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How To Open A Vip Suitcase

Femicide, a scourge that already had four victims in 2011 and that terrifies Santiago

Si bien no existen cifras oficiales, funcionarias de la Dirección de Género de la provincia consideran que hay muchos más casos de los que se denuncian.

“El año pasado murier on once mujeres víctimas de femicidio y cuatro de homicidio vincular (cuando también a los hijos) por haber estado ligados a mujeres victimas de violencia. Fueron 15 personas muertas por femicidio in the province of Santiago del Estero, and this year already, only four have died from violence, which is a very high number, "revealed Rose Isaac, a member of the Gender of the province.
Coincidentally, Silvia Borselino-the same agency, said that while women are being encouraged to report cases of violence suffered at the hands of husbands or partners, we can not confirm that all women victims of domestic violence are presented a report. Borselino
considered that "the statistics now better reflect reality, hard facts. Before we had much less visibility of the situations of violence and all sexual violence and sexual abuse they suffered, children, girls and adult women as well. "
"Those numbers (of complaints) that are showing us is that we need more preventive actions of a guarantee-type, to correct, condemning acts of violence and assisting victims basically. What we are doing is to intervene in the possible matter of urgency through the implementation of the protocol of care for victims of sexual violence that is preventive work at the event on an event that has already been committed, it is basically work in the prevention of disease transmission sex, unwanted pregnancy, sexually abused, or girls and boys, victims of abuse to prevent infections and further damage to this situation ", he added.
The official acknowledged that violence against women have increased and have been in evidence ", but said that there is no" official figures of the percentages. "
"What we see are the statistics that are published data from the Commissioner for Children and Families, which they say has grown between 20 and 30 percent of complaints, which may reflect cases that have grown, but not the same proportion. If you are a good indication that we have more explicitly claims that we can address the issue in public in a judicious, seeing how we prevent it, "he said.
Regarding the causes of gender violence, analyzed that there is a construction basically unequal power between women and men.
"What it reflects is that there is a mismatch with respect to gender relations, women are still seen in our society not as individuals with rights but as objects of control of any man who feels more secure and stronger than a woman. On this we have to work on prevention, on how we rebuild this relationship to operate a relationship equal, healthy men and women since they are children. Do not make you a stronger man than a woman, "he concluded.

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