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A general interpretation of "vacant and vital Aesthetics' (2)

For Frederick Albert Higgs, Ph D. / University of California

A followed by a description of the recall process and the original cave and evolutionary López Dzur understand walks to the door of knowledge to help resolve the issue of the goodness of living creatures, including the most essential human. The poet, armed with rationalism, knowing the tradition of Aristotle, Locke and Hume, by contrast, is inclined to recognize that, nativism, the man was saved his last hope. There is a humanizing mark on the work that comes from lopezuriana nativist philosophers as Plato, Descartes, Spinoza and Leibniz and whose ideas became very popular, from Socrates to Rousseau. López Dzur uses this background to defend the thesis of his book:

(1) Human learning is not specific only to the sensory experience.
(2) There is a lift that is not learned externally and, therefore, not dependent on human or animal interaction at the influence of the environment and culture.
(3) What is given for redemption, or to burn a light for the world, is present from birth and is innate.
(4) The important thing is to ask, if man is good or bad, with respect to frames of cultural paradigms. The point is that is innately free and call for continuous improvement.
(5) There is a return home or destination that will fulfill the noblest aspirations of human potential. "The name with the dialectic of 'archetype', meaning that the mysterious creature / which is the human soul / is like a pilgrim traveling in the nights of history. His house was the intelligible world, the World of Ideas ; but the ability to perceive is lost and we were wandering with the simultaneous shattered ... The Alma, without the intact vision of simultaneity, he entertains with objects that sensory perception and ideal objects and do not understand. Forget them. " López

Dzur poet on two human errors. Our word as 'spiritual' or 'worthy of the ideal world' that we forget that there is material, the objectivity of the matter is a part of reality. Another mistake is so commonly believed materialistic, not otherwise justified complacency so sensual and perverse selfishness. In the first part of the book, Memoirs
the cave, the cave process enhances and dramatizes the human effort, critical and concrete, to save the soul, which is shown Night Creature, in its dual aspect sensitive and ideal. The dark man and operator (which calls CLD "Justicar" in the poem) one who robs his neighbor of the female "Lumia" and prostitutes:

The Lictor comes, the monster
Lebron does not forgive what we
, Lumia,
if this pleasure as our
it removes us, what
make your changa, putaza,
because your my changa maco?

[ "The Lictor want to Lumia" ]

Lumia, reduced to stripped and perverted woman, no longer the owner of the soul enriched with concurrency. In the metaphorical world of Lopez, The "woman deep 'is described as the desired Eva Dionysian freedom and even as Lilith. Lilit enhances the sense of independence of "Night Creature" not his love for the darkness and deception. Women without light, an accomplice of his captors, is called the Lumia , unlike other Fox, which is beloved and sublime gloomy

peddler of whims, synthesis
lean my beloved fox
in the estuary and the new Lumia
of shamelessness.

[ "The fox Lumia" ]

The zorrez is another profound symbols of poetry lopezuriana and who has written extensively. Zorrez applies to men and women and their use has nothing to do with disparaging remarks or moraloides to chastity, or lack thereof. The term should be drawn lexical convention that equates 'be bitch to be a whore. " Lopez has made reflections on zorrez in
collars, but here suffice to say that with the fox, refers to the notion of originality, a certain innate kindness that is linked to "the heart (that) tasted Prudence from his background of battles and moons ... / The man is good. " The original zorrez is given as the helper was given to Adam, when he makes his Eve, to help him into the paradise of Eden. "The only dangerous and seductive women that damages the human race is not a fox or a fox becomes her; human female is damaging to man-foxy ... There is a collective prostitición in anything concerning a fox: the herd instinct of nearly all animals. Unlike most of the canines and humans, foxes shy away from the herd. They are solitary to hunt for food and prey ... A genuinely solitary man, wary of his peers, is more fox than the fox, "he wrote in the aphorism numbers 35 to 38 as if we touched on in The fox collars and these passages to understand the originality and transgression by the spirit of pride is basic: "Under capitalism, the vast majority of human beings is adapted as pet bureaucracy, more sophisticated form of pride "( Aphorism, loc cit.)

But in this passage [" The original fox " understand the importance of extra help, the

women as bread, tasty.
The desire to contribute to the cooperative store
founded the company store and natural laws that the heart understands
despite environmental

pathogen and death, with its ecology of darkness. Unico

paradise: the source of the movement, unleashing rain
singing, the challenge, hope
as a myth of survival.
The permanent basis, the reality
being, transforming the den.

[ "The original fox" ]

... and so in this piece of "night creature" where López Dzur poetically suggests that women are genetically so original and enjoyable than its potential benefit. Since long before conception, is 'Milk instructing / Sustainer, the miracle for my night flying. "
as Lamia
and lick my Cromosonas
"And with his tongue

mitochondrial DNA.

In the Desert, as in snowy alpine mountains
or inhospitable it is the milk that sends
the Sustainer, the miracle for my night flying.
The owl.
Life on High, Eva
Dionysian freedom, Lilith.

Let me, as I densified
and I poured on the misery of things
with heart yearning possessed by all. Let me
. Let me.

[ "night creature" ]
Without these collaborations, nativist and hopeful, travel at night truncaea concurrency and poor would be terrible, more than it is today. The world would live in permanent spiritual barrenness, or even in caves. More women is again deep restaturada soul, able to enjoy and participate in the intelligible world and not succumb passively into links means you have to live (eg, corrupting environment of culture, including drills, family, school, social environment , etc.) and are the medis who set up or goodness or wickedness. The
that describes Dzur López is also an allusion to the conformity of those who live like monkeys, not the pace of learning and development that will harmonize with the world or intelligible world of Ideas. The world of ideas can only be reached through reason. The loss of the vision of the Fortuna and the Poetic Vision concurrency of archetypes who taught Plato, Pythagoras and Orphic, and codices in the Third Part of the book, in poems like
The origin of the poet and The secret of Fortune are part of the scourge of Macacoa, or loss of grace for the struggle and survival. "Let us shit the changa, or we hit the bad luck, or we get the Chahuistle, it's just folklore, jokes within the poem. True macacoa revolutionary is apathy, complicity and that living like monkeys, with fun fanfare as the world is shattered behind us. "That smell unclean eventually turns against us "

human society in UNCCD described in the report, fox dose of wisdom is to understand that the world poses no virtue. Nicolai Berdyaev quoted when complaint against "the intolerable stupidity of virtue." Fatule Virtue and inn of deceivers are gestures in the shadows to occur and to persist ladronerías civil authority. These historical caves are more concerned with a present traceable acaeecer postneolítico of social history: a condition of modern and postmodern consciousness, in which the gesture is retrograde tribalism, operating at a profit, absolute judgments and phantasmagoria, substantiated facts to crimes defined by legalism. On the night of this history, the Night fearsome cat is passed, is it creates the concrete does not happen, "the leaven of all dynamic, / saying to be you Nothing, / saying you're not befall man [cf. vine Caverns belief ].
However, if it is not an absolute value, the precautionary approach is recommended, the ax of 'Stop' as a heuristic tool for real. With the ax is that the poetic speaker wary CLD the religionism ("The (...) absolute authority of the Pope ":
" Stop the ax ") . The most dramatic poems on this very carefully to the cruelty and ignorance are included in Part with the titles of much I wanted! and It seems a person pequeñarra. Historicity defined in Part I is one in which there is already the concept of family, but not the notion matriarchal. By dating and define this, as temporality in his book, he writes: Nor is there

