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Pain In Jaw After Big Meal

The most beautiful experience of the human

... the reasons for Theocritus,
with the spirit of Virgil / Publius Vergilius Maro


Each person is different. Unlike
Phrygian and Thracian, the bistonio
and the Trojan ... different is the techne of
ambitious when it claims its individuality, its peculiar
being and accommodation to be distinct from others,
one with less gear and resources, but in Unit
of the many and diverse,
his eyes. Is different and slow
harmony with some /
other / seek his righteousness for they are always

Finding in Primary ...


"... Cultures evolve toward greater complexity in stages following slow processes, and to a lesser complexity giving more radical steps. Despite the many contingent paths followed by the history of mankind, would regularities in cultural evolution that can be identified using computational phylogenetic methods. " Thomas Currie and Ruth Mace A

essences to build the most beautiful experience one
and balances on the cosmic scale
or falls. You should know from birth
to celebrate what come, as appears,
can wear on the road and escocota.
O being who Polymestor, rex Thracum,
hurl his throat pierced by back:
exanimem scopulo subiecto misit in undas ... Go

know, sing and see their caution
as soon as possible, to live is to learn. Individuality is only

journey and process adjustments to accounts.
The person must be the fruit
and bad is not eating the ripe crop
without waiting for the sweetness of the most beautiful experience:
be a person, although there are risks,
challenges ranging between good and evil, between
pain and satisfaction,
between erranza and delayed success.
Each person is different and not know
is bitter and is not mature as cannibalism

truncated to fate.


"The physical world has a dynamic structure that produced the enormous diversity of beings and phenomena that we find through the senses. It is a pluralist system in continuous change, however, enjoys an internal substrate that sustains, governs and unifies' David Bohm

Everything living, sentient, not for destruction
Everyone in any way
process said: "Help!" Help me because vulnerable, and will complete a live
quiet perpetuation
instance, my value, worth
the size of mine,
the most beautiful experience of achievement that is hidden, or merely appears and
or mutual effort stretches partners tread.
were born and we want someone
mercy is the best indication of solidarity,
human essence, 'help me' cause I'm worth
and maybe good for nothing
in principle
because I am weak, but I am ambitious and I have
faith in foreign aid,
help me because, strictly speaking, I guess the self-Advent
Give me one direction, pushing this stone
out of stumbling, fighting with me
the impasse, I would love you the gratitude of the child
he learned that a bid
mother when he was captive in the dark worlds


Before speaking on the impulse
Brutal Murder and
cursed thirst of gold (because that natural love and good will of the Finding
kills, loots,
forget ambition / quid non
pectorals mortality cogis / auri sacra fames!,
will be a little salt, pinch of regret
(I mourn the death of Elisa, Nemoroso,
Salicio tell you my love and your rejection, Galatea).
I also mourn my father gave me
wealth before the Trojan War. Find

be my old god / nobility of Treasury /
to find him because we were born, despite everything,
and tell him that, basically, we are grateful, as I said the singer
rustic to assess pain
failed love and what did their best
nostalgia; the Find us back
the child away from the Eclogues and Mr
asked to be told stories of heroes who preceded purest

Murder (your death, Polidoro, son of Priam,
your divestitures, male
Mantua, betrayals the Thracian)
on children of rural singers,
not driven by a greedy and ambitious spirit nor the Phrygian
who shows you his palace as a guest
and conspires for the advice of Father
separate you Phrygiisque removit
ab armis
not possible and die ...


"The creation of a quantum brain state after the action of non-local forces, would explain the mystical experience as the direct action of the cosmic mind of an individual mind ... as matter generates macroscopic quantum coherent states, the brain could be exploited of these physical properties and cohere to form a whole. This scientific hypothesis requires searching non-local physical interactions Aspect-Bell type, adjusted to the brain, allowing quantum crimping. " David Bohm

The primary finding is not certain
Blessed Mission, will have to make
warrior / sweet amujerado Virgilio / Maro!
see the rustic childhood shot
the epic device of murderers,
victory at the Battle of Philippi against Octavian's army and murderers

model called the patricians, Julius Caesar ...

To know that quantum coherence
hides the true freedom crimp
and macroscopic ontology, Octavio
to pay their vets city expropriated land, deprives
who inherits you in your land.
guard stands before you
as Patron to a mystical / meaning of your life
that the ideal is to be / be free forever
and, in northern Italy,
the world may seem chaotic or
the wilderness of the dispossessed
or archaic memory
Trojan War is only the road that would count.
pastor, Hellenistic hexameters
with bucolic / Georgics / eclogues
doubt because you know, mourn his loss,
feel what Nemoroso from the rural areas, but you can not stop doing
spiritual work, the
warrior with the deadliest weapon against doubt,

Then, documents to be carried out with a task
Aires, Rivers, Suns,
biomes, apologists
fields become of your Father,
macroscopic property of your being in the world and I knew I sing , Arma
uirumque tube, heroic weapons
and worthy political and social ideals of freedom and
you describe are
weighed the good man ...


"All animals are mine; Many roam the valleys, others are hidden in the woods or take shelter in caves. [...] Milk, like snow, I never lack, a drinking party, the other curd.

