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1 º Squid stuffed 2 º salad of avocado and orange / Dessert: Strawberries in wine

hartita the index a little longer and photos of the meals are accumulating in my camera, so I thought I'm going recetillas interspersed with index entries. Today we eat ....

Stuffed squid served with curry rice and carrots Ingredients
2 or 3 medium squid per person
1 paquetetito ham chips
1 egg 1 egg fresh baked
1 onion 2 tomatoes
meduros or a can of crushed tomatoes
glass of wine Middle
white cup milk Bread crumbs
Pepper Salt Olive oil

First clean squid well inside, we take all tripilla, bone transparent, and leave it shiny if we can help them not quitéis Moradita skin around, because it protects them so they will not break us into the pan.

Now that they are clean cut off the fins and tentacles careful not to load the body of the squid, the chop and depart. The head of course not necessary say that strip, but hey, I say just in case: the head is pulled

Now we add the chopped egg and will also put the bread crumbs soaked in milk, pepper and salt.

When the bread has been linked well then we add the pieces of ham and chopped boiled egg.

Now comes the heaviest of the process is to fill the squid, I have not put the picture because I needed the two hands to do with the camera and could not catch him the thing is the hang and rhythm, because when you bear a few and you have it under control. The shut up with a stick and go. Oh one important thing!, You are not going to happen until the final filling, you have to let up a little more than half, because when you start to heat shrink and you can lose the filling down the road, and another, better that you may be inches to eat, because I've done for four and I'm already regretting.

rehogamos finely chopped green onion.

And when you're starting to brown the squid cast and climbed the fire until golden brown.

Now add the chopped tomato, white wine and salt, pepper, I covered and let them finish doing a half hour fire softly.

This you see is not that they have reproduced the calamres by magic is that I'm mixing photos that differs twice, the first time I made only 4 squid because they knew I were to shrink, the second and vicious and he caught me is the result.

me a bit of filling left over to use it because I took some balls and passing them through egg and breadcrumbs.

Then the fried like croquettes.

This dish contains mostly proteins, the squid is a cephalopod and contains no fat, although the oil with which we cooked and the balls that We have already fried one good deal, tomato and onion is cooked can not be considered sufficient so as a side vegetable supports two options: some vegetables or something hydrate, which may be rice, potatoes or pasta. I've chosen a curried basmati rice.

simply boiled basmati rice with salt and 1 star anise, sold in health food stores and taken in teas.

Then sauté onions and carrots and garlic.

And finally sauté with rice, a teaspoon of powdered ginger and a curry amarilllo. Ginger gives a dot spiciness of cayenne or chilli pepper that gives curry Indian flavor so rich.

Look despligue please do pieced together in the kitchen just for starters!

For the second I thought about putting some fresh fruit and vegetables to compensate.

ham salad, avocado and naranaja
Ingredients: 2 avocados
lettuce 2 oranges Lemon
serrano ham chips Salsa rosa
or yogurt or salsa sauce burger.

First peel the avocados and cut into slices pouring over the dash of lemon to put us blacks.

we can prepare the lettuce and pour over the orange gajitos, ham and avocado. The sauce is a personal choice of each.

And for dessert, the jewel in the crown, this dish is great when you come visit, and you can leave like lo echo the previous day as it is very comfortable
Strawberries in red wine
Ingredients: Strawberries
A glass of red wine 4 tablespoons
soperasd and sugar 1 stick of vanilla ½
A small brick of cream
3 egg yolks

first put to boil in a saucepan with red wine 2 tablespoons sugar and vanilla pod open and scraped to release either the substance. We put it over low heat, wait for it to decrease to half, stirring, and depart.

wine into another container and add the strawberries washed and sliced, then we put it in the fridge at least 4 hours.

Now boil to simmer the cream with the vanilla bean half.

And while we beat the yolk with two tablespoons of sugar.

He threw a cream and boil all together over low heat, stirring constantly, but only for a minute, because otherwise the egg will curdle and we will grumitos.

aside and let the mixture cool in the fridge. I do not know if you noticed but we just do CUSTARD! Super super super home without polvitos!

Well when it comes time for dessert, we just place the drained strawberries into a glass and pour over the custard. VOILÀ

For a better presentation as you put the sticks that we used vanilla and a pinch of mint to decorate.

do you think of the today's menu!

harder Every time I upload recipes to the blog, I just go a lot of time, but hey, I deserve the penalty.

Many kisses to all!


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