Mother Goddess to save us, only 7.000 years of bronze weapons
and utensils and 900 towers

reveal slavery in Uruk, Great Wall
and pain, with prepayment,
back before the sun
Ajora in their debt collection with documents

of pandering.

who save us ]

Obviously, López Dzur uses knowledge of history to indicate how they feel and behave imperial men. Men with criteria of Good and Evil absolitos and absolute power. His description of Nergal imperial "Erebus Babylonian" represents power, "the winged lion" in cielos de creencia, en la tiranía armada. Este León de poder absoluto no es humilde, no busca el ser en otro ser. No se afan en paz por una unidad orgánica, sino que se esencia misma es guerra, «venganza de la noche» y caos

Nergal / Hades, abismo para las causas
liberantes, humanamente activas,
perpetuador de las cavernas humillantes.
Nergal, dios bestia, Venganza de dragones
y de tiranosaurios, eres
y aún existes en el mundo

[ Nergal, en Parte II]

Opuesto a los varones imperiales, como Nergal, CLD describe al varón dionisíaco, zorruno, quien halla gozo in faith and in its original pitch. This finds the first love, the soul and reveal the innate noosphere. Is closer to the matriarchal / Mother Goddess / that solar Lions imperial males. This does understand what is being a father and hardness of the request of holocausts to false gods ...

is beautiful pain I rule,
explore the roots smell
women and abound in seeds, look at the challenge of chance as a fish-espermajo
, first love

[ "Being male Dionysian" ]

The surprise twist of history, the miraculous Stop Axe heard by Abram, after being told that her son brought the fire loo, understand how López Dzur walk inland from the message that being political is also spiritual. Abram heard that Zorro pedagogy Noosphere and turned the fire of destruction cognifiivamen6te purifying fire to his own sadness.

The fire in the hills, now "in the light of your tears" becomes a symbol of other things, not harmful or cruel to her first child. López Dzur compare this fire Abram alchemical testify to an event, not punitive: the creation of a new soul, but creation processing. redo "the soul sensory nominalist. " Compare this fire with a washing:

With hot ax, promising,
pour your psalm
reharé your substance and all wash with the joy of new atoms.

[ "Bring him to fire ]

The third book of poems and vital vacant Aesthetics" is entitled Moving from hyenas. Hyena is one of the zoological metaphors that Carlos López Dzur (CCD) used to refer to the degradation of man and his peculiar cruelty process. This animal's sub-order of carnivorous animals and one of the smaller mammals is reputed as a gregarious little while you may live in "families" only congregate to kill. It is essentially a nocturnal animal, cowardly scavenger ("cowardly scavengers), devouring their food quickly, without any notion of enjoyment and defecation habits which leaves a very unpleasant smell. 'is a riveting teeth and hooves barely used, "notes Dzur López, who is selective when creating symbols associated with their animalistic metaphors before applying social man.

"A wild dog, even if morphologically and by their conduct close to the Hyena, has evolved differently and have different feline who has a close phylogenetic. Most of the hyenas do not hunt for themselves. Expect a lion or a leopard will lead them to what they eat. In that sense they are parasitic, not hunting ... They are scavengers ... Neither the folklore and mythology of ancient and modern times the notes with sympathy, or charities to magic, but the tombs and theft of livestock, bad influence on the spirit of the people ... Hyenas eat the prey while still alive and that's a cruel dinner ... It is the cruelty of the hyenas I do not like ... and understood, that all animals justified in and their true evolutionary necesriedad in creation. Every animal has a cosmic sense, a role in the essential nature ... and the structure of competition and cooperation of its kind are learning how to comply ... I emphasize that I am an animist and intelligence and purpose in creation ... Certainly, the hyenas are one of the most intelligent creatures of animal evolution, but if I wanted to explain the expectations of human intelligence and those of human intelligence from which it would be seen a few examples, learning from each other (the man for them observacuón ), I used to hyenas refeir concentration symbols, or actions occurring objectionable, the pragmatism vulgar. "

In conversations with Lopez Dzur his insistence I have observed indicate that this book, "Aesthetic vacant and vital" and used as the title poem, written on July 8, 2000, is above However, a "solar singing" the spirit and matter as agents perfectly balanced, though the man did not understand their society and disorganized as described as "heinous and retrograde transit." The government, with the psychological and political attitudes and perpetuates sponsors, is like hyenas "bad and evil" of cartoon animals. "The hyena is caricature of mankind. Wants to move on all fours when he was given two long legs that rise and rise. When causes damage, he prefers mocking laugh like hyenas and cartoon " limits the poet. López

Dzur admits that when he first thought about the hyena as the embodiment of something backward, hyena struck him as a sarcastic reference to the war effort, a metaphor for group hunting strategies, applied to the slaughter ordered by rivalry between human beings. A barbarian tribes hordes winners end up being compared to animals like victors, working for aggression and such as cheetahs and lions. Lions usually have a relentless war against hyenas and they seem little to them. "In fact, hyenas have shorter hind legs and lower than the front. However, the hyenas are inept and group hunting strategies can beat any super hunter, including the lion or panther ... but in a sense, individuals are more cowardly than a lion or other predators when they are alone ... To hide his cowardice, or to give the feeling of being submissive to dominant animals, forgive the prosaic, the hyenas are thrown about nausebundos or wet farts. Secrete a yellow substance that comes from glands sis anal. Is the same substance with which to mark their territory and the way they greet. With the smell of fart, go thing! Raise their legs for another hyena can smell good. This makes vulgar, or rather, a common symbol for my human sensitivity. "

While López Dzur read the third of its "Aesthetic vacant" will detail many whys of his contemptuous symbolism applied to the vulgarity of civilization backward, which is the subjtema drawing in this part of book. As written from the perspective of the poem "Beauty vacant " that we mentioned and he dedicated to Friedrich Schiller, philosopher, German dramatist and poet, the hyena makes him a symbol of a civilization who liked to vulgarity, creates and feeds on carrion, waiver of the sublime and exalted invocations an unjustified greed, that is, violence in the shade . The symbolism of the "modern hyena" is present in his book 'Heidegger' as opposed to 'Fox eternal' , which is the human being calling, recursive, but empathetic. book of poems "Heidegger" we read that the hyena is going through a path:

is not the way of eternal Zorro
the cannibal of the hyena in the skin of time
complies with carrion, with no history project
night flying, witchcraft which fools rondalla
with demons ...

