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Cruisy Areas In Syracuse

Apollyon Omer Count , Animal and Other Poems corajina

Apollyon, THE ANGEL of the bottomless pit

"When fats and meat proteins swimming in the human body is like an oil pollution at sea. The cells in the immune system are completely paralyzed because they can not neutralize these harmful particles, this is not strange to be so closely linked with the consumption of meat to the emergence of uncontrollable disease. " Ministry and the Centre for Cancer Research Heidelberg (Germany)

And asked who gained more pompous and boastful
the Bottomless Pit of Satisfactions:
"What's your name?" And

"My name is Legion, for we are many."
It said servant of humanity.
"I Prince of the World." Then you

: Abaddon
the Terminator.

"I, who come to redefine the shechitah
because the Pork Checkoff, Pork is good!
I that I come to negotiate
management of soils, because Global Warm is good!
I that I come to redefine the world of poverty, Mass Production and
because capitalism Are Good!
I that I come to negotiate peace
because War is a sort of Need For Peacetime!
I that promise the world come to
"Land flowing with milk and honey '.
I who am the Bottomless Pit
of Great Ambition. And the Noble

Rabbi, who depose
in his opinion, asked
"What do you propose the Grand Plan?"

"Freedom of choice for all of Your precepts
kashrut and shechitah: Give me everything
not have scales and fins,
dies of old age or defects in their internal organs.
Give me the blood that is processed
in ritual slaughter.
I choricero. Give me the most gullible
herds. Would sausages with them. Give me
most crude and savage,
you want it to suffer less during shechitah
of bleeding, because war does not need
of soft weeping or tears of mourning.
Give me every piece and cut of meat;
stay, if you like, with the forequarters.
(Let me be who decides who dies and is eaten.
We have to make alternative chemicals.)

Ahórranos the Leviticus 11, Chief Rabbi,
and give us discretion on any fat that you mortified.
Let the nation of the obese.
I responsible for the health of the sciatic nerve and cutting
livers with good chef knife
... the blood of the flesh always
have capillaries that reach every cell of your body
, the meat is good, bloody, and there
plant toxins. Not escape
glycosides, Kalmia, alkaloids ...
What does not make as walnut
briomina esculin and what has not dinga, Mandigo
has, Rabbi.

Give me eye drops and the convalarina
Christmas rose and black hellebore,
I have the heart to the lily markets
and digitoxin and all oleander and I am the Bottomless Pit
where the substance accumulates
and not go unpunished;
I am the black hole
market and free enterprise that sends
and alchemize all
and makes palatable.

By Dr. Timothy Leary

blow came with the joys and lots of marijuana ethyl.
said you died in the port
Boatswain's wall.

My crowd was happy at that festival
drank and danced into the night and got a coral
eyes that looked like the skeleton of the deceased
or tree death.

could have sworn it was you, bird lime
bottom of oblivion,
you, animal corajina
secaste you as a reptile of Erebus,
warped by Chaos and Darkness.

But not you.
was the censor who said the sailor: Lie
the waters of the cenote
and die with empty hands.

was not you, but the hand
mucilage in the press, the bitter pill
sad in so many moons Usumacinta.

I was there seeing everything,
one more with the sadness of his people. I wanted to die drunk
moon. 09-16-1979



I always knew that there is no free lunch. And I know there
deep crisis and we must seize
such crisis because faith also falls with the economies
. Gorbachev
glasnost had proposed and wanted to finish with two or three
corrupt and better
banish once and for all those cruel

that the same officials
exist in any system.

More cruel dictators than any Russian or Soviet
these genocidal Europeans
who kneel before the White House and the Pentagon in Washington
. Countries in the South, Central Latin America
. Those same
speaking against the Russians and steal more than they
run, kill, pursue, acallantan
more than they, but here,
dare say
harass dissidents, now lying on the sea, hidden

in forests or in unmarked graves, dug

squad of assassins paid by the CIA or
patróticos citizens of the Christian Right and militant free-enterprise.