[... pecus hoc omne meum est, multae quoque vallibus errant, fines tegit silva, [...] antris multae stabulantur in lac mihi semper ADEST niveum: pars inde bibenda Servatur, partem liquefacta clot for " Met. 13821-822]

man worthy of the rural areas, with the wise
face cradled in the atmosphere
and physical interactions, nonlocal,
and a central sun Sirius
governing the galaxy light,
says that the sun descompodrán each substance
color, temperature, sound, magnetism,
renewed energy, essentially libertarian. Galas
whiteness / presence Galatica! He referred

words of Virgil, Seneca and Hesiod.
not want in your world the burden of anger, lust
that is so insane as
pride or greed, nor want to laziness,
nothing available inside the sun may move
vaporous helium and no mineral life,
plant, animal and human
concluded that spirit and matter are perfectly balanced and embody
as humble villagers in the fields.
would step not as Polidoro, son of Priam,
Thracian palace executioner
or constructed cities
to see as corrupt and
blazing Troy.
The world should be white again
as rich as milk and grass
full of animals and he Polyphemus
satisfied owner, never cries.

7. Leave

soliloquy, Nemoroso,
now than it was shady as forest
penalty becomes memoirist, Nemoris
wealth. Reacts, Nemo, the female nymph
opened his eyes and looked into the endless resources
, was immense treasures available

(where all there is renewed).

Rebuild your love song
not regret, Polyphemus, who asked
Theocritus Idyll for the new seductive.
Love was written for his awakening,
predestined was already recorded in the souls and Damon
reported it to the Pierides,
Alfesibeo witnessed:
"Not everyone can do all things"; but choose the recorded
Nereids soul is possible. Wake
sentences, Nemoroso,

Elisa / Galatea / Nereids loved
eye of cyclops / prophets of Ajna Chakra,
not die with death,
not associated with fossil excresencia. Becoming
no end of bodies

transcendencies not pause and the afterlife is sustainability,
eternal present, worthy of
dynamic circle of life, biofuel presence of old forest
you called Nemoris
why not find comfort, only the fossil

Wear in solid coal in dark

oleaginous oil and gas smell, fumes mephitic
accumulations have been tearful
of archaic creatures that died
(who knew exactly how many millions
of years or centuries past?

Ya, fossilized over time by the whimsical mind of lament are merely
traces coal or oil).
Who will say to a poem by Virgil / Ovid /
Theocritus / Savannaro / Garcilaso
you need for comfort, Nemoroso:
that sun power is not spent, air milling
winds, magnets
love quantum unit
visits to bid farewell to the ghosts
of wetlands
forest and marine plankton masses
accumulated in the deep sea?


With high-energy bonds,
your world will be
the most beautiful of all worlds, your experience of love

no cause for tears.
Light and darkness does not mean
the shady forest, the lodge the monster
before the tragic end of the beauty ... Here
described as the possibility of renewal.
organic matter partly decomposed

lack of oxygen and the action of temperature, pressure
and certain bacteria,
have been a secret depository
and primary findings are
stores with high-energy bonds .


"The essence of building is letting dwell. [...]
Only if we live we can build '
Martin Heidegger

along the experience more beautiful than human
is to avoid dwelling
be forgotten. That
original ethics becomes ignorance
indeterminacy of having,
failure of thinking
alive and not know or you have
Salicio by establishing his being
not know Nemo, the Cyclops
to forget that the world
has its world - and there
environment mermaids on it ...
A world where participants enjoy their opening

discovering and agreements before taking
called people.


"The rule the provisions means:
man is engaged, challenged and provoked
by a power that becomes manifest in the essence
art, and that he does not dominate 'Martin Heidegger

What are you doing of dwelling [das Wohnen]
you, inspector blind eye, myopic lens,
you, with the boarding pupilerío Gestell
and the beasts?
Protejes "something with schützen
task under the sailor-poet calls
the 'why, of
protections for the world, before the Cuatarnidad,
to everything you want,
or unwilling, gods? ... The Argonaut tool

their fight against the imposition
from an overall position which is the structure of Caada
location, device,
disposition, your willingness Nemoroso
, measure across the space
make the home life ....


"... a scene to represent our life ": Martin Heidegger

Respect the place where cows grazed, where honor

meows and whirring every cat,
the earth and the world that opens or closes
willing to the midas
and build on it to
it ate a Arca, Argonaut,

place for the rescue when danger abounds,
place to protect you and your habitual
check without the risk of neglect and loneliness
because someone will have to take care of you and you
take care of it, as there
return even if you go there is always linked to temples
loneliness ponerr
brackets and aligning internal structures and accompanying
must be
-ins, because the forests
nemora in the dark islands,
in dropouts is
and existential suffering alone, it set auquel
invented his weakness and helplessness,
hysterical - heroic constancy looming
in death by his conscience. Search
, Nemoroso, a place to represent life

gives meaning to cover the living, care for and build what is most desired
, Proximity.


Place of living (Ort des Wohnens)

The most beautiful experience of the human
(which causes intimate and self
reunion itself) is what gives, per stay,
its truth in the be not only environment.
willed man in his native element,
in Claror of being, in his light.

I suffer Nemo, the shady,
withdrawn for lack of light, ajor
lack of truth, because his house naked
not provide security, shelter is their home!

be sought (at the risk of bursting into the sea towards the Colchis
Claror that truth of which is more than the place of living,
refuge in the 'state of no-retreat'
and how happy the Sino
Pubic Hair Company, full power hill
that salvation in the hairy
intuidad praxis of solidarity!

... why is white like Galatea
Lichtung, Claror milk.
Truth be and what to hide, it lit
close to what has been born, attained
"... not as a mere added
like shadows into the light, but as
heart of Aletheia. " ____

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