The modern hyena, Heidegger )

Progress is itching.
And hyenas give their licks. Meat will
do not want, I curse Acontecer hyenas.

The caller (1), Heidegger )

The modern hyena does not make a creative being,
not be free and is a doer as he said.

eats only civilization-of hyenas does not communicate politely but with his "funny and nausebundo shit," he says, noting that the hyena is equipped with a voice out of tune, loud, comparable to hysterical laughter. And this is what he calls the "vulgarity of civilization" when it does not, by commercialism, an art worthy of sensitive human beings and their way to entertain, not educate anyone. "Even the singing and dancing of postmodern culture seem like an army of hyenas with a limping step or rhythm and lyrics or music lyrics, pure chachalaca. No poetry or magic. Today the play weaves his delight with the fart, coprolalia. The show seeks to imitate the hyena and the laughter of the hyena and stridency ... I can touch the bark of a dog, but, you know? not the laughter of a hyena, hyenas because they do not bark, "notes Carlos López Dzur, who says her aesthetic is closer to that of Aristotle and Socrates which though loving " theatrics "and " playful " or play with the egos, it meets the standards for catharsis. Traffic to be met with a deep aesthetic is one that serves us "to imagine what is necessary, / even if it means going to dig / in secret, providing effort and love / on the way." Still :

If for the sake of theatrical egos caused
public catharsis of others, I'll be there
as Aristotle, even if it differs
for the love of Socratic aesthetics ...

("The Aesthetics vacant " in book of the same name)

In the book "Heidegger " had told us, with respect to the Sophists, who are preparing the way for the civilization of hyenas, who believes in a "poetic language philosophizing" not "cheap opinionated of happiness, / prudes of operational and ethical triumphant cynicism" that take life as "an enigma. A game. And an enema " in all art and culture have become a" final proposal fruition / and fanaticism, celebration of the fascist symbols " (
Sophists in: Heidegger). Vulgarity, violence, hypocrisy and cowardice of hyenas scandalous traffic is the same sophistry as impoverishment of all positive impulses, embodied in "the polis oligáquica", a modern Sparta, where what matters is consumerism, the coercive power deception, "a very powerful digestive system with acidic fluids capable of digesting its human prey complete with skin, bones, horns, and teeth, like hyenas. " A system that creates an anti-environmental industry that produces for food ("junk food") that may not be healthy in the end, so as hyenas can eat what is already "in poor condition or carrion. "

"There are good things to learn from the hyenas. For example, are very clean. Never never defecate near where they sleep and eat, but in a hyena-human civilization is quite the opposite. Poverty-induced, perpetuated, forging suburbs antihigiánicos, diseases that are preventable and what I disgusted when hieniza society is cruelty, nuanced mockery and indifference to the victims. Means that the metaphor of the hyena, not only speak of cultural sophistry, but the psychological perversion of human civilization. I, in a recent poem for my book "The Profound Revolution 'wrote a text about people who value and defend predation, colonialism, a poem about the advisors of the dispossession and shit, after the waves of blood invasion. .. What do I mean to a modern hyena, red, then why does my poem "the hyenas of anti-Islamic ', and look ... I like to denounce them with names, because the human race being primates have teeth with more strength than hyenas animal mouths are not only pedants of sophists, but salivary glands to take by mouth toads and lightning, do eat a lot of passes, as accusers of their brethren. They take many farts to stink glands because they speak, not in a humanitarian spirit, but with the anal ... In the system of powers in favor of the oligarchs, are always in motion and, like hyenas, or even manage to frighten them dogs, are dogs of militarism invaders. chingaqueditos spies, before returning to their congressional recesses, sniff prey, stop howling and advanced in short but fast, yes as invaders in anti-terrorist war, but fear they are ... They spend sniffing the air and the danger, ready to flight, but also to attack the animals unable to defend themselves, sheep, goats, good people, alive and well ... Hyenas, animals sick, tired or dead, are the preferred food, but in the human hyena is no preference for the innocent. The real cannibalism is the theft of vital resources or commodities ... In any case, is not only the man who killed their young or their peers. In that Konrad Lorenz was wrong. The Hiemer, wolves, lions and 15 types of primates, are viciously aggressive against their own species and the man who can be a bringer of harmony and healthy development is the one who is ultimately more assaults and regresses in transit of hyenas ... If I conceived as a cultural life that blesses poma, I would say that this is the mission that is lost in favor of a pro-bestializante tradition. The transition from our general tool hyena human decay, or the slow pace in combat ethnocide, the feminicios, the moral and tyranny, even those that are tyrannies of vice and prostitution of sacred values \u200b\u200btrascendenciarían to mankind " .

To give substance to this third book of poems, López Dzur retrieves a mission or project for the poet and his nation. This has to do with the Patriarch Abraham, the First Party, whose value as a symbol of the first left the "Cave of rock / cave" that Lopez draws the historical poverty and hard circumstance. The caves were the first house / apartment or hostel / of primitive humanity. The cave is "satiated even with simulations / aches and pains and my own." Although modern man has emerged from the prehistoric caves, has also entered what he calls "the great bankruptcy." "Done tragic the progressive loss of individual freedom and insight, which are the Great Bankruptcy" means the and pasearnos, poetically by leit-motiv such as Mesopotamia and Anatolia, where it occurred, the origin of prostitution, the making of weapons, religious and tribal wars, epidemics and the Dark Ages.

The key request in the warrant that gives the poet is to dodge and not waste time with the "noise gorgorero" habits of hyenas, "militants sparsity and noise" without any serious commitment "legislation prohibiting hate, inclusion / diversity, embraces between ethnic groups, / the necessary harmony in our world, / the deeper meaning of democracy." And the advice is blunt: "No take it into account. That nation is not yours. / Es of their egos. " is the same kind of civilization hienesca, genocidal and manorial that described in the text "Before Pilate" nation that does not understand " The poem that blesses." In the surrounding world, with pro-bestial traditions, he foresees the hyenas, pretending to show "saving promises" although, in truth, "are thieves, hyenas, vultures / they eat your guts" (cf. cf. pro-bestial tradition).

with a poem dedicated to Enrique González Martínez (1871-1952}, entitled " The lark and the owl "López Dzur value of nocturnal animals as well as the fox and the owl. Here the owl is a beautiful symbol, not as beings flying, birds or even angels, to compare them. Rather, it wants to take a picture of Enrique Gonzalez and those like him, "performers, still sniffing from stamina, / with the eye so clear and pure / and seem to live in the shadow, / inter caves or perched on a branching " but are men necessary for the task that is necessary to learn: the poet's mission in the nation. At the doctor González Martínez exalts a fighter missions. 'Angel of mine / Henry, bird-Pegasus, mentor of my nights, sublime brother. " (cf. The lark and the owl ). López Dzur is represented by another bird, the lark observer who witnessed the owl, as "a healing angel" of myopia. "Seer in the dark, comforter of those who cut the thread of fate, sage Gentle Madness." is describing the man needed, the antonym of hyenas. A entertaining an enemy of the merchant or thief rattles civil authority.