There is nothing free.
have to break up an entire block,
must sever ties and take advantage of glasnost, perestroika
applaud, but at the same time,
in the shadows, incite the Armenians,
make enemies of Azerbaijanis in Nagorno foster
hell itself as we did since 1988 at least
have to promise what
missing (because nothing is free: you bid you
money. Money, money for democracy!

Let them know about what was discussed in Washighton:
"We got here at $ 24 billion package
Aid to the Former Soviet republics."

Listen, Lithuania,
here is 24 million pa 'to dance monkeys.
Listen, Latvia,
We got here at $ 24 billion Aid package.
ears open, Estonia,
here is 24 million.
Cheer up, Moldova
We got here at $ 24 billion Aid package and we want
CPSU urinate
of fear and the USSR is in tatters in the dirtiest
of his empire.


AS GORBACHEV stuff around

Boris Yeltsin was then
(and went and Eduard Shevardnadze djo
for him to say the same Gorbachev),
"you're an idiot, a communist soft
are going to let the yankee imperialism
starting the Baltic peoples Grand
the USSR Territory ...
you lack true Russian spirit,
Gorbachev, Gorbach pendejo ...
who learn nothing and nothing
Czarism of the Brezhnev era.

Since 1990
as president of the Russian parliament, Boris Yeltsin
not forgive you, and look at the hard line
and undo everything you did
and there are so many like him,
isolate you in kidnapping
stifle the military coup and
tell you that the Yankees are destroying the Empire
and see ... has resigned the Minister Eduard Shevardnadze
and I'll send for you to know (he drops the soup)
that's your fault, asshole Gorbach,
tool of Western capitalist right,
the Communist Party in the USSR, has been prohibited.
Ukraine declared independence with 90.3% of the vote. Comrade Yeltsin
three hell cares
all fuck. He says living
Ukraine and Belarus. Three Slavic republics

be an independent confederation so that you stay in the Black Sea
and escúrrete like a bag of shit,
there is no way to stop Estonia
(the Americans said, "We got here
to $ 24 billion Aid package and You Need
to go for it") and from December
warns' Latvia, We got here at $ 24 billion Aid package. "

Lithuania was the first to hear, and whom Gorbachev
bullshit, it reported

ContRay times in Moldova: "We got here at $ 24 billion Aid package.
to the Former Soviet republics. "

you learn now, people, that a project can

sovereign country and you have to go get it just because the enemy also
may be the United States, socialism erl
ineffective, next to the one you
capitalism exploits and cut your wings
and hopes.



not forget, Polish, 50 anniversary of the Massacre
in the forests of Katyn. Do not be sentimental.
Stalin and Beria did not want or their mothers. Matar

21.000 prisoners en masse
is like hunting with dogs,
kill ducks, shotgun.
Do not cry because it is over the Politburo.

And remember the Czechs. Next year they will be
remember the destruction of the village of Lidice,
Hitler Fascists
killings are also in Czechoslovakia and is 50 anniversary. Celebrate

, Lithuanian, something illegal is born in your effort.
bid on the March 11 independence.
The Soviet is the first time, the illicit. Give thanks to Comrade
Gorbach, without it,
or perestroika and glasnost,
not have been possible this achievement,
your Sajudis movement, anti-communist

Estonia, would not have believed you if you say.
"You are free to the Soviet Union.
But I know egalitarian and ecological
as you have always been:
close and love of nature, self
, genuinely democratic.

To be given this world order
Yankees opened up their asses, showed
their souls there in all that empire disintegrated,
were surveyed, explored all
read what you write, print it, you dream, what
view on TV or hear on the radio.
What is your interaction with the government?
do you think of Gorbachev? Or do you think Yeltsin
is more appropriate? What do you think, Estonian,
on the yankees or capitalism, or the European Union
How does it feel, Lithuanian, and free, how it compares with being economically

blocked (with siquitrilladas schemes to prosper not
advancing Soviet army on the Vilnius television tower and kill civilians
at night in the first year of free country under the Sajudis
? What products do you have left,
what services, Moldova? What you
disponibililidad Cellular,
videocassettes, CompUSA, internet, CocaCola,
else interested in talking about language than Russian, because we

on the eve of the New World Order?



