Friday, February 12, 2010

How Long To Freeze Ice In My Engel

A Monograph

Spinning ends this other dream is to pinpoint to be met. If capitalism was the magic machine to the contrary, complementary. This capitalism is like that game where your Dad teaches you many gifts that brought you a trip, but you ipso facto hides all but one, to give more suspense to the ceremony. You quiet, you know The gifts are there, somewhere.
When capitalism works more blindly, more bluntly, less hypocritical, as capitalism is a superorganism whose neurons are human beings, even nosotrxs (always) accomplices, if you want, or operators of second or third, they just look all this with an optical Darwinian natural selection, to realize da kuen do you? that these beings of super-capitalist human neurons, which are making a powerful message as destructive as it is telling us and say to themselves:
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    The beginning of the millennium has been a (brutal assessment. The letters have been placed face up. They are in sight, and we know what they mean. They mean two things. That they have lost. And we have won the game. We have converted to banks on the bench. We have given derechospecuaniarios (our money) and now will begin to return it to us reverted to the communities from which we get every advantage. This return is going to make the "third world". If you want, as ration cards to ration road lies, limit them, control them, depending on the economic amount behind each. encrypt not be very risky in 99% (play with advantage to bid so high) the wastage rate of "prodigious decade" in Spain. Let's take

    large investments in mega structures that have been or will anything ever "general interest", at any rate of interest for the "general", the general boss of this or that crime and all its stream of people waiting meandril fees etcetera ...
    The dream was and is to publish a monograph of innovation. And the paint crsis bald ... Now it's time to tear the clothes of once, do not swallow everything from schools still suffer the consequences of marriage scholastic science-spirit. Al definitely materialize everything related to the spirit, first simply with the etymology: breathe, breathe inspire, expire, as well as in Nahuatl, the other with scientific niceties as fisicacuantica ... Then it is time that down from the cloud. That classrooms are filled with really close, to flood chat, echoes, waves of things near your neighborhood and city, things so far muted, the backyard was full of shit too, to keep filling the news for nothing and our newscasts conversational. on the blog: a Chust not dislike "we are extending this monograph, as expressed here, add that these three areas, or strands with sesentaycuatro items or descriptores7as, these three areas, can be paired easily with all three of our visceral sinapomorías culture and way of life or vital avital: Cartesian classrooms, transportation Cartesian and Cartesian reading and writing. Since three axes unnoticed nthat insconciente catapult the cultured human collective, it installed in a framework of reality (sensory, or asensorial) Cartesian clearly indole. Thick as three pillars of a large building skyscrapers, babelian, that condition or also played in a Cartesian, developments such as axles I transverse planes, which are built on those three massive pillars. Hence allergy diversity. allergy hence the complexity (that is aborted and almost a priori of our intellectual possibilities)

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