In a dark world of "wise men of the night" are necessary and Dzur López, zoological metaphors gives the message:

are never
desantentos to murmur or pain or death. Not to whine.
They suffer the blinding bright day because
and feed at night, otean
the horizon and nobody will explore. While flying
are tense, lonely, and is the reason I pause. They are wise beings
flyers, analysts
of each situation
mark territory with the sudden cry, defend the appearance of rijo
, which are the vanity intrusive, aggressive
Too much blinding light, distorted. Confabulates

beings are flying
(I say
"They are working in the dark.
This is your world, your universe:
the silent night "and I
}, a calendar, and day
cantadora, and they, the sages of the night ...

The lark and the owl, Aesthetic )

One aspect of the poetry of CLD associating courage, and civic virtue, it relates to the ability to be "working in the dark "heal myopia intellectual, be wise in the dark night that the world is going through. Night, not quite, is the true panic and morbid spectacle, not only men alert, thoughtful and courageous, can be overcome and clarify the illusions that conspire in the nights of vice and scandal, detail associated with the hyenas. He considers himself a poet deplores solar hellish night and believes that the poets with the ability to see in the dark, are needed as soon as their bodies are astronomical, or as he likes to say, have the cognition of "eidolon or astral bodies, which is somewhat different to the smell that place with the stench of hell, or Majadal manure. " Del

eidolon, soul wise owl or night, a description in the text "And this plague of hell" in terms of real life that has nothing to do with the proponents of dark art, fragmentary, or conventionally called satanic. The Satanist FOLCORE site popular mythology compared with a numbness or fantasgomoría disclosed. But the sleepy clearly observed nowadays not only feel:

... itching of the skin and peste

hell and fear, and figures
Quitasueños synthetic echo.

do we go to sleep, my brother!

corresponds to such feelings will "the darkness of not-I", not a genuine astral body, by which these transients satanic are part of ignorance and deceptions mixtifidcantes, personified the excresencia details Mental same:

are mites, beasts, bloodsuckers
free world, devices of the vermin, discrete
freaks of the dark

More CLD does believe in a cosmic consciousness, sidereal, caused when the vigil is effective and develop the powers of clairvoyance, clairaudience, even remembering past lives, as inferred from books like Tantralia and Teth, my snake. can not obsessive ego defects such as anger, sloth,, greed, lust and pride malfundado, be anything but a hyena, a magician never be lit or solar or Kumara. Prevalecrá the primate, but not as the predator itself spiritually numb creature with otherworldly fears. In texts like "The snout of Nobody " and " Marsilio, the changa is " CCD makes a mockery of these fears chaotic soul and delivers a flying bug had already introduced "We fell macacoa " another section of his book. This bug is driving the changa, an insect so-called bad luck.

aesthetic criticism to his dark and CLD presented in this section hyenas Transit him consider his position on some damn writers of literature, including Isidore Ducasse ( Les Chants de Maldoror , 1869), also known as Conde de Lautréamont, Charles Baudelaire, Rimbaud cursed poets Verlaine, the Marquis de Sade, to whom he wrote his Meditations sadistic Fernando Pessoa, who dedicated the text of my Unrest Fernando brother and others. With the assessment that gives them all, delimits what is meant by wise-owl and a hyena, or vulgar folkloric Satanist. As an owl, or psychologist, or brother dildo approaches philosophers like Nietzsche and clarifies the notions of anti-Christ (cf. Dialogue with Nietzsche on the Anti-Christ . Admonition harshly Gilles de Rais. Prophesy against infanticidal , with a sequel his poem "Warning to Gilles de Rais." For as we see him in dialogue with My friend (Leon) Blum, "anticlerical writer, victim and prisoner of the Nazis", taunted his idea that man is collectively "hediente horde / biomass primantrópica" "man of the Void", despite the much nihilism apricot Age Moving from hyenas.

In the words of CLD, so alike, it appears from his lines, "all that mock the helplessness, the innocence, the sacred and harmonious sense of nature and the cosmos, is hiénico. The laughter of the oppressor and sacrilegious are bad breath and are the irreverence of a fart, "I said to ironic subtleties of philosophical self-confidence. For more evolutionarily endeavor to justify the ugly little animal is found everywhere and filthy in their habits. However, where the irrational is more offends "that essentially, when the human being that is sentient conscious of their behavior resembles the hyena. A hyena is not mocked, but subjectively interpret that nuestrra laughter is your mirror. The man himself is mocking and if shit or urine to others, or takes away the dignity of the witness is guilty of sacrilege. I do not blame the animal is unpleasant to the passion with which blame the man etiologically who expect more. It takes a human hyena to offend a child, long sustain the institution of slavery, robbing the poor salary, be selfish and hypocritical for convenience be flashed to set limits to the severity of a transgression. Taking life to justify the death penalty is such as cannibalism and predation hienesco itself innately aggressive animal. " CLD

explains that they are evolutionary adaptation needs and survival that explain animal behavior and intelligence is scientific, driven by empathy, which must learn the process and functional mechanism of the phenomena biological. To that end, in the different sections of their Aesthetics, includes its reflective poems on the theme: "natural adjustment" for example, devoted to Charles Darwin. Explains that in the evolutionary and biological life in the paths of danger, there is the same evolutionary progression involution, because the last teleology is that it always returns more divine. The development was made for learning, a project culiminar sense, sometimes slowly crawl. Even the most elementary animals pass through brain drain ungrateful "to the dry", "the pain of the cactus and nettles' or transit to the mud, with a mission to learn, but if you think there is a tacitly involves learning who bendide the game, a divine law ... What will be learned? López Dzur answered in this poem is to learn ...

a snail's pace that the good is nicer than the bad
and became rock hard and stubborn
and soil condition called

foundation of support and raised acorns
road and knew that there are things in sweets
the mud and loved him more
and understand God and man ...

involucionate The negative or the process is also described:

... there, on the contrary,
the unloved and curse
and pay for their pain and karma
with knives and they are
sting, mimes,
leeches, mites
of Erebus.

This realization is the result of the hyena. In the text Decadence, as in the poems of "Heidegger" is embodied the symbolism of the fox, which is the animal that CLD extropola to the conduct of the hyena, animal considered ideal. The fact makes me wonder whether both books (Aesthetics and Hideggerianas) were born with one voice. How much is the influence of Heidegger in metaphoric processing of the bestiary? There is an element that brings together the experiences the fox and hyena CLD repeatedly referred to the danger of "invading the estuary" or dens, the issue of territoriality in animals or marked tolerance thresholds, as their bodies struggle to hand and good neighborliness. Clearly Decadence is a poem about learning, or "circumspect art rejection." learning that the invaders have not learned is the "walk the Umwelt / your Matoco" lopezuriano to use language. The language of lies and Camouflage is a "skin on my back" the most meek and weak. In the text "The scoffers of the shadow" the idea is clearer.