Help me raise my feet,
to feel like the wind. Make me a little more
higher than the trail.
my way to have a notion
stirring wing

and save some directions for infinity.

risk, with its tang of erranza
underground, unleashed
be a bird, jumping.
is necessary to evade capture and beat


sovereignty and self determination
If you wanted your people to be free,
foreign colonialism,
debts to the government to tie
each and every one, except for
shameless oppressors / owners of capital / thieves in your work /
servants of empire / satraps /
your model
sovereignty will have to ask the wind,
the sun, oceans and groundwater.

Mills will have to make wind turbines,
remove silicone and mineral
strange secrets, photovoltaics,
alchemy of sunlight provide energy without enormous costs
, perpetuated,
by merchants,
are Yankees, Arabs, or Eastern European, Asian or aliens

without mother / earth / that deigns to parirlos. Draw your model

knowledge of the profound revolution
lies in the vagaries of the New Order of deceivers ever
agencies are to be
Old Unit that is called New Order / old owners to be revived
oppression / mortgaging your life, you deny
room, food, transportation, communications
(never you own nothing but illusions ,
have debts that have not quite halfway house
and taxes, gasoline for a car
eyes out while
Malcolm, barely survive,
wears you down, and never real owner
I really hope, as green bodies
sustainable economy that enriches your blood stream as food
you because your future is toxic hydrocarbon
greenhouse, sun beating
poverty, epidemics, embezzlement
your government and you
warms a planet that has nothing threatening,
failure, fear ...


Enlil, Lord Wind Mesopotamian
and whose cult dates back to 3000 BC C.


Mountain House is under the eye that scans the entire earth.
My eye looks like a blue
turbine on the open sea ...
his gaze falling to 40 meters or climb
tower heights
to play with the wind
more than 100 meters and rotor diameters

even higher than 130 ...

Every house in the mountain is like
my ward and her eyelashes, oh! call them,
If you want your wind mill. Ojito de vulturno
drifts in Iberia,
Favonius eye, eye pity you

the shortage because the essence of his eyes
see all
Mountain House and even in the city of Nippur, where for the first time
I said ...

"I am the eye of the wind, E-Kur,
home of the mountain but the shoal
descend eye because I am exploring the Earth entirely. Leo

the Tablets of Destiny (the bill for all resources, your misery
your separation from the skies of your
An electrical pain in the Land of Ki,
your avatars in all that exists. "


I would like to call me because I have blades
mill tabbed
and I am the watchman
I can not sit still (watch with arms and eyes, height
and movements when I ride on my tower and turn). Izo
ineffable energy flags ...
Then the wind blow

hits the rotor blade position. There

my breath positive pressure under the blade

and produce a wheeze that
above it.

negative pressure load on my visual basins. Fan

my eyes so guiñándote
life and love asking this open space
that I gave in the atmosphere after the
separated day from night ... I would like to call me
Mill, for I am the storm
who grind, dose
force and violence to consume
you exist and what is on earth, oh! beloved son of Ki
not underestimate the wind
because it is the father of Luna / Sin,
guardian of fertility
water generator wise Enki ...
and the first
I loved you and who made you promise
abundance on the grounds of Ninhursag
if you ever saw .... destroy


From the Tablets of Destiny, I made this decree: I want to be
tab Fan
the world with his eyes.
Heaven I'll be the best you know.
I'll breeze, I'll wind caressing
air will be no air comes out of amorphous
abyss, impossible to see.

