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My Camera Doesnt Work On Chatroulette

By Rav Michael Berg

Passover was injected into the system Creation, so that no matter how far a person has fallen spiritually at any point in the cycle of 365 days, he or she can still connect to the Passover in the next year, at which point the process stops the fall. Because Passover light enters the world each year, no one has to undergo a full course of 400 days of the spiritual fall and enter the gates 50 of impurity.

The Omer Count: The Nachal Avei explains the structure of the Omer Count (49 days between Passover and Shavuot) is a great gift from the Creator, and that by connecting to the Account Omer, have access to an enormous power. He said that the Creator not only gave us the ability to stop the process of fall (which is the purpose of Passover, as just discussed), but that the Creator wanted to give us a rocket to help us raise the 50 Doors of Purity.

Like a rocket, the power of the Omer Count accelerate our progress through space and time so that when we connect with this spiritual tool, flying through a whole door - eight days worth of pure spiritual work - in just a few minutes. Thus, the Counting of the Omer for only five to ten minutes every night for 49 days between Passover and Shavuot, we are indeed able to work 400 days of pure connection. This is an amazing revelation!

With the help of this gift from the Creator, even if a person is at Gate 49 of impurity before Passover, which will enter at least the first door of the purity of the moment comes Shavuot. And if a person happens to be on the front door of purity before Passover, Shavuot and it will at Gate 50 of the purity of bilateral lanetzach hamavet - withdrawal of death. This means that if we all connect to the Counting of the Omer, nobody in the world have any negativity at the end of these 49 days. Therefore, these 49 days a year are so powerful.

When astronauts travel into space, the G-force created by his speed puts a huge strain on their bodies. The same applies when moving quickly through the spiritual time. Counting the Omer exerts enormous pressure on our soul. Do not have a choice, the pressure will be there, one way or another. The question is whether or not we use pressure ourselves to push through the doors 49 of purity. The good news is that these 49 days are so incredibly powerful that no other time throughout the year in which we can accomplish what we accomplished in these 49 days. Rabbi Abraham Azulai

said: "We have the 49 days and 50 th day - Shavuot - the revelation is not called the Torah, the revelation of freedom of death On Shavuot, everyone should have achieved a level of connection, of purity, of. holiness, according to their spiritual growth. Even the lowest in the world soul, which is at Gate 49 of impurity in the beginning of the Omer Count, but that makes the connection available during the 49 days of the Omer will begin to enjoy the Creator's light at the time of Shavuot comes around because they have risen to take the first of the 49 doors of Purity. Which is quite high for the Gates of impurity and is connected to either zero or below the doors of Purity on Passover, and that the necessary connection of the Omer Count, you can enter at Gate 50 of the purity Shavuot and achieve freedom from the Angel of Death. "

thil When using the tool of the Omer Count to help us raise our spiritual growth, we will enter the doors of Purity - connecting doors - no matter what level we were before we begin our spiritual journey. It is an understanding and an incredible gift that none of us should lose none of us should ignore.

The Zohar tells us that Moses entered the gate 50 of the purity and that "the eight" refers to the energy and power required to drive each of us through one of the 50 th Gates.

The Chesed Abraham says there is a particular momentum that takes place during the 49 nights of Passover to Shavuot, which gives us an opportunity not to come at any other time of year. We know that every night the soul leaves the body and during this time there is an angel to help - either Michael or Samech Mem, waiting to be in our soul. Depending on our spiritual connection and our actions that day, our soul is rather high and have one of the doors of Purity or, God forbid, down at the gates of impurity. Therefore, we connect to the Counting of the Omer at night, giving special assistance to our soul before leaving our body so that when you go, take one of the angels Archangel Michael assistant.

When we perform the Counting of the Omer, it is as if we were saying, 'Here is our passport. Here's our ticket to being released to another door of the Gates of Purity. "

Hopefully, Now that we understand the power of the Omer Count , really going to act on these opportunities so that at the time Shavuot arrives, we will be in the spiritual place where the soul has to be.

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pesach learned that in light injection received during the seder to help build the internal vessel, to rebuild the spiritual muscle, that prior to pesach lost the ability to restrictions, sharing of seeing things beyond us, these are all skills from God.

Many lost one or 2 or many these skills.

pesach rebuild the muscle in order to have the strength for the whole year

After that, just 48 hours we lose this light that we won the light on Passover.

why we sometimes feel weird after Passover, a lonely feeling of loss.

loss because we needed to feel it and release it and now we're going to spend 49 days rebuilding the vessel.

But we know that low energy do not connect with that energy.

seder's 15 steps coincide with the 49 days. The same energy

divided into 7 weeks.

The omer is the process for which to receive the gift of Shavuot.
The omer is the result of the light that is about to reveal,
There is no challenge before this birth to be revealed.
There is a revelation, is there a process you will be presented.
But the process had shavuot omer would be a normal day.
This alone should excite us about this process omer.

On Passover receive free light from the point of view of the light, we did not have much to do with it, the omer receive light from the point of the vessel, and these days is the process in order to receive it, is our process.
know we're going to go through this process.

is a time of trial, it is as if each were a court trial, where people will come to tell us what is wrong with us. We are sitting in court and people and situations will seem to show us what is wrong with us and we must pay attention to that.

In short what is the worst we can do when we go through a process of challenges, because I do think that God is to deny the creator, is not to accept the process that we are moving, angry, ponermos in victims. From the moment we question what is in our way we are uncertain in the light.
When depressed basically say there is no god in any way.

As we leave this? When we believe we are about to lose control or have these negative thoughts.

We must ask why is this in our Tikkun, because it is in our movie without getting a victim.

The moment we think we are going to fall, we have to say I want to change and I can change a kind of mantra, believe it or not and do not feel at that time, nor most of the time it say, that brings light and surrounding Los Angeles positive, it helps you to change, in those dark moments are not going to ca
mbiar, bringing light surrounding our lives ... leads us to the process of change.
In this second change, awareness and put you in the right place.

On Satan tries to convince us that what we want to change has to be now and if it fails because it is a process.

1-The bigger the challenge, the process will be the biggest revelation of light on Shavuot. 2-
going to be challenging situations in the process. 3-Aca
told the story of Rabbi Akiva and his students were a very select group and to be part of them at least had to raise the dead, during the omer the same plague killed 42,000 and left alive to 5 them.

helped the 42,000 others but to the point where it was not a threat to their own success.

The 5 who lived were the only one who taught without an agenda, who cared for others ... no matter if that risked his position, or if they should be higher than them.

that is occupying the others managed to succeed in their spiritual journey.
all help but when we see something of ours is at risk, or that a person can be more successful than we do not like.

is easier to help someone for whom we feel superior conditions, or for example if a friend is in another area does not cost us but I was in the same area that we probably we would not worry so much that you do as well.

The idea is to choose someone it costs us to help you grow spiritually, that person qa us represents a challenge, and we are afraid to help because our place is at stake. __

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