Learning, is a matter of evolution or historical consciousness, it concerns what is said to Abram at Mount Moriah: "Stop, do not have to kill your child, / the son of Your Laughter" the contento.y son of his future coexistence. In that mocking allusion to the shadow (which is the fourth poems of the First Party) is implied the hyena. These are the mocking of the shadow of history, but in his poetic scorn the insectiviza CLD, Uncategorized and naming them unfit to evolve in harmony with the "complex domain, the real principles, / the science of quantum jumps " to leave dark caves or caverns of history, history being here a buoyant proyeccón ... The connotation of that shit on the carpet and splashing the mud implied bowel habit of the hyena, as we discussed.

blind larvae climbing walls and shit

carpet and splashing mud on the world
flat, stiff, shady.

The scoffers of the shadow , Aesthetic )

Indeed, although blind and nausebundas Uncategorized as larvae in the most perverse historical institutionalization, CLD given a criminal status as advinientes.

are to get the mocking shadow,
bosses of the holes of history.
is best to leave it in the cave temple
in Python,
in prison without anguish.

come, they are to reach the Ultramontanes
, fundamentalist, red bone Martinists
Euclidean geometers, Thrasymachus
blind admirers.

are mocking for his cruelty, blind or conscious, ask the fire that devours the nobility, empathy and learning may give the evolution and as I discussed in Talking on "Aesthetics and vagabond life" of Carlos López Dzur are Spark degradable no access to light. In Jewish mysticism, are the vessels of destruction. The broken. The involution. Although CLD supports reading Heidegger in the metaphorical process of "hienizar" involutional what he says that a second more emotional and intuitive process in the matter. I'm talking about:
"I do not think Mom ever heard a hyena cast their sounds. I did have the curiosity to know why she said that a neighbor of ours, Doña Carmela, unforgettable seamstress and domino player, which we frequented to beat us at dominoes to all who got together to play with it, take a laughing hyena. He was laughing hyena, he said. As was always the observer, discovered in the TV cartoon featured the sound of the characters, their characterization with fun involved in the sound ... I read a lot of some popular magazines, encyclopedia type, feeding my interest in animals, the strange dog, one that does not bark, but he laughs. Read about animals and circuses fascinates me the first time I went to a public library or community that was in the hamlet Liciaga Méndez. I think my fascination with the metaphor of the hyena dates from my childhood, the age of eight or nine, reading those magazines that dad bought and I devoured obsessively ... As you begin to write poetry, all that fascinación casi zoolátrica reapareció, claro, con sentido más crítico, pero siempre metafórico. De zorros y hienas estuvo llena mi niñez y ¡qué lástima de las hienas! que se me ha alquimizado imaginativamente como un modo de descalificar la parte más humana y noble de la persona... Y con risa de hiena, Mamá sólo aludía a lo escandalosa que Doña Carmela se tornaba cuando se excitaba con su orgullo de ganar una partida de dominó y gritar: «¡Tranque! O aquí cierro con la chucha»... mas era una viejita tan alegre y mansa, tan franca, como una hiena no puede ser en su ingénita naturaleza... y, con el tiempo, aprendo yo que las hienas son pedorras y malolientes, worse than a skunk, which are matrera ... Jah, the period jarocho hate! "
After getting pummeled so late as that Dzur Lopez gives today's society, with its resources of irony and surreal metaphors, ment is important is that he offers the prospect of possible remedies . It has a perfect view of human destiny, which is ethical and political. Worldliness can deshienizar

Among the steps to follow, the poet suggests:

1. Back to oration be so, not blind faith, but as autioconfianza, disbelieving the rhetoric of oratio, but admitting SerSiOralidad or revising cercioración twice or three, or which are necessary so that no ambiguity in what is acquired as education and awareness. In "The nation and the poets' , Lopez Dzur concludes

governments, ideologies, frameworks of belief
you impose a narrow notion of humanity,
for you is not talking.

* * *

A majority nation in divorce, troubles with his testosterone
in lust with females in sexual
with sodomites, in the ponds
Venusians blowjobs, orgies with bread and yards
Eros faludas of Priapus,
is not a nation to love.
tribal territory is obsessed and manic
and for you not to serve their appeals.

Being so, as a real person, is social, but learned very well to see their nation and that is not the manorial or hypocrites. "Do not talk around the nation with deaf and blind. / People who do not look you in the face and mouth twisted behind your back multiply their delusions. " With the poem "Before Pilate" CCD gives his description of what a poet or symbol of man in a kingdom manorial harmonized.

I defend the Kingdom of the poem that blesses.
And my kingdom is not mockery of the Dominion.
Those who read my articles for Eden
gentlemen know that I did for joy, male
decoding secrets.

Best of the Realms is Heaven
verbs, metaphors and translations
Those where the beast is loved
like a bird or a fish
sky that gets in earthly waters.

My kingdom is not for genocide.

[ Before Pilate, in: Index]

2. Honesty in the pursuit of truth requires commitment, "although it is hard and painful and have to stop believing in sibyls voices that promise much and do not give anything. The voices are sibilnas' Fly pleasures of torture. " After sibyls and the Fates and the moiré qiue temples as there is nationalized ocutación the Jackal, the institutionalization of lying and cheating that is left to be embacar:

like mauve, docile and nuts, and my job
vultures and my cattle,
the jackal nationalized.

[ Sibyl voices at: Index]

3. López Dzur proposes a return to the courage, not to fire weapons or plunder with reckless daring beings. It refers to the creative courage to take responsibility, why in the texts of Aesthetic eliminates the boundaries between poet and citizen. Poet who calls, claiming a sensitivity superior intellectual or a certain height, you may incur in boasting. There are also daring and pride at another humiliation. Humbles himself with words, gestures and physical strength. Instead, there is humility when instead of looking for a role narcissistic ego is exercised true leadership, consisting of helping others, be truly public. Take the lead by a mere Figureo equivalent to the attitude of the aggressor primerol Quie says those who stick strikes twice ... No wonder CLD offers tribute to poets who were good citizens and whose ethical self leaped to genuine transcendence (cf. 'The ethical self and faith "), which is a tribute to S. Kierkegaard), who in his opinion had a "heart of ethics, fruitful" and vigilant :

... your heart, Kierkegaard, the ethical self
that breaks
in importance.

cast their privileges against you,
because I said NO
and jumped to the faith and ensuring

A CCD satisfied as part of the courage of those who protest the attitude say "NO to Timocrates with cults supposedly enlightened '

NO to leaders of signal and tambourine and sell-in decks dogmas hedientes
and consultations and tomes,
in oracles, cabal,
sessions of lust and
organized market for intellectual genocide or more knees

century after century.

A NO to Martin ...
secret societies, Masons;
call them dead and scared
with its own rites and siren.

A NO to the esotericism of cosmic aspermia
and rattles and rattles and suppositories
that the pale saints
for mystics juleps served in the ass.