Eye for you I will tower high
structure to understand the Redeemer served in technical,
in pragmatism ... Oh, I like to call me! Miller Eye
Divine Wind Mill, Castle blades,
Lil eye winks to Ki, the Earth, against sky
to An,
cardinal points for you forged, explained, understood
and you, my baby girl in my eyes ....
and if you call me Father Wind, Enlil, author
Mills, architect of science
router, wind turbine, technologist
Aeolus, Boreas
priest and Ehécatl and Favonius, I'll tell you more secrets

(dating from the separations Destination pre
All That Is.)
With an air kiss you love potentiometric


If you call me Lil Lord,
eye of the whirlwind with caressing breeze,
pestañares god, or blades of windmills,
take me home if
in E-Kur, mountain house, if comfort
raped mother of the moon, I'll
would Kur-Gal, great mountain

your blessings and not be afraid of storms or weather
enemy's evil empires
or fail and debts ...

irascible gods oil ozone-damaging your atmosphere,
demons without the beauty of your floors clean ...


If you let me be your antenna, if you heard
with whom I am angry, why not to my liking
the Fatule sacrifices
or contaminants,
floods or race would never have to condemn you to death
energy, entropy starvation ...
I open the floodgates for mercy,
not robbing the man who loves me ecologically
from ancient times to Nammu
and the covenant of love Ninhursag ...
if you call me good god, good wind of Ehécatl
with blades that were like the wings of Ollin,
I will abanicaría the world,
area by area,
hemisphere in the hemisphere, before you burn

the greenhouse gas emissions ...

All my energy will be renewable
breath, energy of your livelihood. Winds
power level 3 will be
blessings in the North Sea,
on the island of Tasmania and the Great Lakes and me up beautiful
more and more mills, that my offering
Island wind farms .

The Old Juracán Taino Arawak of the Antilles will
My Master Priest, Warlock

calling my name declaring my secret,
the Word, the look, the hidden power

of my energy, inexhaustible eletrogénesis

arising from my breath,

megawatt blades with me and rebuild tooth wind
which is contaminated with hydrocarbons.

De "The profound revolution"


Luis López Ortiz, cooperative activist, scholar of modern

ESTs for individual liberation and sustainability projects

A no national plan to fight it
soul or rogue operators that rhetoric can disguise their
undeserved injustice. Son holy you are. Whose

breeding you and you
lives badly for the model as unsustainable, apáratate. Captive social status,
indignity of citizen prisoner did not want.

mortgaged in life, as individuals, entrepreneurship
by decadent
no model to serve the revolutionary pedagogy
or freedom to offer the world.

A project of sovereignty, and destiny
living space for yourself and family,
not commit violent risk.

quietly as a seed grows.
aspires to be the tree that has to be and deserve. Forge
consciousness, not boasting. Be provident
from the roots. Grow from your base ..

Asaz conspirator will never be successful if opponent
or were not born with the evil that they
/ oppressors / operate.

Do not have weapons of their wealth stolen and seudocivilismo
. Do not be a contaminated
death by oxidizing and germ of the ego.

What have the courage and defiance
canalízalo to your desire. With no other
the lawsuits. Talk it only with your desire.

dealing in your spirit, which will
which ebbs
Freedom abundant as nature itself that gives everything ...


... sun, wind, gravity, water and nutrients
geotropism of Mother Earth is your home green,
intimidated by all channels, son of the sacred realms.

Want a republic with food sovereignty? Go
preparing your gardens and composts;
envisions organic ovens voice
sun decking.

Willing to be friends and allies is the light
PV, each scent of the sea,
and gravity and fluid wave or wind, each savings
not steal land and wealth

your space or expression and power. .. Land Ha
same floor and ceiling, wall and life, sharing heart
more cleanly,
recyclers, grateful.

're not alone because of you That the environment is not supplied
with pollution, such as your anthem and try
that the market will impose its oppressive costs.

holy Son, do not rely on unsustainable
sovereignty that can offer housing;
protection you can give food,
communication, transportation.

The republic is born in consciousness
self-managed privately, without
sect and party your heroic and progressive working dose.

