded from ancient times.
can not kill the man in me.
also would face fierce
the angel of my dog. Or a fairy
enlightening, but horrible reality
bleeding in the crossroads.

can not, but I
harass and rob me how much they want. I'm going to Providence.
Only then did I bring my pet.
This time I will give my reasons in Rhode Island
because there, I met Roger Williams,
there praised his name, there I learned about its merits. Many silent

I exist and I saw
and I called their world ... I challenged
chance without structure and the echo of mimesis ...
Williams said, "That's good." It took

other solidarities, perhaps
of foreign data challenges and I have left,
century after century, have left me empty-handed
; even more unknown and only ...
so tight I do not like.

And I hate, because my loneliness and helplessness
have not contributed more to bring my dog,
has been faithful friend, my guardian ...
But others what they are, cynical,
why, protagorianos, if in vain
trust in justice?

[ Canto the secrecy / frags.]

The second part or end of poems is titled "The Sandal" with a clear allusion to the glass slipper Perrault tale.

revolutionary book, demystifying and courageous, "Song of the secrecy" is available in bookstores in Rio Piedras, including La Tertulia or you can can ask publishers for e-mail: @ coleccion.maravilla

The publisher, Wonder Collection, have their workshops in San Juan Puerto Rico. ____

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