[a not a]
the inquisitors, smarties
agarrapendejos, blasphemous.
A NO to protect against mockery

and holy and pure.

[Blood protest in Index]

We need to say 'blood, I am out of water. " And in this line of courage and civic virtue, he concludes that there individualmnte displaying courage both as a group. And be brave is to be assertoric not to destroy or presumed prey. Hyenas attack in groups and even cowardly bullies pose of anonymity in the group, when they have the backing of accomplices. Courage shines in solitude and in public when many heretics stood alone defending their ideas and ended up in the fires enterminados Inquisition. "You can move between hyenas, but not to and hyenas. Best lived against them, "says López Dzur.

In a poem entitled The romantic , written December 3, 1999, in days of depression and disappointment, says Carlos, compremdió to find much of value in life, in youth or old age, before the time we pull on his face, is learning that life has meaning, however. You have to have an answer to the question: "To live for?" This is one of the saddest poems I've read Dzur López, but when talking to him I find that have answers to these three questions arises, what the aforementioned and two additional over the text:

One feels the reality and it spits you. You love

vital senses and disappointment follows hurts.

To live for?
injustice falls on you between the eyes.
pain Anger is a militant.
Melancholy is the cloth that
clean tears, loneliness, betrayal.
One despises life and is still alive.
One begs the further and
doubly painful silence. To live for?
Death gives peace to the kingdom over the risks.

Everything will run its course when you die.
One, on their own, cry, idealizes
nauseum, but no thanks
reform their world,
hasten the pace, which transform order.

What I do with this eternal desire?
Who is there to help me think? The same compassion
becomes torment.
justice degenerates into sham, but you, why do you want
mission, should you know?

In the corner, before you finish dying,
laughing at you, in mission romanticonería,
your own disappointment.

[ "The Romantic" frag., In Index]

4. Having a sense of life to defeat the nihilism is smeary of the responses given to "deshienizar" Self and Society. It can be transmitted the experience, learned experiences, to posterity and the posterity is part of our present with the children. In my opinion, one of the most tender poems of Esthetics mosrencas and life is precisely what headlined "Advice to my daughter," . being called dolphin, lexical and playfully, or Gabi Gabriela though, but the intention is to present an ode to serotonin, hormonal and neurotransmitter molecules too ... In bestialized traditions, one of the systematic efforts to steal the catharsis is the people, the opportunity to express his pleasure. López Dzur says "the state usurps and blasphemous" poetry as a leisure and comfort, and all bucolic hideaways that the person wants to arm itself pleasantly to the cries and nihilism. The state is usurping the wheels of civilization of hyenas or "devils cartel" that would devour the heart, weakening it to the level of the "daily bread insufficient / not tasty." thieves, vultures, hyenas are set in Isaac, son of laughter generated by Abram, so ridiculed and take the ax murderer of the Vile Axe mower, richly metaphorical and CLD in the first, second and fourth of book.

5. The presence of author of "Ode to joy, " the German Romantic poet Friedrich Schiller, one of the favorite COMFESA Dzur López, is betrayed in the poem vacant The Aesthetics of the First Part and A Pythagoras and Orpheus, is a poem about Music of the Spheres and what 'the Cosmos kept as secret / for those who hear, heart discernitivo "even more text Pythagorean tribute to the" arithmetic of fascinating proportions / matches that are the strokes / the Celestial Bodies, "the transparent López issues Dzur convinced a universe knowable and meaningful. A civilization hyenas can upset Orpheus himself to strip him of his sense of art and prophecy, harmony and respect, taking them back to the question or questions of nihilism.

what I do when in Thrace
despair take me to destroy my lyre
as Orpheus, Eurydice what I do when I miss
or say that I gave birth to a dog, not the muse Calliope

[ "To Pythagoras and Orpheus' in: Index]

It is therefore important that this influence shilleriana CLD is nurtured and outlined in texts like" The origin of the poet, "You are my son" and Your function: sponge pain of the world. " The same trend of a poet / prophet / missionary gifts assumes full citizen in the text is The secret of Fortune.

"All that I mention these poems are poems that distinction as the family as the first loyalty. A father who protects the child, such as by protecting the child Zeus took Semele, "beloved son moon '; Eleutheriios Zeus, the Liberator, with his daughter Tike (or the goddess Fortuna) ... My interpretation of these myths is Orphic, Schiller, romantic, not the fashion of the classical and neoclassical disease. They are poems in the spirit of protection, as understood Greeks, not the popular chatter later, unable to comprehend his greatness. When societies become hiénicas, all the wisdom of these myths is lost and vulagriza. Stop being cry of spirit and become an impenetrable intellectualism animalistic minds for whom Zeus is not a liberator, but a despot macharrazo or Olympus ... Zeus, then the Liberator Eleutherio give your child a board that is part of this recipe to give as persuasive proposal deshienizar our world. He said: Defend

land when you go to because there are hard and sinister demons, bestial men
, where you arrive.
You know when you can.
not ask you to cut heads,
you are the guillotine, camera ardente,
gallows, gallows, electric chair. Do not make others

repressive apparatus and the police, the soldier, the vengeful soldiers.
urdas not violence against others.
not be tortured or phalanx or guerrilla.

alone, because there Ennomus Order.
And everything has a time and sequence tillering.
Everything is, after all, my teleology.

This is a great tip to humanize the world, taking it out of blind automatism. "Do not be the beast. You will not impersonate / the subject or break your jar. " And how does that? The third piece of The secret of fortune provides that, if you want to never be alone, looking for your brothers . Brother is not only the immediate family. Tion to all possible neighbors, humanity or behave with decency and grace. "Those who are moved by a spirit of good / are your brothers, a family may call her relatives / although not born from the womb of the moon." course, that neither the hyenas have to be or will give the nation ... And in the fourth fragment prerrequisto conclude that it is, hands open blessings. This is the issue of effective assurance of faith as desire or ambition fruitful. The good men, generous, not hiénicos are like brothers in faith. When I write a poem about saving Tike as I allude to that. I advise that we cling to "the savior, beautiful in your sisters', and the hyenas who" denied providence have to eat our fruit.

not know of plenty and of blessings. " Hyenas do not know how to have wealth or luck, Sinio by the looting and theft. Tike as Fortuna does not cover these people. She is Agathos Daimon, the spirit of good. Only the hyenas is capricious when distributed fruits of his Horn of Abundance ... And she dicfe same as the father Zeus, and Cleanup. "Do not sympathize with those who does not deserve. " This is a process that must be learned ... If you want to feel sorry for you, you start being compassionate. A compassionate father taught by example and who started in the, world the process of sympathy, altruism and compassion. Father who helps and protects them when really you were helpless and needy ... Much of the current world problems, these alliances under the yoke and the mountains, is the need for compassion. However, the hyenas are laughing at the poor and ajotan with vultures, dogs wars and atrocities ... The half-poem, I mentioned ( As subjugation Alliance is on the so-called Holy Alliance, concluded in Paris in 1815 between Russia, Austria and Prussia to suppress the national aspirations of small nations subjugated. So this year marks a milestone moment or society of hyenas and the small nations founded the operator contemporary imperialism, which is a matter of lack of mercy and Prussian military discipline is an example of how the hyenas are organized for the domain despiaddo. Hyenas fight as a group, but in defense of the pettiness and greed.