Liberate yourself. Da first example personbal title.
Build your space, your ecology, your self-mastery.
Be the perfect anarchist. Anything that requires government

regulator, the [UBLICITY
hypocritical, numbed culture of scoundrels
and operators ...




moon My kids, who still does not shine with energy
higher splendors of the infinite galaxy
and my, me, Great Mother, I care
births, relationships
balanced and their landfill garbage.

Do not lie: I did not say that there is only
Abundance. The scarcity and the disease can
you visit some day.
Wealth tithe, like all things,
half are completed and are truncated for lack of efficiency

... but I instruct the magic of waste
and the logical and sacred secret known
of us, the family whose natural law is
eat filth, I, in religious dialogue, with intimate words
who accesses
me and I listen with virtue and caution, I incarnate in
(I have it as a temple). There

me as sins, drink me vomiting
outside the manure
of my children, grass and thistles in their yards,
and say, large and small, "scale it down" in the horizons
public, reuse
and recycle outdated remnant, develop
with what they do not serve or they want, your composts
garnish, top with
flowers even if manure to the bottom, beneath the petals


may not know, my children,
what to do with the filth, with sobrajas
of clogging, delicious smells and do not know,
but here's the wise old witch
and transformative, and I, who feed me
of dirt from the compost,
here I am with my name Tlazoltéotl. Composting is lower

curses of the world, greed, consumer waste, excremental
lust of souls lunar
and hysterical cold syndrome and rock. Composting
is to deliver nutrients
because the owner, whom we pay in symbiosis.
Each element of our ladronerías
to ecosystems due to them
and from the land in its natural cycle has been

is our job to balance empathy, mercy
reciprocate, collaboration
and you, little children, do not return
what the environment would give them.
usually out of ignorance or malice, are thieves.

not return nutrients to the soil extracted
they grow, they remove the balance to the richness of humus
, fruits and crops deteriorate,
overexploited soils, rivers, and winds sick
water and chemical fertilizer insecticides and pest
are sick ... therefore, I have said

bitch, bitch punishing,
temple of flies and insects, microbiological curse

their world and do not go by my advice to the temple
of jealously I said, "Go, garnish,
santifíquenlo "to protect them and worship. I will say the invocations


nutrition to the soil, the Great Mother, the pious
wealth Birth "organic and sustainable economies

on Mother Earth, Tlazoltéotl,
bromide rival
pesticides and nitrous oxide fertlizantes,
opened his mouth and asked his sons
scattered across the globe in all directions:
"Nútranme as in the temples in
leave me hungry. Not enough nitrogen
consumption of fertilizer. Or iron or zinc.
or potassium or calcium ... Where shall I go for my sulfur
or my or my mg
boron or copper or organic or my matches? "
's mouth, hunger is
in the compost, and asking what they call trash, litter the courtyard
, twigs, roots, mud,
rotting fruit, your food scraps, scouring pig
all vegatables
and organic material that say filthy, broken,
Tlazoltéotl invokes it sacred.

As is holy and pure gold for the gods. Tithes
not been given, expect it.
With homemade compost, or industrial
the muck of the world, mouths of the Gods
feed, recycle a pin tract. Eenrquecen
wear products;
reconstruct the abundance of the future.

moon My kids, who still
not shine with sun power, higher
with the infinite splendors
and my galaxy, I, on the Altars of the Compost, ask
offering and communion. Instructed:
"Give me their follies, their sexual perversions, their pain more
unbearable, their deliveries failed, I absolvo
in my compost, file
alchemy from the pulque and the root of the devil,
clean patios, ecosystems, landfills ...
and assure that I am not cruel, but with filth
reinstate basic duties contracted the deadly
with their environment.

I Tlazoltéotl, pay debts
to soil nutrition and your own body,
my son, teach the art of eating and defecating
wise, and just ask you:
call upon me in the compost,
in patios in your home and your surroundings.

De "The profound revolution"

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