6. López Dzur presents another aspect deshienizar working for the social world he calls the again become clean. In the personality profile that the poet makes the hyena indicates that its major impurity is hypocrisy. It seems clean because its carrion contaminated bedding, or sleeping place. Where clean bed to rest. No urinating or defecating there. However, wherever he goes than your den, defecation, urine, dirty with leftover carrion, hide or store your junk. That's the attitude well-civilized hyenas. "clean in appearance, own room and somebody else's dirty," says López Dzur and adds much more:
Let me tell you what I think of spiritual hygiene urje world. More than anything else is discussed in this section of my poems, which itself is political, but I I believe in revolutions deep ... Modern man in general is very luxurious and lust kills more than war. The sífiliis, poor health in many aspects of life, the habit, the addiction of all kinds, are expressions of lust, which is like the hyena sow ... We talked about lust or desire as a moral excess in human society spits, urinates and shits in their own values \u200b\u200band lax or poor rule of their protections and defenses. Lust, I say, the sexual aspect is not healthy eroticism or game. Search is not balance or tantric, or woven delicious. Is fed up, overeating, vomiting and indigestion ... I believe in freedom of libido and phenomena as things of course necessary and useful, but ciando are harmonious, or dystonic behaviors ... The fact is that we have a mega-luxurious society, scavenging, consumerist, full of gluttony and greed, to the extent that no mlimpia your karma. Mocks him, laughs like a hyena on the values \u200b\u200bof caution and assertion of its authenticity as biological and psychological entity. So, no cleaning or indoor or outdoor. Neither organic nor material. No aesthetic ugliness is preferred, being 'sloppy', provocative in the worst sense, be a caricature, like the hyena itself, which seems a bad or derogatory cartoon of a dog, throwing up his teeth and tearing their own aggressive impulses and desires ... A happy dog \u200b\u200bbarks, the hyena laughs hysterically before and after ferociously devouring prey. I find it hard to imagine a sentient soul with such a beast. Are as symbolic embodiments of unhinged ... With some kindness, say onirólos hyenas dream symbolizes disappointments, bad luck and quarrels between lovers ... I who have ever dreamed of hyenas vex me with images of a society of hyenas.
When I say the poet to draw me more about memory and the surreal structure explains the metaphors, I allude to the wealth filtered from his readings that offer even more interesting contexts other than those mentioned dreams. During the incubation period of Transit between hyenas came a poem about Anne Boleyn, Henry VIII, the Fat and English princess, Catherine of Aragon, but dreamed of hyenas and reptiles. "It was a mixture of monsters of the Cretaceous, with details Palace in the English Courts. poem "Portrait of a human reptile ', is contextualized with such scenarios. King pudgy, I represents the greed and lust for Anne Boleyn asking a child and a divorce ... When I look at the poem's textual result, no doubt more fit to describe the physical and moral complexion of the king's murderer and a hypocrite, a hyena had unintentionally described:

... own sturdy legs
to move the weight back and move it backwards, sitting down
short forelegs
(to move to the future without this)
given so great bulk and shell
moral and jaws.
limps, Asaz trepidatorio.

[Portrait of a reptile in Index »]

But with successive readings CLD inferred much more: the religious power struggle between the Church of England and Rome under Pope Clement VII Enrique who considers bad person and bad Christian. The adjectives surreal forges a brutish caricature of Anne Boleyn

and an old hot, billets,
all tits with hairy legs
a wolf and greedy mouth,
Anne Boleyn, all balls! Both

Rome, as England seemed filthy empires. The history of these two women is tragic. "Every civilization of hyenas is tragic," he said immediately. Anne Boleyn, who was Queen of England between 1533 to 1536, as Enriique second wife, was executed by him during a crisis that began with the Reformation or the breakdown of Catholic power in England. It happened that the lusty king, but in love with Ana, who refused to be seduced, married finished with him, but without giving him a son he craved. The misfortune was that for Henry to marry had to declare a marriage null prior to Catherine, queen consort and in the current system, this was given as illegitimate and irrelevant to the Church of Rome. The king was excommunicated by the Pope and he took the church under his leadership. "These are the wars between lions and hyenas," says CCD. Anne Boleyn had three failed pregnancies and the king in turn courted Jane Seymour. "Where a hyena leaves sticking hands dirty everywhere, not just dirt, blood. Enrique Ana Ballot term agency that was enjuicida for treason, sent to the Tower of London and beheaded four days later. Bite historians are inclined to think that the accusations of adultery and incest for which Ana Boleyn was executed were unconvincing and vicious, but that's the story of the evil hyena societies. "

7. To deshienizar individually and socially, in the poem Unrest my brother Fernando, the author proposes to concentrate on the claim psychic powers egodistánica of the individual. Have much sympathy for Fernando Pessoa, but the best strategy to emotional ttreat desasiego exprofeso not find itself depersonalization. He says he wants his sameness, despite its inevitable conflicts.

I want something from me, my background, Fernando,
my selfhood, although I do not like,
my pain, if necessary.
do not want other names, different names
my own person.
Nominalism add anything I or other characters

nothing if not uprooted with my own nails
they have mine and I give in my face
challenge. López

Dzur heteronomy Pessoa buy a displacements or flight syndrome itself, which may not be just a game aesthetic or poetic. I would ask:

... Why I am mistaken
pretending to be one that I am not
or any of them?

Fernando, heteronomy
not work for me much I want to vestirne karma.
bothers me the soul that does not scratch the present. I can not yacerne
in "Stoa Poikile" Chrysippus
painted porches or stay at the Agora in Athens.
want this mud butt of my bones primary
heteronyms not, I want an angel to me
twist the thigh and I clung to him,
prevent over me to stop or prohibit the misleading
me me, if I I'm misunderstanding ...

* * *
a fictional cosmos that is my shaft
not want and all my feelings are
my restlessness if I'm lost and not worth
invented cities, do not want. That
I suffer with my geography
I prefer, not uproot or nihilism ...
though I have room enough
hysteria and neuroses and hell, misanthropic not
but not enough love and hatred
eat me because I have any.

desosiego The height of the detected eniógenes Laertius cynicism. Escape through the artifices of depersonalization is almost the same drill of identity that gives the vicious drug. Obviously, the desire to Pessoa is much more refined and rich, revealing a need to force the "appearance of otherness that brings us together" a desire for novelty and excitement to the monotony of life in the absence of deep conviction that life is worth. What makes Dzur López, describiéndosele spiritually, has a purpose generous, giving mood.

pretend not to know, be another, I can not disintegrated
I do not want, nor
great philosophical I uniabarcador,
tote, impersonal, supreme
though perhaps, like you, live
hablanndo dialogically with others, Nietzsche, you know?
with Schopenhauer, Kierkegaard,
all sore, single,
to you, Fernando. Heteronyms
but not me
or enigmatic masks.

Incidentally, CLD takes to communicate your own view of poetry, not a boastful search of solitude, but as a subtle and private solidarity. "There is no loneliness in poetry. / Soledad who have not written a thought, "says . A poet and philosopher Heidegger training, CLD see two things in postmodern societies under hienización syndrome. One is that the intense anxiety, restlessness, or processes that mark the history of history has been passed to the "comfortable indifference, tolerant towards everything" seems emotionally and intellectually indigestible or incapez to assimilate. Abstract speculations and rationalistic scientism to strive to reduce man to a taxable entity offering limited vision to provide a dehumanized, reductionist, mechanistic and deterministic. does not, create anxiety, especially when social and cultural factors after the Second World War, the atomic threat intensified, the Cold War and social dissatisfaction. What if it was reversed by the aforesaid, today's indifference, it is more necessary centralization in the person, their inner experience or inherent self-presence of each potential decision, creativity, self, without losing the relationship with other persons and social groups. No customization is going through a dead end lonely and lack of solidarity and merely biological and mechanistic view of human hyenas sponsors, service and diversion.

8. With Isidore Ducasse and Les Chants de Maldoror, (1869) of his own, given the severe example of diversion. Above him, López Dzur Both Montes writes Isidore, the crossroads of human being who does not observe the Aurora. Ducasse is an opiate abusers, prematurely killed off by drugs and a more severe depersonalization than Pessoa. The metaphysics of the Absolute and indigestible gods hate cause you, and then moves them more shameless bestiality and cruelty, as in the unrest, but he is not the same degustation of Blaise Pascal, with his objections to the God of the philosophers conceptual, reprobate of the "God and divine philosophy of science" ( "A Blaise Pascal" ). Isidore Ducasse is younger and less wise to understand what is raised in suspicion of the god who has ceased to be a Father exalted spirit and power for only:

... a guarantor God, Cartesian.
God, the unmoved mover of Aristotle. God
Hegelian dialectic
of objective idealism.
You did not leave the fire
as the god of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

and one on Mount Moriah, tested Abram's loyalty by asking the life of his son Isaac as a child of laughter and happy ka. López Dzur pictograph makes objected anguish of God, as apprehended by Pascal:

You're not the father of one, were castrated One
that the Others or
got in her throat from hell like Saturn, devouring
their children.

You were the god of eternal silence.
The god that terrifies and therefore since the eighteenth century
kill him calling
cogebobos illusion, obsessional neurosis,
metaphysical artifice. With a dagger

kill you, nietzscheano said,
because you are not good.

You stopped giving sage advice to access the real
potter thousand prohibitions and emptied
sincere belief of my people.

[ "A Blaise Pascal" at: Index]

In the era of Mal d'aurore, which is the age of ecclesiastical and monastic hyenas, Ducasse, Count of Lautréamont, wants to be seen as a Lucifer:

"And I, with angel wings, motionless in the air
to behold" all with the same prophetic insanity
of Byron's Manfred, the Konrad Mickiewicz
or Goethe's Faust, heroes of Maldoror
witnessed a divine god in the brothel
the superhuman murderer who seduces
to efebo Dazet and Mervyn, in the dome of the Pantheon
after the Vendôme column ...
protection how useless it die just like you, addicted, compulsive consumer

emotional distress and unhappiness and ill will welcome
without apprehension of the sublime!. Because it is
at night with excesses in the shade and
in the numinous, with opposing war impossible
as darkness and light ... and the creators of grave
are harmful, but are called divine.

assault owls are with your soul in pedophilia
and opal eyes well hidden on a tarantula,
oh condecillo opium! Another prophet of Monte
--- l 'autre --- mont, where Christ and God
not go, look how far it is the infinite
from Montmartre district of Paris, looks at ten copies
ten bullets in the
side of God that hurt like Baudelaire's flowers
malignant ...

[ Both Isidore Forestry at: Index]

... but he can not. Dies of 24 years of age, "to hurry up and running" and, says CCD: (...)

disappointed of what was called
care of the self and spell out the formation
character, general attitude, relationship himself,
concern of himself as a statutory privilege, the question of being
yo you have to deal
to determine the self as soul -
or soul as a subject of action -
or the need for a master of restlessness.
or care of the self as self ...

[ Both Isidore Forestry ]

died without experiencing the leap The Dzur Lopez describes in this poem, which is the same leap of faith and Pascal Kierkeegaard, jump that requires spiritual value because it is jump over the chasm that populate the hyenas.

I gave the leap into the abyss when I saw the light
inviting me to leave the cave
the mutatis mutandis. Del salcocho
pig did not want my food. In herds
Rehal Ovejuna,
dictated: I'm sovereign and Sinarcas
who despise
my children and give them your leftovers,
not want my dinner. Needless
exordium are
their preliminaries,
preachers of misery. Say

the leap of faith and my soul was a laugh,
the glory of my most beloved fruit
the vetarro
up in the boundary, the grotto of delight
routes of eternal motion.

[ The qualitative leap in Index]

not Nietzsche (cf. Dialogue with Nietzsche on the Anti-Christ , the Marquis de Sade and Isidore Ducasse, could give it to rejoice in the benefits of being free of anxiety and, indeed, enjoy the dopamine and serotonin, which are implicit in the poem blessing Tips for my daughter. This poem is like an ode to the joy of cutting Schiller, in which CCD rehumanize the pleasure that the Marquis de Sade as demonized as evil impulses, without mental health. Our poet demythologizing Satan, just as the fire of Christianity devoradoir vindictive. Transforms it into a rewarding pleasure which does not harm any of those who share

That fire is pleasure and good sense.
not be afraid. Satan is not to be;
there and I handed Axe
aestheticized is a last resort.

Do not listen to the gallunga
and people who kill,
than to say NO
Martinists and a horde ultramontane NO.

enlighten not too much rice
star, when you have spies in Your
to dance, and dance with me still
your side. The Fidget bestialists

, serving captive
are no gods are scabies mites are.

Lunita crunchy roasted corn, have ovaries
clean, do not give
a sentimental populist.

Do not get
as a dog whistle, who only
to obedience and pretext calling

his refuge in their gods. Ten

skin like milk,
beloved child, and as
silken tie your vision to the excitement.
The cheese is so tasty even baba
the pig on your plate. Sera

are your lips and kiss forever, a spell,

countersign the ax to the great danger.

Oh, Tona, dolphin, Jamoncito
woman, how captive neuro you haystack

mutual joy, you're mitosis, cell-
give me daughters!

9. And finally, breaking down their anti-hienírtica vision is extensive.


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